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GOTTA HAVE 'MAGINATION: USU students create the book they wish they had as kids. Click the Arts&Life index for a link to story. / Photo by Robert McDaniel

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Wednesday, December 7, 2005

Would you pay extra for newspapers without holiday ads?

"I would, any time of the year. . . . That's not what I'm paying for; it's just as gratuitous as the ads they now run in movie-houses or telemarketers using your fun to spin their tales. No wonder newspaper readership is down: Before you can read it, you have to weed it."

--Jim Snyder, veteran network newsman, 2005




Top picks for children's picture books by a soon-to-be mom
One of my favorite places to go shopping for our baby is the book store. / By Elsa Lee

Before 'Da Vinci Code,' Robert Langdon fought 'Angels and Demons' -- and hooked readers
When reading a good book many people will use the phrase, "I just couldn't put the book down," or "it kept me up all night." / By Molly Hillyard


Utah girls, listen up! You aren't in college to get your MRS degree
We see it in fairy tales, in television sitcoms and in just about every Disney movie we allow into our homes. The goal of any woman is to fall in love, get married and make babies. / By Emma Tippetts

Men-only holiday traditions get two thumbs-down
Every once in a while a woman must stand up for herself and this was that time. / By Elsa Lee

'Eid without Kahk' leaves an Egyptian-Utahn pining for some home cooking
It was when my dad wanted to take me out to shop for clothes, when my relative would give me money for merely visiting them and when Tita ("grandma" in Arabic) would make hundred of Kahk. / By Sarah Ali

Are teens' lives too wired? 'Text me l8ter, LOL!'
"Students have less respect for teachers and rules, and more respect for their cell phones," says Larry Huntington, a counselor at Wasatch High School. / By Jamie Heywood

Cache Regional Theatre will mount three productions this season, starting with 'Little Women'
The season begins in January and will include Little Women, Crazy for You, and Ragtime. / By Jon Rash


In a heartthrob, I went from single diva to Mrs. Doolittle
I have become Mrs. Doolittle. I last remember enjoying strolls through the mall and wasting hours reading a novel. My once stylish world was overturned on a rainy night -- of March 2004. Sitting and chatting with my friends I notice this tall, thin guy score a basket. Who is that? How come I don't know him yet? / By Angel Larsen

First comes love, then comes marriage -- oh, wait! In the middle is engagement
Being engaged is like being on a fence. / By Molly Hillyard

'Tis the season to wear sweatpants
My five pillows surrounding me, my down comforter, my special blankie, and even my sheets weighed on top of me and my decision to roll out of bed. / By Lauren Murakami

Lewiston craft fair helps fund local Girls' Staters
Local members of the American Legion Auxiliary donated homemade desserts and crafts for the Lewiston Craft Fair. / By Sarah Ali

Best tasting Mexican food? Head for Costa Vida
I love any kind of Mexican food I can get my hands on. But with so many such restaurants to choose from in Logan, it's nearly impossible to decide where to dine. I chose to review three restaurants in Logan that are easy on the wallet, keeping college students within their budget, but tasty enough to make us shrink from the freezer at the sight of those frozen burritos. / By Sarah West

Gum disease affects most Americans -- here's what to watch for
If you haven't been to the dentist lately, you may not know what you're missing. You could be part of the 75 percent of Americans that have gum disease. / By Shauna Smith

Why do we think we're fat when we're not? Blame the media
Research shows that "most college-age women believe that 'guys like thin girls,' that being thin is crucial to physical attractiveness, and that they are not as thin as men would like," according to the text Society: The Basics. / By Tatiana Southam

Don't miss picturesque Prague when you're planning your trip to Europe
Prague is amazing -- simply put and straight to the point. / By Casey Balmforth

How young is too young? Utah residents report youngest age for marriage nationally
On the dance floor, a handsome young man in a black tux and in his arms, a glowing young lady dressed in layers and layers of white satin. After the traditional first dance, she rushes over to her bridesmaids as they hang onto every word she says. / By Lindsay C. Thomson

