September 2001



Salt Lake Tribune editor to speak Tuesday at USU: 'It's OK to question -- even in Utah'
The speech by James E. Shelledy will be from noon to 1:15 p.m. Oct. 2 in Room 046 of the new Eccles Science Learning Center on the USU campus. / By the department of journalism and communication

Fund to remember
Michael De la O

Some of his fellow students have asked about a fund in JCOM to help remember Mike. We're working on that. If you are interested in contributing, contact the JCOM office at 435-797-3292, or contact Suzanne Johnson at the USU Multicultural Student Services Office (435-797-1878). We don't know what the fund will be. Perhaps a scholarship, or at least a plaque. Mike's birthday (his mother told Department Head Ted Pease yesterday) would have fallen on his graduation day from USU in May. At least we could have a great party during commencement to celebrate and remember Michael De la O.

River Heights to annex 10 acres of undeveloped property
RIVER HEIGHTS -- The River Heights City Council voted this week to annex 10 acres of undeveloped property bordering River Heights and Providence. / By Anna Brunson

Richmond tweaks city employee manual
RICHMOND -- City employees get a lot of time off but that compensates for their low pay. The City Council decided city employees will now lump all their time off into a category called personal leave. / By Nicole R. Grubbs

Providence agrees to help fund city sidewalk replacement and repair
PROVIDENCE -- The City Council approved a new policy stating that the city will pay half the cost of replacing and repairing damaged sidewalks around town. / By Lindsey Blau

News analysis: Chaos is king in Afghanistan, and thus it ever was
Afghanistan is a minefield of convoluted political quandaries -- a mess of clan clashes and domestic power struggles. It has been this way for as long as there has existed the notion of an Afghan state. / By Leon D'souza

North Logan plans hearing on tightening law on signs
"The net result (if the ordinance passes) would be smaller, lower and fewer signs," said Mayor Jack Draxler. "Main Street has started to be a hodgepodge road. I am delighted to know we may be becoming more consistent." / By Jessica Kelly

Response to terrorists will define U.S. role on world stage in 21st century, panel says
A roundtable discussion yesterday on the United States' new "War on Terrorism" drew an audience of more than 200, with dozens crowding the front to ask questions after the formal program had ended. / By Anna Brunson

Proposed weight limits to keep trucks off residential streets spark a debate
Hyrum residents and local business owners filled the council room Thursday to express concern about lifting the restriction on vehicle weight limits on several residential streets. / By Karen Funk

USU response to Hard News Cafe story on international students' concerns: Working, with limited resources, toward a global community
"We sympathize with the plight of international students whose expectations for scholarship support are dashed. (Hard News Café, 9/06/01.) In checking with our colleagues in the College of Business (COB) and Enrollment Management, we find that policies about scholarship support do not differentiate between U.S. students and international students." / An open letter from Joyce Kinkead, USU vice provost for undergraduate studies and research

JCOM student dies in car crash: A statement by the department, with more details to come
09/24/01 "I grieve to inform you that one of our students, Michael De la O, was killed this weekend in a car crash coming home from Nevada. Mike was a journalism major, originally from New York, and had just started working in the JCOM office and as a newsroom lab monitor. I liked him." / A statement by JCOM Department Head Ted Pease

Millville is urged to create a sewer system soon
09/24/01 MILLVILLE -- City Council members heard a proposal for a city sewer system from Sunrise Engineering at Thursday's meeting. Sunrise repeated a suggestion to adopt a new sewer before costs increase. Two years ago a similar proposal was brought to the city but failed at the ballot box. Val Kofoed, principle engineer for Sunrise, presented historical evidence showing prices for installing sewer systems increase each year. / By Kyle S. Loosle

Lewiston bugged by flies, even at council meeting
09/21/01 Cecille Hall, a longtime Lewiston resident, says the flies have never been so bad, and she's lived in town for 28 years. Hall said she could not use her garage at all last week because of the excessive number of flies everywhere. There is speculation that the flies come from chicken manure, said Mayor Russell N. Hirst Jr. / By Jennifer Brennan

