April 2002



Oil permit issued on condition of containing any spills
04/30/02 NIBLEY -- An oil spill last August had Nibley officials nervous that the city's water may be contaminated if another spill occurs near the aquifer. / By Matt Eichner

Hyrum planning facelift with library-museum
04/30/02 HYRUM -- If all goes as planned, Hyrum will get a facelift. Plans for a new library-museum complex are under way; the city awaits a spacious new home for its library and museum that people say will serve as the heart of the community for generations to come. / By Shanna Nielsen

Cache Valley 'Georgetown' in the works
04/29/02 PROVIDENCE -- Designs for a new residential park boasting a pond and a colonial-style shopping area are being submitted to the City Council. / By Heidi Thueson

Anti-gang project targets supposedly quiet Cache Valley
04/29/02 LOGAN -- While many people view Cache Valley as a quiet and safe place to make a home, it is not immune to big-city problems. Apart from making arrests and responding to emergencies, law enforcement agencies in the valley are actively involved in something called the Logan-Cache gang project. / By Shanna Nielsen

Troubles in Paradise over Powder Mountain plan
04/26/02 PARADISE -- Powder Mountain and the Resort and Recreation (RR) zone are touchy subjects in this town. / By Ginger Kelly

Paradise draws line for possible future annexations
04/26/02 PARADISE -- Planning and Zoning drew a tentative "declaration of annexation" line at its Tuesday night meeting. / By Ginger Kelly

Richmond discusses increase in monthly water, sewer fees
04/26/02 RICHMOND -- The City Council discussed passing a $1 raise in water and a $1 raise in sewer rates each month to be effective July 1. / By Heather Williams

Providence backs two options for connecting route
04/26/02 PROVIDENCE -- The City Council met Tuesday to choose a route to connect Gateway Drive with Providence Lane. / By Heidi Thueson

Church land for sale, and River Heights covets it
04/26/02 RIVER HEIGHTS -- They would like to enter into the real estate business, but the members of the City Council are not sure whether the city has the financial ability to do so. / By Matt Stephens

Hyde Park council considering options on new park
04/26/02 HYDE PARK -- The City Council proposed a layout of what it would like the new Lions Park to look like. The attendants of the meeting sounded as if they were in favor of it, but the council is going to consider a few more things before adoption. / By Sarah Mulholland

ATTENTION! The Air Force ROTC celebrates graduation Thursday on the Quad. / Photo by Jason Sauter

Public missing from Newton hearing on the town's future
04/23/02 NEWTON -- The Town Council held a special public meeting Thursday night to discuss the new town general plan. But the public failed to attend. / By Katrina Cartwright

Nibley to get new roads as sewers are installed
04/23/02 NIBLEY -- Nibley will get new roads after the sewer construction, and at half the cost. / By Matt Eichner

A MIRACLE UN-FOALS: A day-old colt, still unnamed, stretches its wobbly legs in a Wellsville pasture. Mom, left, is Ginger. The owner is Blake Brenchley. / Photo by Will Bettmann

Nature writer finds subject in Los Angeles River
04/22/02 Many big cities in the United States are losing the little amount of nature they possess, and there is not greater example than the city of Los Angeles, according to Jennifer Price. / By Jason Sauter

Valley residents weigh in on proposed recreation zone
04/22/02 HYRUM -- Several Cache Valley residents attended the City Council meeting Thursday to discuss the creation of a recreation and resort zone in the county. / By Shanna Nielsen

Robert Michael Pyle

Natural history once a natural subject, keynote speaker tells environmental symposium
04/22/02 Many children in our age are more likely to recognize a Palm Pilot than a palm tree, said Robert Michael Pyle Thursday at the O.C. Tanner Symposium. / By Will Bettmann

Proposed apartment complex put on hold while traffic, crowding debated
04/19/02 NORTH LOGAN -- More than 35 people showed up at the City Council meeting Thursday, though only a few spoke during the public hearing on converting community commercial land to a multiple-family residential zone. / By Jerry VanIeperen