Post-traumatic stress: It's not just a Vietnam disorder
War, an experience nightmares are not only made of, but created by. For those with post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, it's not only the horrors of what happened in battle that live in their dreams, at night and during the day, but their reactions and actions that form everything about their daily life. / By Christiana T. Elieson

Abuse of prescription drugs a growing problem in Cache
Over 15 million Americans abused prescription medications in 2003, making this one of the fastest growing and most serious drug problems in America. / By Diana Hurren

Recent disasters prompt Red Cross reminder about Cache Valley preparedness
On August 29 the question of who was to blame for the lack of immediate response to the hurricane disasters was on the minds of millions of Americans. Two weeks later President Bush took some of the blame for the slow responses to the devastation, proving to states they can't rely on the government when disasters strike, but must rely on their own resources. / By Reba Stringham

Study abroad? You bet! Denmark was an incredible experience
In August 2004 I walked away from the Taggart Student Center at Utah State, I was overcome with the feeling that I needed to be somewhere else. / By Ginger Warburton

Review: For the No. 1 fast-food cheeseburger in Cache Valley, try the Center Street Grill
There's nothing quite like sinking your teeth into a juicy cheeseburger, loaded with fresh green lettuce, red ripe tomato, red onions, pickles, ketchup, mayonnaise and a slice of cheddar cheese, all in a soft sesame seed bun. / By Marie Mackay

Most of Lewiston's little goblins switch to begging at trunks for Halloween treats
Ghosts, goblins, princesses and witches all come to life one night of the year, Halloween. The night when kids can dress up in costume and get away with eating as much candy as their nimble finger can fit into their mouths. / By Sarah Ali

Community donates gifts to keep the fun going in Lewiston Halloween Carnival
LEWISTON -- Brenda Chertkow, a resident of Lewiston, can't remember when the city's Halloween Carnival began. / By Sarah Ali

Movies & TV

Harry Potter maturing with his audience; 'Goblet' merits 3 stars
Harry Potter fans and movie-goers alike will take delight in the most recent Potter film, Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, the fourth to be released. / By Jen Pulham

'Jarhead' a realistic look at Marines in wartime -- except for lack of combat
Psychological torment, training, camaraderie: what more could you ask for in a war movie? How about some actual combat. / By Connor Cottle


Underground hip hop artists go back to roots, light up the Bricks
Some feel the true flavor of hip hop has been lost, with hip hop looked at ike pop music now, and not dangerous or political. I agreed until attending the underground hip hop show at the Bricks in Salt Lake City. / By Robert McDaniel

Review: Classical music lives 'Ahn'!
It was with a twinge of uncertainty that I accepted a friend's invitation to attend the Ahn Trio concert recently at the Ellen Eccles Theatre. I'd heard of the trio before and all I knew was that they performed classical music. / By Randah Griffiths

Wild Art

Roman Working Holiday: USU students re-create the Battle of Actium


Across Bridgerland

Scribendi Creative Writing Contest announces call for submissions
Utah State University's department of English invites students across campus to enter their creative work in the annual Scribendi Creative Writing Contest.

SPECIAL VIDEO REPORT: Northern Utah troops come home from Iraq
More than 80 members of the National Guard 148th Field Artillery Unit returned from Iraq Friday. Some have served since June 2004 and helped Iraq conduct elections. Logan and Brigham City celebrated the return Monday with a parade, speeches and songs by Edith Bowen schoolchildren. / By Natalie Andrews

Inversion damaging public health, experts tell Cache County
The health risk of living in Cache Valley's winter pollution is equivalent to living with someone who smokes a half a pack of cigarettes a day. / By Shauna Leavitt

First-ever Women's Health Forum at USU
When Mary Austin joined the research team involved in the freshman health study now under way at USU, she identified a problem on campus. She found many women had questions about their health and about health care. / By Judy Voda

$8.6 million budget shortfall at USU hurthing 'every student, faculty and staff'
Utah State University is being forced to function on operating budgets that are smaller than those allocated 30 years ago. / By Shauna Leavitt