Wellsville residents at annexation hearing prefer agriculture to homes
09/21/01 WELLSVILLE -- People here say they are afraid if a proposed annexation goes through, the land will be developed and the town will lose open space and farm land. Residents expressed their concerns on the proposed annexation of 1,360 acres from Cache County to Wellsville in a public hearing Wednesday. The land is between 6800 South and 7800 South, and 4000 West to 5600 West. / By Melissa Dymock

Eagle Scouts aim to finish Paradise welcome sign
09/21/01 Volunteers can help get a town on the map. That's what Paradise learned as several new Eagle Scout candidates presented their proposed projects to the Town Council Wednesday night. / By Joe Rowley

River Heights rezones land near school for subdivision
09/21/01 The property of Dan Weston and Bill Carson was rezoned from agricultural to R-1-8, which means that residences of 8,000 square feet may now be developed there. Weston plans to start a multiphased project for a subdivision. / By Anna Brunson

War? Huh! USU students debate what it's good for
09/19/01 The mood is somber, the voices divided, the debate acrimonious. The lingering question: Should we go to war against Afghanistan? Many USU students knew little or nothing of the country prior to this week. Many still have trouble locating it on a map. But they have strong feelings. / By Leon D'souza and Will Bettmann

Mendon approves plan for east side soccer field
09/17/01 MENDON --Residents got their wish Sept. 13 when a proposal for construction of a soccer field on the east side of town was accepted by the City Council. Linda Whitting, mother of two young soccer players, headed the efforts of parents and coaches who told the council that Mendon's facilities are too small for the growing soccer program. / By Hilary Ingoldsby

Landowner petitions for annexation by Smithfield -- under his conditions
09/17/01 SMITHFIELD -- The City Council will consider a petition from Wesley Keller that his family property be annexed to Smithfield for residential use. Keller created his petition to explain that whether the city receives the property is contingent upon its being used for residential purposes, not agricultural or commercial. / By Marie Griffin

A candlelight vigil in memory of the victims of Tuesday's terrorist attacks begins shortly after sunset Thursday on the Quad. Old Main is at right. / Photo by Steven Barfuss.

Vigil finds a moment of peace, and one forgotten flag finds a new purpose
09/14/01 A faded American flag and pole collected dust, forgotten in the back of a garage until two days ago when the United States was attacked by terrorists. Josh Lucherini marched with that flag high in the air to the Candlelight Vigil on the USU Quad Thursday evening where he and thousands of students and faculty met in memory of those injured in the attacks. / By Steven Barfuss

Providence resident convinces city to consider building a skate park
09/13/01 PROVIDENCE -- A local resident thinks the city needs its own skate park, and at Tuesday night's City Council meeting, he pursuaded the city to at least consider building one. / By Lindsey Blau

War memorial honoring local war veterans to be built in Richmond
09/13/01 RICHMOND -- While the country faces the possibility of another war, Richmond city's Veteran's Memorial Committee is finalizing plans to build a war memorial which will honor everyone from the city who has served in the Army, Navy, Marine Corps or the Air Force. / By Nicole R. Grubbs

Hyde Park approves construction of sidewalk
09/13/01 HYDE PARK -- Construction of a new sidewalk in Hyde Park was unanimously approved after a lengthy discussion at the Hyde Park City Council meeting. / By Kari Gray

USU Muslims condemn terrorist attack; university plans Thursday vigil
09/12/01 "I don't think Islam calls for killing innocent people and children. They [terrorists] may be Muslim, but they apply Islam in the wrong way," said Abedalrazef Khalil, an international student from Palestine. "There is no justification for any terrorist attack." / By Leon D'souza and Will Bettmann

President Kermit Hall's 3-minute address on the attack
09/12/01 Click on the link above to go to the USU home page, where you can access a link to the digitized address of Kermit Hall, a constitutional law scholar. You will need the most recent version of Real Player to see the video. Lower versions of the software may access audio only.

