April 2003



What's the worst way to be surveyed? Student's survey says . . .
04/25/03 Dan Phelps admits that before if he saw someone with a clipboard in the mall or on the street, he would have ignored him. But now he's a little more sympathetic. / By Jasmine Michaelson

Hearing set on sex abuse charges
04/25/03 A Hyrum resident made his first appearance in 1st District Court Tuesday, facing charges of child sexual abuse and sexual battery of a 44-year old woman. / By Mark LaRocco

Paradise mulls installing earthquake monitor
04/23/03 PARADISE -- In the event of an earthquake, responses by search and rescue crews could be faster and better directed thanks to a new monitoring device. / By Landon Olson

Open windows, unlocked doors invite intruders, police warn
04/21/03 LOGAN -- Along with budding trees, green grass and singing birds, the warming weather has also brought on the frequency of open windows and unlocked doors that welcome intruders. / By Tiffany Erickson

Millville works for community program recognition
04/21/03 MILLVILLE -- Mayor Gale Hall and the City Council, in conjunction with a statewide rural development program, are working toward establishing Millville City as one of Utah's 21st Century Communities. / By Hilary Judd

Millville residents get dumpster service for spring clean-up
04/21/03 MILLVILLE -- A breath of "spring cleaning" fresh air whirls around the greening landscapes of Millville, and the city's decided it doesn't want to be left with the dust--literally. / By Hilary Judd

Letting the dog out proves costly for owner
04/21/03 An unlocked gate caused a long duration of havoc for a local pet owner. When Wanda Anderson forgot to lock her gate, her dog got out and attacked another dog. / By Jamie Karras

Council considers what to do with Wellsville's extra water
04/21/03 WELLSVILLE -- The City Council wants to start using its own water, but can't until some confusing issues are cleared up. / By Jacob Moon

Millville picks queen and her court for the year
04/21/03 MILLVILLE -- Royal tradition continues in the Millville, as seven senior girls honorably accept and share the service opportunities and community involvement associated with the coveted crowns of Millville's 2003 City Royalty. / By Hilary Judd

Pay Paradise firefighters? Town council counts the ways
04/21/03 PARADISE -- Firefighters are proud to be unpaid volunteers -- and want things to stay that way. / By Landon Olson

A-Day, from A to Zoom!: Shannon Crook, a Kerns High School student, slides head first down an inflatable slide that was on the QUAD for A-Day. The event featured booths, a Ping-Pong toss, parachuters, clubs, merchants, and live bands. / Photo by Amy Fuller

City blocks come in standard sizes now in Mendon
04/21/03 MENDON -- Is revision needed in Mendon? Commissioners set out to revise a subdivision ordinance to set the standard for the length of city blocks Wednesday night at Mendon's Planning and Zoning meeting. / By Jamie Karras

Good intentions creating political mess, department head says in 'Last Lecture'
04/18/03 According to Dr. Randy Simmons' Grandpa Jake, "People are just no damn good." But Simmons begs to differ. / By Jasmine Michaelson and Skeeter Ellison

Police investigate massage complaint
04/18/03 Logan City Police Department responded to a call Monday from the Arkana Salon, when one of the massage therapists complained that a customer had exposed himself to her. / By Kelly Dunn

Hyde Park schedules public hearing for Monday on senior citizen housing
04/18/03 HYDE PARK - An ordinance that the City Council has been plugging away at for the last six years has been pushed forward to a second public hearing. / By Tiffany Erickson

Traffic stop produces felony drug arrest
04/18/03 A routine traffic stop for a Logan man on Sunday ended in an exposed felony warrant in connection with the sale of marijuana. / By Rachel Jefferies

HOSANNA: Members of First Presbyterian Church celebrate Palm Sunday with a parade from Logan High School to their church on Center Street. Two donkeys led the way and the congregation followed with song and waving palm leaves, commemorating Jesus' arrival in Jerusalem. Some members dressed in costume, choir members dressed in white robes and others just carried palm leaves. Pastor John Cushman is at far right. / Photo by Amy Fuller

Easter fun starts Saturday in Paradise
04/18/03 PARADISE -- It may not be as big as Trout and Berry Days, the town's annual celebration, but Easter certainly isn't ignored in Paradise. / By Landon Olson

