September 2002



HELLO, UTAH: A cloudy morning over Cornish, looking south toward Utah from the Idaho border. / Photo by Justin Creech

Millville, Providence discuss annexation plans
09/30/02 MILLVILLE -- After opening Thursday night's Planning Commission meeting with a prayer that they may help the citizens, the commissioners addressed four building permit clearance requests and held a public hearing. / By Myrica Hawker

Wellsville middle school may get new sign
09/26/02 WELLSVILLE -- Willow Valley Middle School may be one step closer to getting a new sign after Principal Lynn Archibald addressed the planning commission Wednesday night. / By Karina Fain

Smithfield Council questons improvements to Armory
09/26/02 SMITHFIELD -- While discussing the construction options of an energy-saving project on the Armory at last night's City Council meeting, the subject turned unexpectedly to the building itself -- its purpose, and whether it's even worth the money the improvements would cost. / By Kelsie Clark

A TIME TO REMEMBER:Molly Mow, 9, takes time remember the legacy of her second cousin. Mow attended the funeral in Logan June 30, 2002./Photo by Amy Fuller

Providence seeks new city planner
09/26/02 PROVIDENCE -- The City Council decided to accept proposals from consulting firms for the position of city planner Tuesday night. / By Roy Burton

New subdivision planned in Nibley
09/26/02 NIBLEY -- Preliminary plans for a subdivision at 3000 South and 800 West were unanimously approved at Wednesday's Planning and Zoning Commission meeting. Engineer Rod Blossom said he plans on requesting final approval in about a month. / By Stefanie Snow

Park boundaries drawn in Hyde Park
09/25/02 HYDE PARK -- The boundaries for Lion's Park at 500 East 100 North have been staked, and Councilman Charles Wheeler says he has talked about them with five of the eight people whose homes border the park. / By Jill Heffner

Ahem!! Professional journalists recognize Hard News Cafe as one of America's best
09/23/02 LOGAN -- Utah State University journalism students were named among the best in the United States this month at the national convention of the Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ) in Fort Worth, Texas. Excuse us if we brag on ourselves a bit. / By the USU department of journalism and communication
• Read the top online feature of 2001, by Ruth Turner: "Breaking the cycle of delinquency: Therapy, talking, working, schooling . . . and bobbing chicken heads:
• Read one of the top three online general news stories of 2001, by Holli Gunnell Weiss: "USU student finds bacteria gene that repairs damage from sun"
• Read the winning entries one of the top three columnists of 2001, Leon D'souza: "Is India Falling?", "Chaos is King" and "To Counter Terrorism"

MONUMENT: There's no doubt about Richmond's agricultural heritage on the monument donated by the Lions. / Photo courtesy of Glenn Allred

Cows, horses are focus of new Richmond monument
09/23/02 RICHMOND --The monument, which bears the cityıs name and the year it was founded (1859), was designed by Glenn Allred, a Richmond Lion himself. / By Jasmine Erickson

Paradise council approves building plans
09/23/02 PARADISE -- The Town Council approved plans to build a shed as well as two new houses within the city limits Wednesday at its meeting. / By Julie Ann Grosshans

Hyrum chooses to be 'guinea pig' for county access plan
09/23/02 HYRUM -- In a 3-1 vote Thursday the Hyrum City Council voted to adopt the county's Interim Access Management Policy for a six-month trial, to improve transportation and land-use areas from the outside in. "We are the guinea pigs to find out what works and what doesn't," said Mark S. Teuscher, countywide planner. / By Ashley Stolworthy

Factory's noise, lights bother Millville neighbors
09/23/02 MILLVILLE -- Most of the seats in the Millville City offices were filled at Thursday night's City Council meeting when a group of residents turned out to complain about noise and lighting ordinance violations by Silicone Plastics. /By Myrica Hawker

STATE OF THE UNIVERSITY:USU President Kermit Hall consults his notes Thursday while delivering the State of the University address in the Eccles Science and Learning Center. / Photo by Matt Stephens

USU needs to strengthen reputation, Hall says
09/13/02 LOGAN -- USU needs to strengthen its reputation and take better care of its faculty and students -- its greatest assets, President Kermit L. Hall told an overflow crowd of hundreds of faculty, students and community members at yesterday's annual State of the University address. / Matt Stephens

Cornish resident, town argue over whether she paid water bill
09/13/02 CORNISH -- Jordeane Dent says she paid her water bill, but the Cornish Town Council said Thursday she still owes about $60 in overdue payments. / By Justin Creech

Hyde Park mayor breaks tie, rejects ban on alcohol sales
09/11/02 HYDE PARK -- Mayor David Kooyman's tie-breaking vote in favor of a motion to reject the Hyde Park City alcohol ordinance as written, was met with applause Tuesday night at the council meeting. / By Jill Heffner

REMEMBERING: Two USU students take part in the vigil recalling the events of Sept. 11, 2002.