BASTET, THE EGYPTIAN CAT-GOD: It's springtime in the jungle for Bastet, a cat who claimed a home at the Bettmann house. Click the image to see a larger version. / Photo by Will Bettmann

Millville council approves money for First Responders
04/19/02 MILLVILLE -- The City Council voted to fund the Millville-Nibley First Responders for next year at Thursday's meeting. / By Meghan Dinger

Savor art for inspiration, USU professor tells students
04/18/02 At the front of the auditorium there was a picture of a black bull leaning its head against a red, leather chair. The screen read, "Sometimes beauty can be confusing." A former student of Peterson's explained that the bull was listening to the chair to find out why it did not like red. / By Nicole Rusher

Planning and Zoning Commission gets re-educated about performing duties
04/18/02 RIVER HEIGHTS -- The Planning and Zoning Commission was re-educated and revamped about rezoning, new annexation policies, and general guidelines by the Utah League of Cities and Towns Tuesday night. / By Matt Stephens

Scouts observe as Lewiston officials change city ordinances
04/18/02 LEWISTON -- With several Boy Scouts sitting front row center, Tuesday night's public hearing on an excavation ordinance really proved that the scouting program gives all the tools for being prepared. ./ By Melanie Price

Lewiston gets involved in Community Research for Fitness and Healthy Diet
04/18/02 LEWISTON -- As part of a Utah State University study, citizens are being invited to take part in Community Research for Fitness and Healthy Diet, representative Rod Hammer said at Tuesday night's City Council meeting. ./ By Melanie Price

Hold your breath; Cache Valley facing air quality problem
04/17/02 In a press conference Friday, Logan Mayor Doug Thompson said the biggest problem facing the City Council is what they are going to do about the air quality problem in Cache Valley. "We no longer have time," said Thompson. "Like Yoda said, 'This is a do or don't-do winter. There is no try.' We've got to make it work."./ By Andrea Nixon

Hyde Park to have community breakfast on Memorial Day
04/17/02 On May 27, Memorial Day, there will be a breakfast in the basement of the Civic Center, 113 E. Center in Hyde Park. The proceeds go into the community or a worthy cause in Hyde Park. / By Sarah Mulholland

JCOM department names professors of the year
04/15/02 The Department of Journalism and Communication has named the recipients of its annual faculty awards. Assistant Professor Cathy Ferrand Bullock, who joined the USU faculty last Fall, was named the JCOM Teacher of the Year. Assistant Professor Michael S. Sweeney received the annual Faculty Service Award. And Professor Ted Pease, department head, received the annual Researcher of the Year Award.

OUT AND ABOUT: Miss Gay Utah, center, who gave her name as Felicity Diamond, is flanked Thursday by Tasha Salad, left, and Classic Diamond during the Pride! Day Extravaganza at Taggart Student Center. The event, sponsored by Pride! Alliance, celebrates diversity on campus. / Photo by Nicole Rusher

Powder Mountain debate rages on
04/12/02 Following a meeting of the Cache County Council Tuesday night, a vast majority of Paradise and Avon residents are opposed to a proposed resort and recreation zone at Powder Mountain. / By John Newbold

Journalism students win 17 awards for excellence; Hard News Cafe named best site in region and dominates competition
04/11/02 Utah State University journalism students swept to 17 awards, including six firsts and domination in online journalism, in the annual regional Society of Professional Journalists Mark of Excellence Awards competition on Saturday.