USU reacts swiftly to crisis
09/12/01 Utah State University is concerned about the welfare of its student body in the wake of Tuesday's terrorist attacks. The university management reacted swiftly to the horrific violence with virtually everyone from the president down getting actively involved in relief efforts. / Compiled from the USU website

Cache angle on terrorist attack: Info line, blood, emergency management
09/11/01 The local Red Cross Disaster Welfare Inquiries services are available for anyone who has relatives or loved ones in any of the affected areas. You may call the Red Cross at 752-1125 for assistance in making those contacts. / News release from the Cache County Corporation

Activists to protest oil exploration near Moab
09/11/01 Environmental activists in southern Utah are planning direct action against an oil exploration project that threatens southern Utah's canyon country. The "Veritas 3-D seismic exploration project" is one of many oil and gas projects initiated under the Bush administration's new energy policy. / By Jim Steitz

New ruling in explicit Barbie case; Kanab artist launches legal defense fund in support of naked doll pictures
09/11/01 America's curvy plastic heartthrob can lawfully pose nude, at least for the time being. Barbie is free to be cast in sexually explicit or controversial artistic representations, much to the chagrin of the world's premier toy maker, Mattel Inc. / By Leon D'souza

at left: Barbie as generations of kids know her

Paradise investigating water rights, questioning legality of connections
09/07/01 PARADISE -- In an effort to maintain the integrity of the town's water system, Paradise is trying to discover what water rights are held by some of its property owners. / By Joe Rowley

Proposal for Nibley business park put on hold
09/07/01 NIBLEY -- Amending the plans for a proposed city business park was the main topic of discussion at the City Council meeting Aug. 30, though the council tabled a final decision until its next meeting. / By Julie Sulunga

All's not hunky-dory for international students: Policy on transfer credits called a symptom of gap between words, deeds
09/06/01 Xin Zhong is shocked and incensed. This straight-A international student has just had his scholarship request turned down by the College of Business. The college's explanation: the student has more than 18 transfer hours and therefore cannot be considered. But, the odd thing is, the College of Business accepted only five transfer credits for him. / By Leon D'souza
• Read the USU response to this artlcle.

Pease says LDS fears about Olympic image overblown
09/05/01 The head of Utah State University's journalism and communication department is cited in Sunday's Deseret News story about Newsweek magazine's latest issue, whose cover story, "Mormons," looks at Utah, the LDS Church and the 2002 Winter Olympics. / By the USU department of journalism and communication

USU journalism professor named one of 10 best in U.S.
09/04/01 Utah State University journalism Professor Michael S. Sweeney has been named one of the top 10 journalism teachers in the country by the Freedom Forum, the world's largest foundation dedicated to journalism and press freedom issues. / By the USU department of journalism and communication

Cache Valley and the Cutler Marsh (Benson marina) as seen from Green Canyon. One thing about USU that often surprises people visiting Logan for the first time is the incredible beauty of our mountains. / Special to the Hard News Cafe: Photo by Kim Michaels

North Logan approves money for Bonneville Shoreline Trail
09/01/01 NORTH LOGAN -- Logan Canyon and Green Canyon will soon be connected by the Bonneville Shoreline Trail. The North Logan City Council unanimously approved $2,000 in funds to be used toward the trail project Thursday night. / By Jessica Kelly


Terrorists who attacked the United States not representative of Islam: Logan Muslims speak out
09/25/01 LOGAN -- "Islam is a peaceful religion. These acts, and people's labeling of these acts, gives the wrong notion that the entire Muslim world is involved in terrorism, which is not the case," a USU student says / By Leon D'souza

Revitalization plan for Hyrum includes a new library and museum complex
09/18/01 HYRUM -- Historic Main Street is about to get a facelift. The city has revitalization plans that include a new library-museum complex and the restoration of the Elite Hall. / By Karen Funk

Chaos reigns outside St. Vincents Hospital as casualties are brought in for triage and more than 500 people line up to give blood. / Photo by John Mellor