Overflow crowd chants, pickets against Powder Mountain resort
09/11/02 LOGAN -- A picket line formed outside the meeting room Tuesday with people shouting, "County Council, the choice ain't hard. No more ski resorts in our back yard." The sentiment inside was much the same. / By Toby G. Hayes

USU pushes for $5 million to up faculty salaries, improve student-teacher ratio
09/10/02 Utah State University's Faculty Senate heard some bleak budget talk from Provost Stan Albrecht Monday afternoon. "We are 22.7 percent behind peers on salary levels," Albrecht said, showing the senate the budget requests for 2003-2004. Budget requests are aimed at getting faculty compensation closer to that of peer institutions. / By Matt Stephens

Hyrum will get state help with library and post office
09/10/02 HYRUM -- Mayor Gordon M. Olson announced Thursday night the new Library and Post Office Building will be receiving money from state funding to continue its planning and building phases. "In the next appropriation round we will get you money for your library," Chris Campbell, assistant chief of staff, told Olson during his visit to Sen. Orrin Hatch's office two weeks ago. / By Ashley Stolworthy

Will Paradise find better cable service? Tune in same time, next week
09/10/02 PARADISE -- No ESPN "Sportscenter." No MTV. No reruns of "Press Your Luck." That is what life in front of the tube was like for residents of Paradise prior to the contract with AT&T Broadband. With the deal is about to expire, the council needs to decide if it wants to renew a contract to keep its city connected. / By Julie Ann Grosshans

Millville Council changes law governing water rights transfers
09/10/02 MILLVILLE -- Lack of sufficient water to satisfy the city's current and future needs resulted in a change to the city code at Thursday's council meeting. Landowners and developers will now be required to transfer water shares and/or pay fees to the city. / By Myrica Hawker

USU welcomes 17,000 students to Logan campus
09/06/02 Long lines, busy streets, mazes of concrete buildings and orange fences may be just a few reasons for the confusion and daunting fears that new and old students alike faced as Utah State University began fall semester Monday morning. / By Matt Stephens

Peeping Toms at USU? Here's help
09/06/02 Fanua Pikula, an education major at Utah State, got up in the middle of the night to switch off the light she'd forgotten to turn off in the bedroom of her basement apartment when she heard a noise. It sounded like someone had jumped off the porch, which was right next to her bedroom window, and was running off. / By Tiffany Erickson

Airport expansion threatens S&S Power Sports
09/06/02 NORTH LOGAN -- Expansion of the Logan-Cache airport may force one North Logan business to "restructure." / By Toby G. Hayes


PASTEL HUES: Just before a September sunrise, Cache Valley appears dreamlike in this view east from the base of the Wellsville Mountains. / Photo by Ted Pease

Cornish youth strive for Eagle Scout awards
09/30/02 CORNISH -- Tuesday evening five young men were at Cornish Park ripping out the horseshoe pits. They were not being rowdy teenagers; they were working on Jason Dorius's Eagle Scout project. / By Justin Creech

CAUGHT OFF GUARD: An early snow storm catches USU students off guard as they cross the quad on Tuesday./ Photo by Ted Pease

USU recreates Wright Brothers 1905 flyer
09/27/02 LOGAN -- On the 24th of August in 1902, the Wright brothers -- with perseverance, extensive research, state-of-the-art materials, an encouraging headwind and a little luck -- made aviation history with the first flight. / By Matt Stephens

USU veterinary science professor coaches rodeo team
WELLSVILLE -- Jeffrey O. Hall, associate professor and Utah State University rodeo team coach opens his home, and his horse stalls, to his team. / By Karina Fain

Smithfield finally about to get a new fire station
SMITHFIELD -- After nearly eight years of planning and waiting, the fire department's much-needed new station house is finally becoming a reality. Originally built in 1910 as a milk farm, Smithfield's current fire station is small and in need of endless repairs. / By Kelsie Clark

Chad Balagna, USU student, travels to the center of the Amazon
09/20/02 LOGAN -- Chad Balagna has backpacked in Europe and hiked all over the United States, fulfilling many of his dreams. The Utah State anthropology student has hiked and explored for years, and most of the time he is somewhat familiar with the area or has some sort of knowledge where he is going and what he is doing./ By Tiffany Erickson

BLACKHAWK UP: A U.S. Army Blackhawk helicopter takes off from the Quad Thursday afternoon as part of an R.O.T.C training lab. / Photo by Matt Stephens

Dutch tourists get ride of their lives from Cornish farmer
09/20/02 CORNISH -- It was just another day on the farm for Wade Wallace. The day seemed as normal as ever until he saw a white Ford Taurus driving up the steep hill toward him. As the car came to a stop, Wallace got down from the combine-harvester he was operating and said hello to two men he'd never seen before. / By Justin Creech