Conservation district to seek public comment on canal bond
04/11/02 WELLSVILLE -- Amid the drizzle of rain outside and the clanking of the furnace inside, the Wellsville-Mendon Conservation District met Wednesday at the Wellsville Tabernacle. The purpose of the meeting? To get approval to hold another meeting. / By Andrea Nixon

Hyde Park rejects alcohol ordinance but will try again
04/11/02 HYDE PARK -- After discussing the proposed amendment to the city's alcohol ordinance, the City Council agreed with Reed Elder's proposal to reject it, write another ordinance and hold another public hearing. / By Sarah Mulholland

Providence delays vote on water, sewer hookups
04/11/02 PROVIDENCE -- The City Council postponed voting Tuesday on whether subdivision owners should be required to install sewer and water hookups when there are no immediate plans to build a home. / By Heidi Thueson

Richmond to start charging fees for use of huge trash bins
04/11/02 RICHMOND -- The City Council passed an ordinance Tuesday to make two large trash bins available to the residents of Richmond. "The bins were open from 8 to 9 Saturday morning and both bins were totally full," Marlowe Adkins, city manager, said of the bins being available April 6. / By Heather Williams

North Logan restricts construction for 90 days to study water resources
04/08/02 NORTH LOGAN -- Time to break out the Legos and Lincoln Logs. The City Council approved an ordinance placing a moratorium on the building of large subdivisions for 90 days. / By Jerry VanIeperen

Bridge or annexation? Wellsville and subdivision owner debate which comes first
04/08/02 WELLSVILLE -- The City Council almost didn't agree Wednesday to continue listening to arguments for connecting its main street westward to the highway. / By Marshall Thompson

Millville council says sewer district is dead
04/08/02 MILLVILLE -- The City Council unanimously approved a motion to not consider the Special Sewer District any further, and vote "no" on the proposal, at its Thursday meeting. / By Meghan Dinger

ON THE WAY TO THE TOP: Richelle Jensen scales the climbing wall on the Quad Wednesday. The ROTC put up the wall to help promote its college courses. Also on the Quad were a cannon and an Apache helicopter. / Photo by Nicole Rusher

APACHE ON THE GRASS: The USU Army ROTC shows off an Apache attack helicopter Wednesday as part of HASS Day on the Quad. / Photo by Maria Moncur

Newton library is working toward state certification, council is told
04/08/02 NEWTON -- The Town Council met Thursday and discussed the library budget, the formation of a citizens' committee, a youth council, the 24th of July celebration and town clean-up day. / By Katrina Cartwright

Hyrum council split over fee for Saturday burials
04/08/02 HYRUM -- City Council members found themselves at odds Thursday over whether a fee should be established for Saturday burials at the Hyrum Cemetery. / By Shanna Nielsen

Paradise examines master plan for growth
04/05/02 PARADISE -- A public meeting was held Wednesday night to discuss the Capital Facility Plan for the town. / By Ginger Kelley

Two-lot subdivision gets green light in Paradise
04/05/02 PARADISE -- A preliminary plan for a two-lot subdivision owned by Danny Van Fleet was discussed and approved at the Tuesday night planning and zoning committee meeting. / By Ginger Kelley

OK, NOW IT'S SPRING: Brittany Tuft decides the weather's finally nice enough to do some studying outdoors. / Photo by Jason Robey

Sterling Scholar semi-finalist's last-minute application a good thing
04/03/02 MENDON -- Mountain Crest senior Melani Hanrion didn't know what she was getting herself into when she applied to be her school's family and consumer science Sterling Scholar. Now she does. / By Andrea Nixon

Soldier's life stressful for families, Army mental health official says
04/01/02 The image of a soldier in full camouflage lying on a psychiatrist's couch may seem somewhat incongruous, but don't tell that to Dr. Thomas G. Hardaway II. / By Will Bettman


Single mom had no job, no home, but now runs business and serves on Millville council
04/30/02 MILLVILLE -- Jamie Skeen is making her own path. She is a single mother of three children, store manager of Hollywood Video, and now the newest member of the Millville City Council. / By Meghan Dinger

Student broadcasters caught the Olympic spirit
04/30/02 To most, the Olympic Spirit is one of achievement, of reaching goals long worked for, and obtaining dreams long sought for. This winter, the Olympic Spirit was applied to the athletes that graced Utah's snow-covered mountains and pristine ice sheets. However, the Olympics offered more than just athletes a unique opportunity to come a little closer to their own goals. / By Shannon Hawkins

