March 2000


ASUSU election results
03/31/00 Results of the Associated Students of Utah State University final elections included some one- and two-vote margins, and a walk for the unopposed presidential candidate Ben Riley.

JOSHUA TREES RAISE THEIR BRANCHES TO HEAVEN: The sun sets on a quiet night in Joshua Tree National Park, Calif., over spring break. / Photo by Michael Hamblin

Riverside residents have their say in government at caucus
03/31/00 Seventeen people sat in a circle at Box Elder County Commissioner Lee Allen's house as the Riverside/East Garland Republican Caucus began Monday. On the agenda was the electing of six county delegates and one state delegate to represent Riverside and East Garland in the upcoming county and state primaries. A new chairman and vice-chairman would also be elected to run the Riverside/East Garland meetings for the next two years. "This is the only place you really get a say in government," said Eleanor Jensen, a resident of Riverside. / By Emily W. Jensen

Female reporters crucial to environmental journalism, professor says
03/30/00 Women have always been central to environmental writing. "Women see nature as female, feel her power, and nurture her. Men also see nature as female, but want to conquer her," she said. "My question is, don't we need both perspectives?" asks JoAnn Valenti, an environmental journalism professor at BYU. She had some jaw-dropping facts for USU students Tuesday, including the declaration that Tooele County is the most polluted place on Earth. / By Kay Dee Johansen

Daughters of the Utah Pioneers request move of historic log cabin
03/27/00 The Brigham City Council approved a motion at Thursday's meeting to allow the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers to move their historical log cabin from Pioneer Park to Brigham Young Park. According to Marva Frost, DUP president, the Knudsen cabin was built in 1855 and stood in its original location at 100 E. 100 South St. in Brigham City until 929, when it was moved to Pioneer Park. /By Sally H. N. Wright

The goddess Athena, wearing a helmet, appears on an ancient four-drachma coin. She was smart but had a temper.

Women's history? The long view includes wise Athena and an unfortunate spider woman
03/27/00 Goddesses got equal time last week. "You've all heard about Zeus," says Fran Titchener, USU classics history professor, "but what of the many other women not often spoke of?" / By Heather Wardle

Celebrating Women's History Month
03/21/00 During the month of March Utah State University has sponsored many events honoring women. This is in response to a proclamation by President Clinton who declared March 2000 as Women's History Month. / By Kay Dee Johansen

Providence citizens petition against road plans
03/22/00 "People who do not want a thru road to Bluff Street," began the petition presented to the Providence City Council, following in smaller letters, "We all live here and raise our kids here." / By Analisa Coats

Hyde Park approves zoning for subdivision despite traffic concerns
03/20/00 The City Council unanimously approved rezoning for a subdivision at 100 West and 300 South streets despite residents' concerns stated Tuesday night. / By Debbie Lamb

Lake Powell wastes water, hides beauty, professor says
03/10/00 Drain "Lake" Powell? Restore Glen Canyon? And why is "Lake" in quotation marks anyway? USU students filed into the TSC auditorium on Wednesday to hear Dr. Richard Ingebretsen address these questions. / By Jen Feinstein

Hyde Park City Council wants ice arena to meet city code
03/10/00 Right now the arena is located on county property, said Stanley Kane, the consultant and architect for the arena. After the annexation, the property will be located in Hyde Park, Kane said. "We recommend that this ice arena as drawn meets our ordinances with the stipulation that the north half of the lot is paved," said Sara Krebs, a Planning and Zoning member. "We also recommend that we talk to the school district about sharing the parking lot." / By Debbie Lamb

Reserved seating planned for annual concert in Smithfield
03/10/00 On your marks, get set, show your tickets. The Smithfield City Council decided to offer reserved seating to the annual Bar J Wranglers' concert Nov. 18, in the Sky View High School auditorium. The decision came in an attempt to control the demand for front-row seating. The council estimated reserved seating will cost $10, a $4 increase from last year, and said there are people who will gladly pay the extra money. "There are people who will pay those (extra) bucks to know they are in that seat," Councilman Keith Fortie said. / By Casey Hobson

Millville City Council considering new sewer system
03/10/00 The question is not whether Millville City will replace its existing septic tank system of managing wastewater with a sewer system, said Mike Johnson, Millville City councilman. The question is when. With Nibley, Millville's neighbor to the south, ready to put a new wastewater facility plan out to bid by mid-June, Johnson said that this may be the time. "It gives us the opportunity," Johnson said. "Say, 10 years from now, we decide to go sewer, we'd have to dig a line all the way to Logan." / By Bryce Petersen