USU professor recreates Park City history
09/20/02 LOGAN -- A long-time Utah State faculty member has taken a step in preserving the history of Park City. / By Tiffany Erickson

Copters rattle the Quad
Thundering vibrations broke the afternoon quiet on USU's Quad recently, as the Army Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) conducted its weekly lab. / By Matt Stephens

Sauerkraut Festival gets canned during Providence storm
PROVIDENCE -- The annual Sauerkraut Festival was canceled after the parade because of bad weather, and will not be rescheduled. / By Roy Burton

Aggie comedy improv hopefuls leave 'em laughing at auditions
Intense competition, gut-wrenching stress, sweating palms and rolling laughter was all that could be ascertained from the crowd of students auditioning for Utah State's only comedy improvisation troupe, the "Improv-uh-bles." / By Matt Stephens


Aggies fall to Utes in fourth quarter
09/03/02 As the Utah State Aggies took the field against the University of Utah Utes Saturday night, they knew their work was cut out for them. The Ags faced one of the top defensive teams in the nation in front of 30,757 fans, the fourth-largest crowd ever in Romney Stadium. / By Doug Layne


See! See! Glass house by architect of Romney Stadium draws stares
09/23/02 When people drive by Gene Haycock's house, "I want them to wonder how that was built," he says. "You've never seen anything like it." / By Roy Burton


China's secret scourge: Racism inside the Great Wall
09/23/02 I used to think of racism as a scourge that plagued Western societies, and nations like South Africa still struggling against the prejudice left over from centuries of apartheid. After all, when the subject comes up over coffee, one hears talk of colonial-era injustices and how, even today, people of color must continually prove their worth in what some are calling the last days of a white world. / By Leon D'Souza

What you (and Mr. Bush) ought to know before attacking Iraq
09/23/02 The Quakers, among the world's most peaceful people, know that violence is not the only answer. They have six points to consider in lieu of war. / By Leon D'Souza

Stop, think! War with Iraq doesn't have to be imminent
09/19/02 How did we, the children of the 1960s and 1970s, who marched and sang "Give peace a chance," come to be overseeing a generation that seems to be just dying to -- well -- die? Where have we professors gone wrong? Have the movies and computer games that rip people's heads from their bodies so hardened them to what will happen if the United States goes to war again with Saddam? Where will these eager and bloodthirsty students end up -- perhaps dying or just spitting sand in a slit trench in the sand north of Kuwait? / By Ted Pease

English in China: An enthusiastic revolution
09/16/02 ZIBO, China -- That this system of learning English, though imperfect, works so well says a lot about the zealousness of the Chinese people. They want to learn, and they'll struggle and stare and shake their heads in frustration saying, "Wo Bu Dong" (I don't understand), but in the end, almost miraculously, they'll learn. / by Leon D'Souza

Washington's call for war in Iraq demonstrates the arrogance of power
09/10/02 Why is it that no other country agrees with Bush's view? Why is it that so many of our own military leaders, past and present, think that is a lousy idea? Why is it that so many of the people who advised Bush Sr. during his presidency disagree? Who is really an outlaw nation? / By Mike Bullock


Continuity with another Aggie in the family

Two days ago my wife dropped off my incoming freshman daughter at the USU Valley View Tower dormatory. Not ever having to live away from her Salem, Ore., home, the size and scope of USU, plus the thought of having to exist in a closet-like cubicle surrounded by strangers brought a knot to her stomach, which then prompted the basic animal instinct to flee. Over the cell phone I told my wife, "Don't let her back in the car!"

Months leading up to her trip to Logan, I tried to soften the impact of leaving home by telling her that my USU experiences of over 30 years ago were among the best of my life, and that she'll "love" USU and Logan. It never occurred to me that the Utah State of the 1960s, where there were only 8,000 students and the major focus of the campus revolved around the old buildings fringing the "Quad," had now grown markedly to become a sprawling complex of considerable magnitude, and with a student population of over 22,000. After Maryah's jaw retracted to normal and having survived her initial shell shock, the next day went from paralytic lost confusion to "Hey, this is a pretty cool place, and I like the people." I thought that's fortunate for her because the Grand Cherokee was already hoofing its way back to Oregon.

In my last phone call Iinformed her that the Aggies will be playing University of Utah in Logan on Aug. 31 and it's a game she shouldn't miss. She asked if that was a "big deal." I said, "Yeah, it is," and then told her, "Go to the game and you'll know what I mean." I asked her, "By the way, have you been over to Old Main yet?" Her reply, "Old Main, what's that?" I then said, "I'll call you back in a few days after you get into the swing of things."

Her final comment was, "Dad, I hear Fredrico's is still in business." I thought, whew! , CONTINUITY ! Thank heavens, some things do remain the same."

Bill McKinley

(class of '68)

Salem, Ore.



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