October 2002



Cops nab kidnaping suspect after chase
10/31/02 LOGAN --Police chased a felony suspect on foot through downtown streets Tuesday after detectives recognized the man as a kidnaping suspect. After outrunning police the suspect was later found in a nearby apartment, hiding in a back bedroom. / By Toby G. Hayes

Judge denies Nielsen's request for a new lawyer
10/31/02 LOGAN -- At Tuesday's suppression hearing for Cody Nielsen, Judge Clint S. Judkins denied two pre-trial motions made by the defense. / By Kelsie Clark

AWARD WINNING: USU broadcast students learn from the tutelage of Professor Dean Byrne. /Photo courtesy of USU Journalism Department.

USU TV students win awards in journalism competition
10/30/02 LOGAN -- Utah State University TV journalism students have won three awards in regional competition sponsored by the National Broadcasting Society, including one first place. / By USU Journalism Dept.

Richmond Council considers animal control ordinance
10/30/02 RICHMOND--Richmond City Council will hold a public hearing on Nov. 26 regarding a proposed animal control ordinance. / By Jasmine Erickson

Cache school board tightens Sky View's dress code
10/28/02 SMITHFIELD -- Following an increasing number of attire-related problems this year in valley schools, the Cache County School Board has passed a measure that will amend the dress code for students at Sky View High School. / By Kelsie Clark

Smithfield fire department pushes for new truck
10/28/02 SMITHFIELD -- Several citizens became concerned when they saw two fire engines with flashing lights and blaring sirens arrive at the City Office during last night's City Council meeting. / By Kelsie Clark

Millville nixes mink farm in residential area
10/28/02 MILLVILLE -- The Planning Commission voted unanimously Thursday to deny Larry Mathews's request for building permit clearance for additional mink cages and an outbuilding. The request was denied because mink farming is not a permitted use within a residential zone. / By Myrica Hawke

Trenton Council considers where to annex next
10/24/02 TRENTON -- In preparing for future growth, Trenton's Planning and Zoning Commission identified land next to its present town boundaries that could at some future time become part of the town. / By Justin Creech

Conditional use permit issued for preschool in Wellsville
10/24/02 WELLSVILLE -- Lori Zilles asked the planning commission Wednesday night to issue a conditional use permit so she could run a preschool out of her home at 137 E. 200 North. / By Karina Fain

Hyde Park Council votes on water share ownership
10/24/02 HYDE PARK -- Ownership of five water shares in the Stone Ridge subdivision will belong to an entity formed by property owners there, in order to keep the water in Hyde Park. / By Jill Heffner

GROUND BREAKING: Senator Robert Bennett gives the keynote address Friday morning during the groundbreaking ceremony for the new USDA-ARS Poisonous Plant Research Laboratory. /Photo by Matt Stephens

Ground broken for new poisonous plant lab in Logan
10/21/02 LOGAN -- Members of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Agricultural Research Service gathered Friday for the groundbreaking ceremony for the new USDA-ARS Poisonous Plant Research Laboratory. / By Matt Stephens

Nibley Council repeals city trail ordinance
10/21/02 NIBLEY -- The City Council unanimously repealed an ordinance requiring portions of land in newly developed areas along the Blacksmith Fork River to be dedicated to the city for use in a trail system. / By Stefanie Snow

Millville Council discusses Eagle Scout projects, other concerns
10/21/02 MILLVILLE -- The City Council spent more time discussing issues than resolving them at the sparsely-attended meeting Thursday night. / By Myrica Hawker

Journalism department honors Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist
10/18/02 LOGAN -- The Department of Journalism and Communication at Utah State University is honoring a "legend in American journalism" with the announcement of Jack Anderson Day in honor of the Utah-born Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist and book author's 80th birthday. / By Ted Pease

Arena Issues stir up dust in Wellsville
10/18/02 WELLSVILLE -- Residents living on 200 South voiced their concerns to the City Council Wednesday night about dust, noise, lights and traffic created by people using Wellsville's rodeo arena. / By Karina Fain

BLACK HAWK DOWN : John Collette, crew member from the Black Hawk Down incident in Somalia, speaks to students about his experience in combat as well as making the film on Wednesday in the ballroom. / Photo by Tiffany Erickson