Eyewitness account: 'You know this hospital isn't being used as a hospital; it is being used only for fatalities.' . . . The young girl burst into hyserical tears.
09/17/01 NEW YORK CITY -- A first-person view of the destruction and public reaction to the terror in Manhattan is provided by John Mellor, uncle of JCOM student Jessie Woolley. "At 6 p.m. I was walking down the middle of Seventh Avenue (in the middle lane) and there was not a single car on the road." / Used by permission of John Mellor

Hyde Park community members and Boy Scouts join together to improve recreation and landscaping
09/14/01 HYDE PARK -- Community members and Boy Scouts have joined together here to improve recreation and landscaping while saving valuable funds./ By Kari Gray

Wellsville's country market is up for sale
09/14/01 Walking through its front door is like walking a step back in time. The floors are wooden. They are neither glossed with varnish nor smooth with newness. They creak and groan with every step you take. The shelves are as old. They aren't metal but instead handmade wood. They are shallow and would never survive in a Walmart Super Center. / By Melissa Dymock

SHOWING THEIR COLORS: A house at 652 E. 100 North, Logan, shows its patriotism. Resident Leo Denoyer put up the flag Tuesday, shortly after the terrorist attacks, and added the "God Bless America" sign with window chalk Thursday. He and fellow house resident Xaq Brown said that if Congress and the president call for enlistments, they would volunteer. / Photo by Steven Barfuss

Icelandic ponies are one of the Bullocks' photos you will see on the web site.

Iceland photos by USU journalism prof, husband, featured on Web
09/04/01 Cathy Ferrand Bullock and her husband, Mike, moved from Seattle to Logan in August as Cathy became an assistant professor in the Utah State University journalism and communication department. Cathy's husband, Mike, thought northern Utah would offer a good base to pursue his free-lance wildlife photography business. This week, Mike and Cathy's photo essay from a trip to Iceland appears on the Joseph Van Os PhotoSafaris' website ( / By the USU department of journalism and communication


O Canada: A group of runners shows allegiance to the Maple Leaf.

Top of Utah Marathon: A picture gallery
Click on the link or photo to see more pictures of last weekend's Top of Utah Marathon / By Kevin King

Penalties nag USU in one-point loss to Wyoming
So far this season the Utah State football team has found a way to be its own worst enemy. In their first two games, turnovers played a huge part in the two loses. Against Wyoming on Saturday, penalties became the Aggies' Achilles heel as they managed to be penalized 11 times for 122 yards -- with the last one probably costing them the game, 43-42. / By Doug Layne

Cricket made simple (or reasonably so) for travelers on the Quad
It is India's national religion. Thousands of miles from home, the game remains a ritual of sorts for Indian students at Utah State University. They congregate on the grassy Quad every weekend to play out their passion. H.S. Satyanarayana, an avid cricketer and organizer of many campus cricketing fiestas, explains the rules. / By Leon D'souza
• A brief history of cricket in America, or how John Adams complained about the president

USU cancels or postpones all sports events for rest of week
All Utah State University athletic events for the rest of the week have been canceled or postponed, it was announced Thursday. In a mutual decision with Fresno State, the football game between the two universities scheduled for Saturday will be moved to 1 p.m. (Mountain Time) Dec. 1 at Fresno, Calif. / By USU athletic media relations

6th-ranked Trojans trounce women's volleyball team
Utah State women's volleyball team lost in three games to the University of Southern California. The Aggies' record now stands at 3-3 on the young season. / By USU athletic media relations

Volleyball team falls to No. 10 Hawaii
USU hit just .071 as a team in in losing 30-23, 30-12, 30-18 in Honolulu. / By USU athletic media relations


Campus parking a problem for you? Roll out of the sack earlier!
09/27/01 Everyone whines about it, even me. Parking on campus is a huge problem, we all moan. Sure there are some frustrating things that happen in the rush to find a parking space, but it generally boils down to one thing: students do not allow enough time to get to class. / By Kathryn Summers

Candelight Vigil proves that love will prevail in the face of tragedy
09/27/01 It was a beautiful sight. The night's darkness hid and made irrelevant each person's race and color. At that vigil, everyone had their own identifying features, but all were alike in heart and intent. / By Debra Anne Brough