Fraud in Houston raises question: Are your flu shots safe?
In late October, 1,000 employees of the Exxon Mobile company of Houston received fake flu shots made of purified water. / By Judy Voda

Local News

Men plead guilty to poaching
A hunting trip gone south left three men looking for more bucks. / By Natalie Andrews

Logan woman sentenced to jail for parole violation
A Logan woman pleaded guilty to a charge of supplying alcohol to minors and violating her parole at her arraignment Tuesday. / By Diana Maxfield

Lewiston judge issues bench warrant for woman
Judge Evan Hall of the Lewiston City Justice Court issued a warrant for the arrest of Anne Merchant after she failed to appear in court for her second hearing Tuesday. Merchant, who owes Cache Valley Tire owner Reid Wallentine $400 for labor and parts for the repair of her vehicle, was to appear in court to list all her assets. / By Sarah Ali

Overflow crowd of Providence residents protests Hillcrest development
Temporary Councilman Stan Checketts offered to donate $20,000 to help residents buy property from a developer near their community at the City Council meeting Tuesday evening. / By Emil Dixon

River Heights considers a gift to public land trust for Zollinger Farm
Even the City Council is faced with gift-giving this holiday season. Shauna Kerr, Director of the Trust for Public Land in Utah and Arizona, asked the council Tuesday night to contribute money towards the Zollinger Farm conservation effort. / By Brock Anderson

Preliminary hearing postponed to January
Jesus Marcia, 28, of Logan, made his first appearance in court Tuesday afternoon to schedule his preliminary hearing. / By Emil Dixon

Couple get jail time for prescription drug offenses
Leland J. and Shawntae Lee Ogg were sentenced to jail time, a $1,000 fine and completion of addiction treatment programs Tuesday for falsely obtaining and dispensing a prescription. / By Angel Larsen

Logan man arrested on suspicion of DUI, forged documents
Carlos Siberian-Garcia, 29, of Logan was arrested Nov. 20 and booked into the Cache County Jail on one count of driving under the influence, three counts of forgery, one count of producing a false written statement and one count of unlawful possession of a credit card. / By Brock Anderson

Newton seeks payment for pool permit
Larry's Pools and Spas didn't pay the Planning Commission for a permit when residents hired them to construct their outdoor swimming pool, the commission discussed yesterday. / By Manette Newbold

Millville approves $1.7 million for water improvement project
Lack of water pressure will no longer be a problem as a result of a $1.7 million loan for the project that the city council approved Thursday night. / By Holly Adams

Hyrum nixes improvements to rodeo grounds
Cowboys and livestock alike will enjoy a new rodeo ground fence and improved facilities, but not a widened arena. The Hyrum City Council on Thursday denied a request to move the rodeo grounds fence back farther to enlarge the arena. / By Sarah West

Nibley residents tell concerns about 'commercial neighborhood zoning' to council
An ordinance creating commercial neighborhood zones has been approved and is now on the books, pending approval of a related ordinance regarding commercial design standards. / By Diana Maxfield

Soulier, Watkins declared winners in North Logan; recounts probable
Two last-second points may be enough to finalize an Aggie game, but for the Council race, it isn't over yet. / By Natalie Andrews

Wellsville hires new dogcatcher, approves building playground
A shaggy red dog and a small white poodle running down the sidewalk sniffing and marking random trees has been a common sight for Wellsville residents lately. Starting Thursday, Nov. 17, Kirt Lindley will try to keep loose dogs off the streets. / By Angel Larsen

Nibley residents protest city's proposed business design code
Residents and developers clashed over proposed design standards for the city, with the main disagreement over issues of expense versus aesthetics. / By Diana Maxfield

Council turns down Paradise couple's appeal for canal fence
After their son Samuel fell into the canal in their yard and suffered permanent brain damage, Tom and Teresa Jewkes decided to do anything they could to fence in the area, even if it meant building a fence on the town-owned right of way. / By Jen Beasley