Got the urge to get out of Dodge? USU's Study Abroad program could be the ticket
10/16/02 LOGAN -- Increasing numbers of Utah State University students are packing up and leaving the country, at least temporarily. The Study Abroad Program at USU offers students a chance to live and study in another country inexpensively. / By Melissa Kinsel

USU students urge caution in going to war with Iraq
10/14/02 LOGAN -- President George W. Bush received authorization late last week from both the Senate and the House of Representatives to use military force against the continuing threat posed by Iraq and its leader, Saddam Hussein. / By Ashley Brown

Cornish will continue current method of water bill distribution
10/13/02 CORNISH -- Amid a property dispute with a neighboring farmer, resident Floyd Veibell's land was annexed at Thursday night's Town Council meeting. / By Justin Creech

Hyde Park passes zero-tolerance alcohol law
10/13/02 HYDE PARK -- The zero-tolerance alcohol ordinance the City Council rejected Sept. 10 became the new alcohol ordinance by a 3-to-1 vote Tuesday, after Mayor David Kooyman brought it back to the council. / By Jill Heffner

Gun control in Cache Valley
10/13/02 LOGAN -- Last week, police were called to the Mt. Logan Clinic at 246 E. 1260 North in response to a suicidal man. The man was Craig Garrett, 51, of Preston, and in a turn of events Logan police officers Mark Robinson and Shand Nazer began struggling with Garrett and realized he had a semiautomatic handgun in the waistline of his pants. During a struggle the firearm discharged, hitting Robinson just above the ankle and exiting through his foot. / By Sam Springer

River Heights deals with annexation policy
10/10/02 RIVER HEIGHTS -- The City Council meeting went smoothly, almost routinely, on Tuesday with the main topic being a public hearing to discuss a new city annexation policy. / By Sandra Zeigler

WHEN JOURNALISTS GO TO WAR: USU Journalism Professor Mike Sweeney's new book, published by The National Geographic Society, offers a wrenching and inspiring look at the role, conributions and sacrifices of the press during wartime. /Photo courtesy of Mike Bullock

USU journalism professor examines war and the press
10/31/02 LOGAN -- After September 11, 2001, when the National Geographic Society wanted a close look at how we learn about war, the editors called on Mike Sweeney. / By Ted Pease

GIVE PEACE A CHANCE: Concerned citizens of all ages gathered in the Logan Recreaction Center for a peace rally protesting Pres. Bush's desire for attack on Iraq. / Photo by Toby G. Hayes.

County Council approves Powder Mountain rezone 6 to 1
10/09/02 LOGAN -- Powder Mountain got one step closer to becoming a major destination resort as the Cache County Council voted 6 to 1 for a zone change Tuesday night. / By Toby G. Hayes

Sweeney elected second vice president of American Journalism Historians Assn.
10/08/02 LOGAN -- Kudos to Mike Sweeney, who was elected second vice president of the American Journalism Historians Assn. at the group's annual national conference in Nashville last week. The election puts Sweeney on track to become president of AJHA in October 2004. / By Ted Pease

Hyrum Council discusses park in closed session
10/07/02 HYRUM -- After regular business took place at the meeting Thursday, a closed session took place to discuss the City Council's intent to buy land for park use within city limits. / By Ashley Stolworthy

Newspaper Association calls journalism department "the best in Utah"
10/07/02 LOGAN -- Calling its program "the best in Utah," news leaders from the Pacific Northwest Newspaper Association discussed the future of the journalism department at Utah State University during a visit last week. / By Toby G. Hayes

Nibley residents want city trail ordinance repealed
10/04/02 NIBLEY -- Public input was the major focus in Thursday's City Council meeting, where it appears a previously approved, controversial ordinance will be repealed. / By Stefanie Snow

Peace Rally allows voices to be heard
10/03/02 LOGAN -- Concerned citizens young and old gathered Wednesday evening to protest President Bush's insistence on a pre-emptive first strike on Iraq without sufficient support from American citizens, the United Nations, or Congress. /By Matt Stephens

Eccles Theater pays $750 in fines for booted cars
10/03/02 LOGAN -- The Ellen Eccles Theater forked out about $750 to pay for cars that were "booted" Saturday for parking in a private lot during a dance exhibition. / By Marshall Thompson