New sidewalk may be built in North Logan
03/06/00 Children in North Logan may soon have a safe place to walk, but there is a cost. The city received a grant to build a sidewalk from 800 East to 2500 North, continuing over to the elementary school, Mayor Jack Draxler announced at the City Council meeting last night. / By Lynette Hoffman

Hyrum bans dogs from parks, trails, cemeteries
03/03/00 Man's best friend is no longer welcome in Hyrum's public parks and cemeteries. Despite the city leash law, owners are allowing dogs to make their mark in places where people walk and children play, and it has become a problem, said Gordon M. Olson, Hyrum mayor. The City Council voted unanimously Thursday to amend the leash law to restrict dogs from city parks and other public places such as hiking and walking trails. / By Lara Gale

Candidates off and running for ASUSU 2000 elections
03/01/00 The election process has started for those vying for ASUSU postions.Here is a list of those running. The Primary election will be held March 20-22. Finals are March 27-30. / By Jen Feinstien

Manufactured homes, collectibles and fingernails
03/01/00 Todd Lish can build two manufactured homes on his lot, Leslie Fredrickson can sell and deliver collectible angel figurines, and Heather Hugie can do people's nails at her home.Each received a conditional-use permit from the Tremonton City Planning and Zoning Commission on Tuesday. / By Emily W. Jensen


Aggie alum's 83 ways to say 'he scored a basket' not boring; instead, 'it's good'
The basketball leaves the player's hands, goes up and then falls into the hoop. Boring. Paul Coburn, the first broadcaster in Logan, knows a thing or two about "caging a toss," and just in time for the Final Four. / By Emily Jensen

And now, a word or two about condoms from our scholars (?) of media law
For extra credit on a test in the mass media law class offered by the Utah State University communication department, students were asked to name a make-believe condom company. Here are the printable ones. (Would you believe, "Cloak and Dagger?" / By the USU communication department

Fashion is their passion: Student models from the apparel and textiles department show off their clothes at Friday's USU fashion show. / Photo by Heather Wardle

Rock 'n' roll models are role models for USU fashion fans
From sleek and strapless, to crazy with khaki, the Utah State University apparel and textiles department's fashion show promises the newest and coolest will fit into just about anyone's closet this summer. / By Heather Wardle

Prize-winning teen author sticks with book ideas until the big one bites her
Ideas are like mosquitoes. Eventually, one flies up your nose, says Katie Beck, whose book, The Moas, was published recently. She spoke this week to students in North Logan about the importance of persistence and using one's talents. / By Ruth Russell

New Logan web site to be 'the best in the state'
Work on a more comprehensive Logan city web site began Wednesday, and Mayor Doug Thompson projected that the site will be up and running within six months. When it's operational, it will replace seven separate sites that now provide information and services for Logan residents. / By Emily Jensen

Wellsville dentist says fluoride does more good than harm
The only practicing dentist in Wellsville harbors unpopular views on fluorinated drinking water in Utah, but that hasn't hurt his thriving practice. J. Thomas Smith says fluorinated drinking water is one of the best things that can be done for dental health, and the risk of fluorinosis, an overexposure to the element causing darkening of the teeth, is low and preventable. / By Heather Fredrickson

WE'RE BUSY STUFFING ENVELOPES FOR JACK: Students of the communication department prepare invitations for the USU Journalism Distinguished Service Awards Dinner, which will honor investigative journalist, Utah native and Pulitzer Prize winner Jack Anderson. The dinner will be from 6 to 9 p.m. March 31 at the Wyndham Hotel in Salt Lake City. If you'd like in on the action, contact us at (435) 797-3292. / Photo by the USU communication department

Log homes designed for individual tastes, floor plans in Hyde Park
Everyone has a vision of the perfect home. A Hyde Park woman is helping people who have a desire for an uncustomary floor plan to achieve that goal. "Log homes have a down-home, unique feeling," she says. / By Debbie Lamb


Aggies back to business with spring football
With the coming of spring, one might hear talk of baseball, softball or even golf. Right? Wrong. This year's spring has 86 players talking about none other than football. / By Wade Denniston

Denson nabs Big West gymnast of the year, as Aggies take second in conference
It wasn't as difficult to say goodbye as it may have seemed, as senior Christy Denson led Utah State to a second-place finish and had a near-flawness night at the Big West Conference Gymnastics Championships on Saturday. / By Dan Chase

A banner year for bastketball team as it wins tournament and gets automatic NCAA bid
Victories over Nevada and New Mexico State in the Big West conference tournament wrap up a perfect season for the Aggies. / By Doug Layne