Does parking at USU drive you crazy, too?
09/25/01 Every morning as I pray, I ask for help in finding a place to park in the Utah State University B parking lot. This morning after driving around and trying to find a spot for 25 minutes, I thought, "it would be better to get a ticket than to miss my class." / By Tricia L. Mickelsen

Who is the enemy? Not an easy question in a rat's nest of alliances
09/25/01 Whether we fully endorse the vast military deployment of the last few days or plead for appeasement or restraint in our military and diplomatic responses to the Sept. 11 attacks, we Americans fail miserably as students of history. / By Les Roka

Roundup of student opinion on what one Aggie is calling 'My generation's day of infamy'
09/21/01 Columns produced by Professor Nancy Williams' "Opinion Writing" class on the subject of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. Plus, a new first-person account by Amy McIff, a USU intern in D.C.

Sam's Club follows the profit
09/20/01 The titans of consumerism have found a small valley where stores are still owned by locals and they want to crush the peasants. / By Matthew Flitton

Guest column: From a foreign viewpoint, U.S. both big-hearted, big-mouthed
09/17/01 Unlike many, my first response to the terrorist attacks in New York and Washington was neither shock nor horror, neither rage nor indignation, but a profound and cynical sense of sadness -- not merely at the immensity of this tragedy, but by one question: "Why do they hate us so much?" / By Scott Chisholm

A call to stand united: Text of Leon D'souza's remarks at Thursday's vigil
09/14/01 The great pacifist, Mahatma Gandhi, once said that an eye for an eye makes everyone blind. / By Leon D'souza

Time for courage, not revenge
09/14/01 There have been calls for reparations and retribution. Will we retaliate? / By Alisha Geary

What about Saddam? And what about the 'train wreck' of the FBI?
09/13/01 It is becoming more difficult to find the skeptical voices who challenge the virtually unanimous indictment that Osama bin Laden was the mastermind behind this week's acts of terrorism. Have we written off Saddam too soon? And are we not challenging the FBI enough? / By Les Roka

G-8 protesters know something the media don't: Economy is being undemocratically re-engineered
09/07/01 The protests in Genoa tragically diverted public attention from the agenda of the meetings and the refusal of the G-8 leaders to divulge the overhaul of our legal and economic systems they are engineering. Free trade, as currently defined, means the replacement of democracy with new corporate global governance. / By Jim Steitz

Why National Missile Defense isn't as great as the Bush administration makes it seem
09/06/01 The Bush administration's national security policy has everyone concerned. Earlier this year, the president called for a missile defense system to help protect the United States and its allies against attacks by so-called "rogue states" with chemical weapons. Bush has spoken of the need for a "new framework that allows us to counter the different threats of today's world." National Missile Defense, in the eyes of the Bush administration, is the new nirvana. / By Leon D'souza


Car-Free Day to celebrate the alternatives to being car dependent
09/20/01 Friday, Sept. 21, will celebrate the first Car-Free Day, a day to leave your car at home and experience life without it. / By Julie Sulunga

Kappa Delta sorority, spring 2001.

Greek rush battles old 'Animal House' stereotypes
09/13/01 You walk into a house and everyone is either drunk or passed out. If that's what you think about fraternities and sororities, think again. / By Julie Sulunga


'Rock Star' fun, pretty, witty
Famous rock stars and two very beautiful, well-known actors playing the front man of this movie --there is nothing more you could ask for. (Except maybe a cameo from former New Kid on the Block brother Donnie Wahlberg.) That might just be too much excitement and mixture for one movie, though. / By Julie Sulunga

Alicia Keys' CD like a hip-hop, male-bashing Alanis
Songs with some good mixing and lyrics that tell about how a woman should be treated. Alicia Keys is a young artist with a new hip-hop album, but the songs soon wear out their welcome. / By Julie Sulunga

'Like Richard Simmons on crack' . . . remake of 'Three Musketeers' flails around but goes nowhere
There's absolutely nothing new here. If you've seen any of the Three Musketeer movies, then you've seen this movie already. / By Bryce Casselman

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