Wellsville Council discusses storage of used structures
10/03/02 WELLSVILLE -- The movement of used structures into Wellsville was up for discussion Wednesday night at the City Council meeting. / By Karina Fain

Trenton increases fee for pavilion use
10/02/02 TRENTON -- Those who rent the town park and pavilion will be required to pay a higher fee beginning this month. / By Justin Creech


Keeping the family farm
10/31/02 WESTON, IDAHO-- A 2-month-old bull's head is held in the halter, immobilized in a dehorning frame with a nose leader. The calf doesn't know what's coming yet. Then a dehorner, shaped like pruning shears with two extremely sharp ice cream scoop-like objects at the ends, cuts into the skull. Sometimes it spurts blood, and sometimes it simply bleeds. Either way, the calf bawls. Then the open sore is cauterized and the next horn is done. It is a painful process, kind of like a having a tooth that is not loose ripped out without any anesthetic. / By Jessica Kelly

Living with glaucoma: an appreciation of sight
10/30/02 Dad is a lot quieter these days. He can often be found in an easy chair with his eyes closed. His 6-foot-2-inch frame is routinely bent in an athletic position with his elbow propped on his knee and his hand cupped on his chin. His normally light blue eyes have been overtaken by cherry veins, and his eyelashes are unusually long. He does not smile nor does he frown; he just seems to be thinking. / By Melanie Steele

Tumor's 'kiss' brings hope into focus for one Newton family
10/30/02 NEWTON -- She calls it her "kiss from God." The doctors call it pontine gliama, the name for tumors that cannot be examined closely enough to officially name. At first glance, Mary Bowen is a typical happy and bubbly 12-year-old girl -- typical because she loves school, loves pets, hardly ever sits still and adores her older sister; but, atypical because there is a tumor right in the middle of her brain stem. / By Sharalyn Hartwell

Milkman: It's all about time and speed as Jay Jeppson works all night, then heads to class
10/30/02 LOGAN -- It's just after 1 o'clock in the morning. Night blankets Cache Valley with a chilly, thin shadow. Inside a long building with white, dirty siding is 18-year-old Jay Jeppson. His attire matches the cool darkness outside. Black, baggy, slicky basketball pants hang loosely on his hips, the tiny white stripes running down the side emphasizing his skinny frame underneath. A gray fleece jacket covers a gray T-shirt. His worn-out pair of Nikes is also black and gray. / By Andrea Nixon

THE NEEDLES :Late October sun is kind and warm in redrock country in The Needles, part of Canyonlands National Park in southeastern Utah. /Photo by Ted Pease

Pets take care of people, too
10/29/02 LOGAN -- There is no denying that pets are hard work. You have to feed them, play with them and walk them, but the benefits of owning a pet far outweigh the burdens, according to pet owners and college students Scott Brown, Tiffany Carrell, and Devin Schvaneveldt. / By Heidi Brown

Haunted house project gives good old-fashioned scare
10/29/02 BENSON, Cache County -- Years ago it maybe could have been a house straight out of Anne of Green Gables. In the fading light it is not hard to see the beauty that the place once had; however, it has been the home of terrifying screams and fear once the sun goes down. / By Tiffany Erickson

Out of East Africa, 'Tisho' calls Utah home now
10/28/02 LOGAN -- It is not hard to spot Anley E. Tefera walking around the campus. He makes his way through the hallway catching the eyes of those who pass. With his dark, black coffee-colored skin and defining masculine features, Anley carries himself high and proud when announcing that he is from East Africa. / By Lindsey Blau

STRAW MAZE : A masked man patrols the North Logan Straw Maze looking for wandering participants to scare. /Photo by Toby G. Hayes

Walk a crooked mile through North Logan's straw maze
10/25/02 NORTH LOGAN -- Mazes of corn have become popular this time of year, but entrepreneur Blaine Christensen wanted to do something a little different. So, like one of the three little pigs, he built his out of straw. / By Toby G. Hayes

The 'hard' art and business of concrete
10/24/02 LOGAN--It serves as the foundation of civilization, yet everyone walks all over it: literally. Concrete is the combination of sand, cement, crushed rocks and water. It sounds simple enough, but getting concrete to its final resting place is an arduous and complicated task. / By Melanie Steele