Hyde Park named for man who found spring north of Logan
04/30/02 Peter Maughan, the bishop of the valley, knew of a spring five miles north of Logan. He recommended it to his friend, William Hyde. Hyde located this spring on April 16, 1860, according to the book For Heaven's Sake. He then returned to Lehi for his family. The town was named after Bishop William Hyde. There is also a Hyde Park in England, where many of the early settlers originally came from. / By Sarah Mulholland

Millville school website a tool for kids and parents
04/30/02 Millville Elementary School is placing students just a click away from a plethora of educational resources. "We were actually one of the first five elementary schools to develop a webpage in the whole country," says Scott Carles, teacher and developer of the webpage. / By Meghan Dinger

SWEET SUNSHINE (FOR A WHILE): Second Dam shows signs of green Thursday in Logan Canyon. / Photo by Shante' Tinsley

Changing street to one-way has Lewsiton school relieved
LEWISTON -- Parents and teachers are giving sighs of relief because of a new traffic safety measure implemented April 12 next to the elementary school. / By Melanie Price

Lewiston boasted opera house, church-run dance floor
LEWISTON -- Approaching its 100th birthday, Lewiston has officially operated as a town since April 16, 1904. In that time, the town and its citizens have definitely created some traditions for entertainment. / By Melanie Price

Newton library to celebrate fourth birthday
The Newton library is celebrating its fourth birthday on May 4, and the whole town is invited for cake, ice cream and fun. / By Katrina Cartwright

Jenny's story: Surviving anorexia and living a healthy life
This is a story about a girl named Jennifer. It is also a story about an illness that claims the highest death rates of any other mental health condition. / By Shante Tinsley

Making peace with the Greens: USU professor studies green alliances
Why would a business professor at USU have anything to do with Greenpeace, the environmental organization best known for its dramatic protests, like blocking whaling boats with tiny rowboats, or unfurling giant banners opposing nuclear power on the sides of skyscapers. / By Will Bettmann

Job market not good, but not so bad either
A college degree does not necessarily secure college graduates a job in 2002. / By Keri Vargason

WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT: Couples become True Aggies with a midnight kiss as Friday became Saturday on the Quad. / Photo by Liz Bellessa

Laws, money and something new every day -- the realm of the city manager
RICHMOND -- What do you get when you combine the responsibilities of crafting city ordinances, researching the Utah code, and answering questions about zoning ordinances, new construction, building permits, and remodeling projects? / By Heather Williams

Pink flamingoes in the front yard
Nature writer Jennifer Price, gestured from the podium Friday morning, capturing her audience's attention as she read, The Pink Flamingo: A Natural History, the second chapter in her popular book entitled Flight Maps: Adventures with Nature in Modern America, at the O.C. Tanner Symposium. . / By Maria Moncur

WAHOOOO!: Looks like spring when the tulips bloom on the Quad. Click the photo for a larger image. / Photo by Maria Moncur

Whole language vs. phonics: Which speaks more clearly to young readers?
Succeed to Read statistics show that 38 percent of all fourth graders in the United States cannot read Dr. Seuss' simple poem from The Cat in the Hat. / By Liz Hobson

Duck weather greets fans of Quackers
LEWISTON -- Despite some rainy weather, kids and adults flocked to the Lewiston City Office to sing along with a little yellow duck named Quackers on Thursday night. / By Melanie Price

CHEAP LABOR: Will Bettmann's daughter Mackenzie, right, and a neighbor, Chris Palmer, help clean the yard in Wellsville during a break from the freakish spring weather. / Photo by Will Bettmann

Environmental writer traces 'amazing' route of monarch butterflies
One of the most remarkable insects is the monarch butterfly, which is undoubtedly the most beautiful of its kind. Robert Michael Pyle has tracked the monarch butterflies in their migratory pattern all the way from the western United States to the forests of Mexico. / By Liz Bellessa