USU students sentenced on marijuana charges
Two Utah State University students pleaded guilty and were sentenced Tuesday on charges filed in October when they were found in their on-campus apartment using marijuana. / By Holly Adams

Cobblestone development passed by Providence planning commission
After more than two years of planning and construction, the Cobblestone subdivision is nearing completion. / By Emil Dixon

Smithfield fire accidental, chief says
It has been confirmed that the fire that destroyed Mortimer Pallets in Smithfield Tuesday night was an accident. / By Kathryn Kemp

4-alarm fire engulfs Smithfield pallet company
Fire and police departments from all over the valley responded last night to Smithfield when a fire broke out at a pallet manufacturing company on 400 South. / By Kathryn Kemp

North Logan hopes to have election results by Thursday
Residents are learning lessons on patience while they wait for the results from the municipal elections Nov. 8. A recount could delay the outcome longer. / By Natalie Andrews

Millville changes permit requirements for accessory buildings
The planning and zoning commission decided to recommend a change in accessory building permits to be match the county's standards to the city council at Thursday night's meeting. / By Holly Adams

Mendon will redesign city's Web site for easier use
With just one look at the city's Web site it is obvious that very few updates have been made since 2002. All of that is about to change with the adoption of a new system. The City Council hopes that the new system will make it much easier to post various kinds of information. / By Marty Archibald

Access to histories shouldn't be censored, resident tells Smithfield council
The decision has been made, the council has voted and the fees have been set, but for one Smithfield City resident, the issue regarding access to personal histories is not over yet. / By Kathryn Kemp

FINDING CLOSURE: USU memorial pays tribute to victims of the Sepember van crash
A special video report produced by Coreena Payne, with video contributions by Jared Sagers and Whitney Ryser. Video clip and digitizing into "wmv" format courtesy of Cache Rendezvous.

Electronic voting machines get mixed reviews in Lewiston
George Washington is long dead, but Tuesday he was brought back to life as a possible candidate for United States President once again. / By Sarah Ali

Sex offender's probation hinges on finding a full-time job
After being in prison for one year, and completing the Del Amo Hospital sexual recovery program in California, a local sex offender will now get probation so long as he can find full-time employment, Judge Thomas Willmore said Tuesday. / By Manette Newbold

Smithfield man sentenced for theft
Clark James, 43, of Smithfield was sentenced Tuesday in 1st District Court to 14 days in the Cache County Jail, and required to pay $3,761.54 in restitution for a Class A misdemeanor theft charge. / By Brock Anderson

Castro-Ruiz's sentencing rescheduled
A defendant's sentencing was delayed Monday after a continuance of 60 days was granted for a behavioral evaluation. / By Sarah West

Morgan's the new Mendon mayor
What started out as a three-person race for mayor became a mere formality in the weeks leading up to the election. After Tuesday it is now official, Michael Morgan will be the next mayor. / By Marty Archibald

VOTERS' GUIDE : Providence mayoral contest heats up over full-time job question
Tensions are rising as residents prepare for the Nov. 8 election by discussing key issues with their favored mayoral candidate, either face-to-face with Clint Thompson or via Internet blog with Randy Simmons. / By Emil Dixon

Newton dog owners air concerns at public hearing
Local kennel owners are concerned about dog licensing ordinances and what qualifies as a legitimate complaint against their animals, citizens said at Thursday's public hearing. / By Manette Newbold

VOTERS' GUIDE: Hyde Park candidates target economic development, availability to citizens
Incumbent Hyde Park mayor David Kooyman made economic development the focal point of his campaign, while challengers in the election accused current city officials of not representing the citizens, at the candidates' debate Thursday. / By Clay Moffitt

VOTERS' GUIDE: North Logan candidates focus on development issues
The final elections for mayor and two council positions are Tuesday. Development is the focus for all of the candidates. / By Natalie Andrews