Fans, coach think USU deserves slot on the Big Dance Card
Regardless of what happens in this year's Big West tournament, Utah State has already had a remarkable season, one that many people didn't imagine. And many of those same people are now saying USU deserves to be in the Big Dance. / By Wade Denniston

Denson overcomes illness and a fall to shine in home finale
After witnessing an atypical fall by Utah State University gymnast Christy Denson on the uneven bars Friday night, a stunned Dee Glen Smith Spectrum crowd knew that she'd botched her chances of notching another all-around award. But what the crowd didn't know was Denson was ill. / By Dan Chase

Brown's hot hand helps keep Aggies perfect; one more win means a clean sweep
The University of Idaho became the latest to suffer at the hands of the Utah State Aggies, who exended the nation's longest winning streak to 15 games and improved their record to 24-5 Thursday night at the Spectrum. The Aggies, still perfect in conference play at 15-0 after downing the Vandals, 73-52, can sweep the Big West with a victory Saturday night against Boise State. / By Doug Layne

Final week preview: Two teams from Idaho no small potatoes as Aggies seek perfection
The Aggies, who are picking up steam in both the AP poll (ranked 29th) and USAToday/ESPN coaches poll (30th), can become only the third team to go through Big West play without a loss. But first, they cannot afford to overlook visits by Idaho and Boise State. / By Wade Denniston


Some thoughts on same-sex marriage referenda: Is marriage the ultimate perk?
(03/21/00) For months now, the news has echoed with angry sound bytes from enemies of same-sex marriage. Homosexual nuptials, it's being said, will tarnish the "sanctity" of heterosexual marriage. Gosh, do these folks ever read the newspaper? Or a history book? / By Reid Furniss

Churro sheep inquiry

Whatever happened to the Churro sheep program of Utah State?

--Jim Harlin, via e-mail.

The High Country News recently wrote about the troubles of the sheep program. You can read the story at
--The Eds.

Thanks, read article, it's a shame, that's all I knew about that school. Years ago, I had known of the program when it seemed to hold so much hope for the Navajo weavers. -- Jim


Children from low-income families get a Head Start
In a small building near Brigham City Community Hospital, 15 4-year-olds engage in serious play. Some sit at a craft table, carefully cutting and pasting bits of colored paper into collages and other creations. Some make towers from wooden blocks; others watch goldfish swim in a fish tank. A few others play with plastic turtles and sand in a table made to hold a few inches of sand, water or other intersting material. It's Head Start, a federally funded preschool program designed especially for children from low-income families. / By Sally H.N. Wright

SHADES OF JOHN WESLEY POWELL!: It's a happy accident. Communication department professor Bill Pritchard shot a roll of ancient black-and-white film at Canyonlands National Park, near Moab, Utah, during spring break. When the prints came back from the developer, they were oddly sepia-toned, looking like something shot by the original Powell expedition of the Colorado and Green rivers, which are hidden among the rocks at the bottom of the cliff at right. / Photo by Bill Pritchar

Is it a fighting style or a dance? The answer is, yes
In Logan you can practice the same martial art that Wesley Snipes uses in many of his movies. It's a Brazilian art called Capoeira, which mixes fighting techniques with aerobatics, dance and music. / By Steve Day



Members of the band Hambone practice in a storage shed outside of Logan before they have to travel to Salt Lake for a show at O'Shucks. Pictured in the front is lead guitartist Jeff Hamult and on drums is Brian Fox. In the background standing is Shawn Herd, who is a new member, and sitting is bassist Jeff Erickson. / Photo by Michael Hamblin

You've heard of garage bands? Meet Logan's storage shed band
Every Sunday Jeff Hamula drives from Salt Lake City to a shed west of Logan. Usually these sheds are used for storage, but members of Hambone have turned it into their practice studio. They brought in a light and nailed carpet to the walls and ceiling. With couches brought in it seemed more like a kids' treehouse than a place for a band to play. / By Michael Hamblin

Noah's Ark to visit Kent Concert Hall
Grab your umbrellas and galoshes because there's going to be a flood on March 24 and 25 in the Chase Fine Arts Center's Kent Concert Hall. But don't worry--Noah will be there along with his ark and nearly 100 other actors and actresses as they portray "Noah's Flood." / By Dan Chase

Theatre Department receives Kennedy Center Medallion of Excellence
There are only two Kennedy Center Medallions of Excellence given out each year and Utah State University's Department of Theatre Arts received one on February 13 at the American College Theatre Festival--Region VIII held in Las Vegas. / By USU Theatre Arts Department



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