USU student studies slow germination rates in native plants
Nathan Phillips, a Clarkston native, is an undergraduate student at USU conducting research on the chemical treatments to enhance germination in Perideridia gairdneir. Peri-what, you may ask. Read on. / By Keri Vargason

Dopey about dopamine: USU student researches brain chemistry
04/18/02 When asked what he does for fun, Kyle Tubbs replied he enjoys snowboarding, wakeboarding, rock climbing and chemistry. Chemistry? In fact, Tubbs, a 23-year-old student, can be found in the Eccles Science Learning Center at possibly any time, working on his college-funded undergraduate research.
/ By Dylan Taylor

Tales from down under: USU student examines Arizona miners' stories
04/18/02 Most elementary schools provide programs on how to deal with peer pressure, alcohol and drugs. Randy Martin's elementary school gave programs on what to do if you find explosives lying around the yard. "We were raised not to play with blasting caps," said Martin. Being typical boys, he and his friends searched for them anyway. / By Samantha Nicholas

Students try hand at being homeless, find it boring
04/15/02 April sunshine caught the edge of Anganel Farris' sleeping bag as she prepared to spend a full 24 hours "homeless" on USU campus. / By Maria Moncur

Planning and Zoning Board chairman has a full plate of duties
04/12/02 LEWISTON -After eight years on the Planning and Zoning Board, including the last four years serving as chairman, Bruce Karren may have to step down: his plate is just too full. / By Melanie Price

Mighty, mighty Jupiter, a.k.a. professor Mark Damen, looks mahvelous for the Ludi Romani. Damen, an expert on Roman history, poses as the incarnation of "Juppiter Optimus Maximus," king of the universe. He explains: the Romans spelled Juppiter with two p's; Optimus means "The Best;" and Maximus means "The Greatest." / Photo courtesy of Frances Titchener

USU history students lead assault on Rome?
04/12/02 Pacorus, also known as history student Gerrit Dirkmaatt, was dressed in a wig, and hollering insults at his opponents that could have hurt a gladiator's feelings. He helped lead an assault on Rome that eventually led him and his allies to conquer and split among themselves all the Roman territories. / By Will Bettmann

Eagle Scout project provides Hyde Park with readable street signs
04/11/02 HYDE PARK -- Sean Durham repainted 42 of the street signs in Hyde Park for his Eagle Scout project. / By Sarah Mulholland

CHECK IT OUT: Beth Daniels and Michelle Waddoups examine a new car during an Axtell-Taylor GM promotion outside Taggart Student Center Wednesday. / Photo by Nicole Rusher

Country store is the heart of Newton
04/10/02 NEWTON -- If a stranger wanted to know what living in Newton was like, all he'd have to do is hang out in Bep's Country Market for a day. The store is only a couple decades younger than the town itself. / By Katrina Cartwright

Eccles Ice Center gliding along smoothly on its own
04/09/02 NORTH LOGAN -- The landscape surrounding the George S. Eccles Ice Center may be rough, rugged and muddy, but inside activities are running as smooth as the ice under the Zamboni. / By Jerry VanIeperen

Every call different for the fast folks of the Millville-NIbley First Responders
04/08/02 NIBLEY -- The Millville-Nibley First Responders don't receive many emergency calls, but when they do, they arrive at an emergency site en masse. / By Matt Eichner


Crosbie moves from player to assistant coach of USU volleyball team
There will be a familiar face courtside next season for the Utah State women's volleyball team, in more ways than one. / By Landon Olson

Kings beat Jazz in Game 3
The Utah Jazz had another crushing defeat as they lost to Sacramento Kings in Game 3 of their NBA opening-round playoff Saturday at the Delta Center. The series lead now goes back to the Kings 2-1, with the chance to wrap up series tonight. / By Jason Sauter

Optimism and a solid, accurate fastball called best foundation for kids who admire Glavine or Maddux
If you want your children to have it all when they grow up, teach them to play baseball. More specifically: teach them how to pitch. / By Casey Hobson