Hyrum needs more electrical power to keep up with growth
With Hyrum's continuing growth, the need for another power substation is high. The city council discussed Thursday the current situation with their existing two substations, which can't currently maintain all of the city's power needs. / By Sarah West

VOTERS' GUIDE: Wellsville mayoral and council candidates state positions
Community growth is on the minds of Wellsville mayoral and city council candidates as elections draw near. / By Angel Larsen

Nibley council reverses P&Z decision, will permit front-yard fence
The City Council overturned a decision by the Planning and Zoning Commission and will allow a 6-foot fence to be built in a front yard along U.S. Highway 89-91. / By Diana Maxfield

Paradise chips in for county fire prevention campaign
The Town Council approved the use of funds raised at a breakfast hosted by the Paradise Volunteer Fire Department to be used toward a county-wide ad campaign that will be launched in movie theaters and on the radio to promote fire prevention and safety. / By Jen Beasley

River Heights planning commission approves home rezone from residential to commercial
The new Wasatch Property Management hotel and conference center that will be built on Logan's south end may do more than help Logan's economy -- it might hurt some River Heights residents. / By Brock Anderson

National & International News

Gender bias 'molehills' build over time into mountains, keynote speaker says
Men and women may begin their careers on the same standing, but women tend to be advanced at a slower rate, according to the keynote speaker at the Utah State University Diversity Awards Presentation. / By Diana Maxfield


Are you a citizen? Then you have a responsibility to vote
Out of 153 democratic countries in the world, the United States ranks among the lowest for voter turnouts in elections. / By Tatiana Southam

Don't ban Christmas carols in public schools
I believe religious Christmas music should not be taken out of public schools just because people's values differ from that which is expressed in the lyrics of a song. / By Brock Anderson

Let's get Legacy Highway finished
Have you ever sat on Interstate 15 near Salt Lake City literally creeping toward your destination? Well, I have, and it took me an hour to drive nine miles from Salt Lake City to Bountiful. / By Gentri Lawrence

'I'll be loving you, always' was grandpa's gift
My grandma never went anywhere without her lipstick on. She was the type of woman who cleaned out her kitchen cabinets every few months. She was the lady who took meals to the elderly and held all the parties in the neighborhood. / By Megan M. Roe

Parents, help your kids fight obesity by changing your own habits
More than 600,000 Americans die each year due to poor diet and lack of physical activity, according to Mike Huckabee, Arkansas governor and chairman of the National Governors Association (NGA). / By Angel Larsen

Don't let public school arts programs get the ax
I've always loved the arts, particularly music. While I don't remember much of my elementary experience, I do remember singing time. / By Brock Anderson

'Just say no' sex ed programs aren't working for American teens
Sex. It might as well be one of those four-letter words. Especially when said in school. It's dirty, evil and shouldn't be taught. In school there is only one thing we can say about sex: DON'T DO IT! / By Mikaylie Kartchner

Abortion: It's not a choice. It's a Child
Killing humans is not only morally wrong; it's against the law, so why are people getting away with murdering millions upon millions of babies in the United States? / By Reba Stringham

Diet pills are effective but they're 'legal speed' with major side effects
Do you want to be physically fit, attractive, and extremely appealing to the opposite sex? Are you ready to experience serious weight loss? Do you want the benefits of exercising without actually exercising? Diet pills are the answer! / By Jon Perry

Bankruptcy law changes won't help economy because they're lopsided
The United States Congress this spring passed the Bankruptcy Abuse Prevention and Consumer Protection Act of 2005 (BAPCPA), which made it more difficult for those with consumer debts to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. / By Kevin Nielsen

Stay-at-home moms need applause for good decision, not society's sneers
In a world where women are shattering social barriers and climbing corporate mountains, stay-at-home moms are looked down upon. / By Megan Roe

Privatizing K-12 education would fix our school problems
Over 48 million children in America attend public school. Over the space of 12 years, these millions of students gain a mediocre education, learning from mediocre teachers, with mediocre programs and mediocre discipline. After the 12 years are up and the government says they are done, mediocre children are let out into the world to become nothing more than mediocre adults. / By Emma Tippetts