To the men he served with, he was Richard Hastings France; to me he is Grandpa
10/23/02 LOGAN -- He probably didn't read the words printed on the side of the food rations box that said, "For security, hide the empty can and wrappers so that they cannot be seen." He had eaten thousands of dehydrated meals from those boxes. Today would be chicken, but he couldn't bring himself to eat it. / By Mykel France

Getting married? How to prepare for the rest of your life
10/18/02 LOGAN -- Last year, 2,327,000 Americans took that walk down the aisle. This number represents 8.4 percent of the population, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention at www.cdc.gov. But how to prepare for a wedding is something many people are uninformed about. / By Katrina Cartwright

Drug-sniffing canine officer joins Logan police
10/17/02 LOGAN -- Logan City Police Department has a new addition this year. As of Sept. 18 a canine will be patrolling the streets. Officer Tino has two jobs, to locate drugs and serve as a patrol-service dog. / By Amanda Gordon

Gay, Mormon and married: an example of grace and love
10/15/02 LOGAN -- A small, intimate tavern is a place where you expect to have a cozy atmosphere, good friends, and lively conversation. This is how it was at Mulligan's Social Club in Logan a few nights ago. Good friends sat around a tall table just below the raised bar, sipping cocktails and having yet another interesting conversation. / By Matt Stephens

Richmond diner offers more than just good burgers
10/15/02 RICHMOND -- I order a cheeseburger because I think that's how you can judge a place. It's some time between early and mid afternoon on a beautiful October day at L.D.'s Diner in Richmond. An odd time to coming in for a burger, I suppose, and it shows. One couple sits in one of the booths, and one woman stands behind the counter./ By Jasmine Erickson

Have a safe, happy Halloween
10/15/02 LOGAN -- It is the time for goblins and devils, angels and princesses. It's Halloween, one of the oldest traditions celebrated worldwide. How did Halloween end up being such a celebration?/ By Traci Woolsey

PUMPKINS FOR SALE: A sign and the Knight children's pumpkin stand in Nibley proclaims the availability of their pumpkins of all shapes and sizes. / photo by Melanie Steele

Young entrepreneurs run pumpkin stand on honor system
10/11/02 NIBLEY -- A pumpkin stand in Nibley has seriously redefined the concept of young entrepreneurs: it's run by a 12-year-old, a 10-year-old, a 7-year-old and a 4-year-old (with a little help from mom and dad). / By Melanie Steele

Lewiston moms launch home school support group
10/11/02 LEWISTON -- Parents who home school their children find life can be a little sweeter with the Home Sweet Home School Group. / By Joseph M. Dougherty

USU anthro department helps Hispanic high school kids
10/10/02 LOGAN - Students and faculty in the anthropology department at Utah State are trying to improve Hispanic graduation rates and parental involvement at Logan High. / By Tiffany Erickson

Newton market provides refreshment and friendship
10/09/02 Newton -- Bep's Country Market provides Newton residents with necessities, and a taste of small town closeness. / By Marie Griffin

Nibley Councilman works to preserve 'rural atmosphere'
10/07/02 NIBLEY -- Councilman Todd Hansen attends a political meeting every week, whether it be for planning and zoning or for the City Council, and says it's because he loves being involved. / By Stefanie Snow


ANCIENT MYSTERY: Greg Cooper, left and Mike King, right examine King Tutankhamen's sarcophagus during their two week investigation on the murder of the pharaoh in Egypt. /Photo courtesy Mike King and Discovery Channel

Utah detectives help solve mystery of King Tut's death
10/04/02 OGDEN -- In November of 1922, Lord Carnarvon and Howard Carter breached a 3,000-year-old barrier that held a wealth of knowledge, treasure, and mystery. Behind that barrier was the tomb of an 18-year-old king whose name, mysteriously enough, was left on relatively few relics from the time. The tomb of Tutankhamen answered few questions and yielded even more. / By Matt Stephens

Hundreds of third-graders get a taste of farm life
10/03/02 LOGAN -- Hundreds of third graders from grade schools all over the valley were invited to Cache County extension's annual Farm Field Day yesterday. / By Tiffany J. Erickson