Trip from Buzz to Stingers not a bee-line
04/26/02 When a Georgia Tech University lawsuit ended with a ruling that the Salt Lake City baseball team had to change its name and logo, it started the laborious process of building a new identity. / By Jason Sauter

No Aggies drafted, but look for some in summer camps
The NFL held its NFL draft over the weekend and Utah State Aggies had some high hopes in having someone drafted. Unfortunately no Aggies got their names called. / By John Newbold

Big slice of humble pie when ping-pong wizard meets Chinese competitor
My luck had run out. A frantic Chinese man came huffing and puffing into the room. He looked like a parent rushing into a hospital room after hearing his child had been hit by a car. "Ping-pong?!? Can I play ping-pong?!? Too late?!?" He was frantic. Bad sign number one. / By Clark Jessop

Boise State beats USU lacrosse team in whiteout conditions
Snow was falling so hard in Saturday's men's lacrosse game that referees were forced to change from the normal white ball, to a bright orange one. / By Clark Jessop

Football player is humble about recognition and support
Men gawk at his ability to play football. Women melt at the thought of his charm and good looks. No one seems to mind watching Kevin Curtis play football. "I'm sure glad he is on our team." Utah State football Head Coach Mick Dennehy said. "He is a good player." / By Julie Ann Grosshans

Victory warms USU softball team on cold day
The Aggies were in top form when they defeated the California State Northridge Matadors 3-2, in the second game of a three-game series Sunday at LaRee and LeGrand Johnson Field. / By Jessica Johnson

Bobcats put forth the effort but it is not reflected in the score
HYDE PARK --The Bonneville High Lakers did something against the Sky View Bobcats they had failed to do all year. The reward? A 4-1 victory at Cedar Ridge Middle School. / By Julie Ann Grosshans

BEFORE THE DELUGE: Erin Jones of Montana State University competes in the long jump at USU's Mark Faldmo Invitational Saturday before a mix of rain and snow canceled the final events. / Photo by Maria Moncur

Baseball club beats Boise State, 11-3
When No. 9 hitter Scott Ramage, nicknamed Asinine, stepped up to bat, a spectator yelled "We're all here for ya." Ramage smiled slyly at the crowd and with a full count, hit a line drive toward the Cache Valley Bank sign. / By Jessica Johnson

Adding women's basketball is great, but it'll tax USU's overbooked fields and gyms
Despite the positives of adding basketball to the list of women's sports, there is one issue that could turn into a problem. That problem? Facilities. / By Landon Olson

USU women's lacrosse team falls to BYU
Over the weekend the USU women's lacrosse club team had a hard time scoring in the second half and lost to rival BYU, 11-7. Despite the loss, first-year coach Greg Bellessa wasn't too disappointed with the play of his team. / By John Newbold

Idaho State picks up doubles point to edge out Aggies
With the team score tied, 3-3, following singles play, the Idaho State University men's tennis team picked up the doubles point to go ahead, 4-3, and edge Utah State Wednesday. / By Landon Olson

UP AND AWAY: Rock climbers greet the weekend's warm weather in Logan Canyon, site of some of the toughest climbs in the world. / Photo by Will Bettmann

Aggies down Weber State in men's tennis
The Aggies improved their record to 6-11 on the season with Thursday's 5-2 victory against Weber State. Earlier this season USU defeated Weber State 4-3 at the UNLV Invitational. About a month later Weber got revenge, winning in Logan 5-2. / By Jeff Burton

An appreciation of John Stockton at 40
Some label him "dirty." Others call him pesky. Still others say he's too old to play anymore. Say what you want about the greatest point guard of all-time. John Stockton really doesn't care. He just quietly gets the job done and has for nearly two decades now. / By Jeff Burton