How to pick the perfect applie pie for Thanksgiving dinner
Aside from being a time to spend with family, Thanksgiving is about food and usually produces the best meal all year. I look forward to the meal but especially the pie, flaky crusts filled with pumpkin, banana creme, cherries and especially apple. / By Gentri Lawrence

'I'm Sarah, and I'm a TV addict' ... you too can escape the captivity
Media attack us from everywhere, while we patiently stand in the checkout line in the grocery store to driving down the street in our cars. It seems that we cannot escape it. Yet the media that affects us the most is the one sitting in our living room. Most people center their furniture around this one black box, the television. / By Sarah Hill

Utah's special education programs must be refocused on kids' needs, not government's
Sam is a blue eyed 9-year-old with blond hair. He loves watching movies, building intricately balanced cities with blocks and drawing on his Magna Doodle. When he grows up, he wants to be an action hero. Sam likes to tease; if you ask him a question he rarely gives you a straight answer, his mouth pulling up in a mischievous half-smile instead. He gives frequent hugs and unlike most third grade boys, he is fluent in the words "I love you." / By Brooke Nelson

Air in NYC bars is less smoky than Utah's -- here's what you can do to help
Next time you go to a bar in Utah for some drinks you might as well inhale a car tailpipe, because the smoky air is just as bad for your health. / By Lauren Murakami

Evidence proves Utah needs hate crime law
Heads lowered, the detective informs a young mother that her son was shot and killed on the school playground. She bursts into tears. / By Angel Larsen

French rioting polarizing the country as the whole world watches
"I am trying to be polite. I think this kind of behavior is not going to assuage the angriness in the ghetto,"said a young black teenager to a policeman after he arrested him for the third time in two hours. / By Jerome le Carrou


AWER faculty defeat grad students in annual Turkey Bowl
Faculty from the aquatic, watershed and earth resources department humbled their graduate students in a 5-3 win during their annual Turkey Bowl football game Sunday. / By Shauna Leavitt

Destiny links California teammates on USU hockey squad
Aggies hockey players Robert Hashimoto and Roberto Leo are not ordinary teammates. They have a particular relationship linking their lives as hockey players at Utah State. / By Jerome le Carrou

Ice Aggies destroy No. 2-ranked Denver
The Utah State Aggies hockey team blew out No. 2-ranked Denver University, 8-1, Friday night at the Eccles ice center and improved to 7-1-9. / By Jerome le Carrou

Butler and Rock beat Aggies in final tuneup for basketball season
The Utah State men's basketball team lost to EA Sports, 67-60, in an exhibition game Saturday night in the Spectrum. / By Jerome le Carrou

SPECIAL VIDEO REPORT: What's new for the ski season
Just in time for the first major snowfall, here's a look (in "wmv" format) at new products in the stores and some changes on the Northern Utah slopes. / Produced by Liz Livingtson

Hockey team beats UVSC, 9-1, to get back on right track
The Utah States Aggies hockey team beat the UVSC Wolverines, 9-1, Saturday night at the Eccles Ice Center and improved to 6-1-9. / By Jerome le Carrou

Love of playing hockey breaks racial barriers at Utah State
In one of the handful of sports still dominated by Caucasian athletes, a group of ethnically diverse hockey players finds a home in an unlikely environment. / By Clay Moffitt

Beijing has much to do to prepare for the 2008 Olympics
The 10th National Games kicked off last month at the Olympic Stadium in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China. These games, the last before the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, serve as a rehearsal for the 2008 Olympics. / By Allison Furniss

USU hockey fans love their team
He shoots. He scores. And the crowd goes wild!
Those first two sentences can happen anywhere, but the third is happening more at Utah State University than other schools in the region. / By Bryan Hinton

Former USU star Burrell enjoying Belgian hockey, beer
Former Utah State hockey captain Aaron Burrell left Logan in September to play professional hockey in Belgium. / By Jerome le Carrou

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