Grafitti: On Newspaper Rock just outside Canyonlands National Park in southern Utah the Kelley brothers added their signs (in either the 1890s or the 1940s, depending on your level of trust) to these petroglyphs, dating to the time of Christ up to 1300 AD. /Photo by Ted Pease


Mountain Crest tennis champ number one in region
10/30/02 Mary Austin doesn't look for attention. The Mountain Crest High School senior has plenty of it coming her way though as she led the Mustang tennis team to a Region 4 second place and an individual third-place finish at the state competition. / By Julie Ann Grosshans

Top of Utah marathon's a top-rated Boston qualifier
10/18/02 The Top of Utah Marathon may have been created just to give an economic boost to Cache Valley, but it is now considered one of the top five best kept marathon secrets in the country. / By Sharalyn Hartwell

Steve Mullins, tutored by a legend
10/16/02 Quarterbacks admire the poise of Unitas, running backs ogle at the grace of Sanders. Punters strive for the form of Guy. Guy, you ask? Yes, Ray Guy, the first pure punter to be taken in the NFL draft and a member of seven Pro Bowl teams. / By Todd P. Johnson

Curses, foiled again! BYU defeats Ags in second half
10/07/02 A funny thing happened on the way to the Aggie locker room Friday night, as they took a 34-7 lead going into halftime. They saw their 27-point lead vanish in the second half as the Brigham Young Cougars came up with one of their greatest come-from-behind victories ever, to stun the sold-out crowd in Romney Stadium. / By Doug Layne

Kickin' Aggies Sports Show debuts
10/02/02 Aggie TV's "Kickin' Aggie Sports Show" aired for the first time Thursday, featuring NCAA sports, intramurals, and the Top of Utah Marathon. / By Matt Stephens


Fighting fires was a hot summer's work for Joriel Horracks
10/28/02 "All I remember is the first rock sliding, and he said 'Rock, big rock!' and the first rock hit me in the chest and set me back flying. I grabbed hold of a tree and then the second two-ton boulder hit me and took off my thumbnail and I have the scar from it," Joriel Horracks says, showing a series of red marks on her left calf. / By Heidi Thueson

Eating disorders: How to take back control
10/28/02 Utah State University has not been bypassed when it comes to America's obsession with youth and beauty. The standard that society has set as beauty will never be achieved although many desperately try to conform to this certain ideal. A perfect body image has been skewed to an unhealthy physical fixation. / By Heather Hinze

LDS Institute moderates USU's 'party school' label
10/17/02 You won't find them at frat houses or keggers, but you will find them dripping in a fruity gelatinous mess as they slide down a 300 foot Jell-O slide. / By Andrew Bryan


War games: making sense of the conflict over war with Iraq
10/28/02 The irony of brinkmanship is that it is often resorted to in the face of imminent danger. Players in this deadly contest taunt and tease, even terrify each other, deftly skirting the edge of ruin in an attempt to intimidate one of the dramatis personae into backing down and consequently accepting defeat. / By Leon D'Souza

Parenting: A constant evolution
10/13/02 Books have been written about it. Experts have lectured about it. Gossip has circulated about it. In fact, it seems that all of society talks about it at one time or another, and yet we still don't have the perfect answers about how to do it, nor can most people agree about it. / By Justin Smart

Is divorce China's new fad?
10/09/02 That China's revolutionary leader, Mao Zedong, was an incessant womanizer is no secret. For 22 years, beginning in 1954, Dr. Li Zhisui, his personal physician, chronicled the former dictator's dark private world. In his critically acclaimed book, "The Private Life of Chairman Mao," Dr. Zhisui writes candidly about the erstwhile chairman's voracious appetite for carnal pleasure. Mao was constantly hosting dances and card-playing parties to find new young women to indulge his fantasies. He was "married" at least four times and had ten children with whom he had rather distant relationships. / By Leon D'Souza

A street-level view of democracy in America, 2002
10/04/02 "THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE!......." From a rooftop 20 stories above, they stared at us through cold, filtered, critical eyes. Safely cordoned behind two metal barricades and half the Washington, D.C. police force, they peered with an obtuse mixture of curiosity, contempt, and ignorance, dressed in sharp suits and accompanied by power-briefcases. / By Jim Steitz



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