Jazz crush lifeless Clippers, solidfy hold on playoff spot
At the end of the first quarter, the Jazz were beating Elton Brand, 22-9. After watching Brand score their only points in the first 12 minutes, the Los Angeles Clippers could never recover, and lost 99-87 at the Delta Center. / By Clark Jessop

Logan Canyon: heaven for horses and riders
Bryan Lundahl of Beaver Creek Lodge introduces people to horses and the backcountry in Logan Canyon. "I would rather take people out who have never ridden than someone who has been on a horse one or two times and thinks they know everything," Lundahl said. / By Rachel Irvine

Aggie gymnasts qualify for regional meet Saturday
After a third-place finish at the Western Gymnastics Conference Championships two weeks ago in the Spectrum, USU has qualified for its 17th consecutive Regional Meet. / By John Newbold


Roots go deep in tiny, close-knit Newton
04/30/02 NEWTON -- Living in a small town is very different from living in a big city, as nearly any resident here will tell you. According to the 2000 census, Newton has 699 residents and is only 0.8 square mile in size. / By Katrina Cartwright

School, work, marriage a recipe for stress
04/30/02 Tuition increases and continually soaring prices make juggling marriages, work, and school even more of a problem for some Utah students. "Juggling my marriage, work and school takes up 25 hours every day," says Paul Watson, a recently married USU junior majoring in marketing. / By Matt Stephens

USU to open four more theme-based resident halls
04/30/02 Next year, Utah State University Housing will expand its "theme-based" resident halls to 10 buildings instead of this year's six to further accommodate specific student groups. / By Bryan Beall

93-year-old pumps iron to stay in good condition
04/30/02 Ninety-three-year-old Dezzie Tuft has just finished three sets of eight repetitions of biceps curls, and is resting before moving on to military presses that work her shoulders. Along with lifting purple-spongy 5-pound weights, her routine also includes walking up and down the hallway in her house, and then up and down the stairs two times, three on a good day. / By Sarah Tuft

Rain doesn't dampen food festival in Hyrum
04/30/02 HYRUM -- Whoever says there is no culture in Cache Valley apparently didn't get the chance to visit Hyrum last weekend. Besides a beautiful Latin American art exhibit, the city hosted an international food festival. / By Shanna Nielsen

How much weight gain is right for a mom-to-be?
04/29/02 Many women all over the world ask the same question: How much weight should I gain during my pregnancy? / By Rebecca Hansen

USU students, Utahns weigh in on interracial couples, mixed-race kids
04/26/02 Rodney Cordono and Tracy Kast-Cordono are also from Salt Lake City and married interracially. They celebrated their 10th anniversary just under a month ago. "The only family pressure I felt was just the shock of the difference in the very beginning," Tracy Kast-Cordono said. / By Nicole Rusher

Macey's Little Theater site of cozy cooking classes
04/26/02 Have you ever wanted to watch a live cooking show and learn how to make a variety of meals in a relaxed atmosphere? Macey's Little Theater makes it possible to do all this in Logan. / By Curtis McInelly

SPRING MELTDOWN: Aly Adcock Bettmann crosses a snowmelt-swollen Saturday at Sulfur Creek at Capitol Reef National Park./ Photo by Will Bettmann

The car commercials are right: Southern Utah is magical
04/09/02 Northern Utah is where most of the people in Utah live and earn their money. Southern Utah is the heart and soul of the state. / By Will Bettmann

Bike trails in Logan Canyon get you close to nature
04/09/02 Ben Montrella and Mike Girard, two seniors at Utah State University in the landscape architecture program, pull up to the base of the trail. You can hear the tires crunching the brownish-gray gravel trail on the side of the road and the stream briskly flowing by. They hop out of the white truck with New York plates, grins across their faces, as the sun almost directly above pours down golden honey. / By Adrianne Bergs

JUST A LITTLE THING I THREW ON: A USU student models a student fashion creation at the fashion show last week in Taggart Student Center. / Photo by Jason Robey


Faith and hard work built Hyde Park
04/27/02 Peter Maughan, the bishop of the valley, knew of a spring located five miles north of Logan. He recommended it to his friend, William Hyde. Hyde located this spring on April 16, 1860. / By Sarah Mulholland

Serving in God's Army: A missionary tale
04/27/02 Just like anybody else, Brooks Clements has had his turn of hardships and successes in life. Brooks has been able to use his talents to help others and he has seen the blessings that have come from the experience he received while serving god. / By Sarah Mulholland

Going Greek at Utah State
04/27/02 Whether they are aware of it or not, every new student at Utah State University makes a very important decision. That decision is whether or not to join a fraternity or sorority, collectively known as the Greek system. / By Jason Robey

Earth Day reminds us how local our ecological concerns are
04/22/02 Many of the residents (my wife's family included) are unhappy about the possible presence of a Wal-Mart supermarket in their back yard, and they have been actively engaged in trying to prevent that from happening. / By Will Bettmann

Basketball and ballet: Two sides of the same coin?
04/16/02 Basketball resembles Ballet. There are leaps, jumps and blocks that come right from the stage at Ballet West. The only thing missing is the music, the choreography and the dancers on the court occasionally send each other sprawling on the dance floor. Just let them near the tutu closet and we'll be fine. / By Jessica Johnson

Shoe on the other foot, Utah suddenly embraces the 'recount'
04/16/02 During the outlandish freak show that passed for the last presidential election in this country, I heard a lot of Utahns voice their opinions that Gore was a sore loser, and that he should just give up and cede the election to Bush. Now that Utah is fighting to gain a fourth congressional seat, I have heard no complaining about recounts despite the fact that Utah has already had one case rejected by the Supreme Court, and is pursuing yet another. / By Will Bettmann

Is ice dancing really a sport?
04/12/02 Ice Dancing is a major event in the Winter Olympics, but how does Ice Dancing spark the interest of many while there are other events to watch, and other more exciting things to do besides watching Ice Dancing. / By Liz Bellessa

Analysis: Yates case raises questions of sexual bias
04/08/02 If Andrea Yates, the Houston-area homemaker who drowned her five children in the bathtub and was recently sentenced to life in prison, had been a male, would her case have received the incredible amount of media attention that it did? / By Will Bettmann


Hoobastank CD debut makes it best band to sound like Incubus, since Incubus
Guitars. Drums. Bass. Vocals. Does a CD really need anything else? Not according to the self-titled major label debut from California rockers Hoobastank. / By Jason Robey

Comedy Night takes a poke at Utah for charity
"On behalf of those of us from Utah, welcome to our beautiful state, we hope you enjoy your stay, now shut the hell up, we're quite aware of the problems." / By Jason Robey

Mendon Arts Council reborn
MENDON -- Elva Maughan pulls the last stack of agendas off the printer as she glances at the clock. Almost 8 p.m. Should they meet in the kitchen tonight or pull extra chairs into the living room? / By Andrea Nixon

Review: 'Sneetches' dark and multi-layered in five-star kindergarten performance
Mrs. Coulombe's kindergarten class at Edith Bowen School in Logan pulled off a theatrical coup Friday afternoon with its one-engagement-only performance of Dr. Seuss' Sneetches. / By Will Bettmann

Pauly Shore has a few thoughts about sex in SLC routine
Shore's first Utah joke came in his first two minutes onstage, when he asked the audience, "You guys got like 10 wives -- what's wrong with that?" / By Jason Robey

Night of Comedy leaves students in stitches
What do you get when you take two guys from Virginia and a room filled with laughing fans. / By Shante' Tinsley

WISHING: Members of the band P.S. perform at the weekend Chi-O fest, the second annual fund-raiser sponsored by the Chi Omega sorority to raise money for the Make-a-Wish Foundation. The sorority raised a little over $1,000 from the concert, featuring the bands P.S., Jenna Land, 13th Ave., Lokalgrown, and Sarah Graves and Jane Thatcher. / Photo by Jason Robey

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