Providence youth council sponsors Easter egg hunt
04/18/03 PROVIDENCE -- The future leadership of Providence is taking shape. The 31 members of this year's Youth City Council have already begun taking part in service activities around the city. They will hold an Easter egg hunt at 10 a.m. Saturday at Zollinger Park, 50 N. 200 West. All children 10 and younger are invited to attend. / By Marie MacKay

Hyrum may get Family Dollar store by September
04/16/03 HYRUM -- The Planning and Zoning Commission sent on a recommendation to the Hyrum City Council, with a seal of approval for the site plan for a new Family Dollar store to be built in Hyrum. / By Kelly Dunn

Hyde Park, Smithfield explore sharing city services
04/16/03 SMITHFIELD -- Laughter and high spirits were the tone of a meeting between the Smithfield and Hyde Park city councils last Thursday at the Senior Citizens Center in Smithfield. / By Traci Fowler

North Logan OKs hospital expansion
04/15/03 NORTH LOGAN -- New development plans for the city are in the works, with the Planning Commission's approval of an orthopedic facility and support of a possible 60-lot subdivision plan. / By Rachel Jefferies

Smithfield considers budget ups and downs
04/15/03 SMITHFIELD -- Ask City Manager James P. Gass what he thinks of Smithfield's budget and he'll tell you it's in pretty good shape amidst the current economic troubles other cities are experiencing. / By Traci Fowler

Anti-Mormon group takes its message to edges of General Conference
04/11/03 The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints held its 173rd Annual General Conference last weekend despite the gloomy weather and group of anti-Mormon protesters who were just outside the Conference Center of Salt Lake City. / By Skeeter Ellison

Nobel lecturer: William N. Lipscomb, Harvard University Emeritus Professor and former Nobel Prize winning chemist (1976), spoke Wednesday afternnon in the Eccles Science Learning Center about allosteric enzymes. Lipscomb was invited to speak for the Hansen seminar in chemisty and biochemistry to honor the memory of R. Gaurth Hansen, a former Academic Vice President and professor at USU. / Photo by Amy Fuller

Logan police looking for biting dog
04/11/03 LOGAN -- Animal Control is searching for a dog, last seen at Wilson Elementary School Tuesday after it left visible bite puncture wounds on the right ankle of a seven year-old boy. / By Hilary Judd

Animal control officers never run out of work in Logan
04/11/03 LOGAN -- An injured crow, cats chasing birds at a feeder and a request for traps are just a few of the incidents an animal control officer may have to deal with in a day. / By Landon Olson

Just-Spring, and Logan is mud-lucious: The pink tulips blooming on the Quad announce the arrival of our favorite season. / Photo by Nancy Williams

River Heights tells opera company to clean up its act
04/10/03 RIVER HEIGHTS --The City Council gave a stern reminder Tuesday evening to the Utah Festival Opera to make its property look nicer, due to residents' complaints. / By Mark LaRocco

No junk cars allowed, says Paradise
04/09/03 PARADISE -- Property owners storing unregistered or junk cars on their land better be willing to remove them or pay the consequences. / By Landon Olson

NPR reporter to comes to USU to discuss news, radio, public discourse in troubled times
04/08/03 When Nelson Mandela was released from his South African prison in 1990 after 27 years, Renée Montagne was there. On April 17, Montagne comes to Utah State University to reflect on that and other journalistic experiences, and to help Utah Public Radio celebrate its 50th birthday. / By the USU department of journalism and communication

Award-winning philosopher sees God's hand in the path that led to humans
04/08/03 Many scientists believe that God is the meaning of life, not in any way the actual driving force behind it. But according to Dr. Holmes Rolston III, who spoke to students and professors at USU Friday afternoon, they are wrong. / By Jasmine Michaelson

LDS CONFERENCE: Volunteeres, above, at the LDS Conference center, sort headsets during conference. The headsets belong to translation units. Conference is translated into 58 different languages. The units are rented from a company in Seattle. / Photos by Amy Fuller-Utah Statesman

Millville decides to 'bask' in absence of water worries
04/07/03 MILLVILLE -- Concerns over water conservation--and resulting increased rates--aren't major threats to Millville yet, said City Maintenance Director Gary Larsen, crediting the luxury to planning and system improvements. / By Hilary Judd

Hyrum's new law governs sexually oriented businesses
04/07/03 HYRUM -- An increase in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), criminal activity and prostitution were all discussed in association with a new ordinance passed at the Hyrum City Council meeting Thursday. / By Kelly Dunn

Journalism students win awards, protest disqualification of TV entries
04/04/03 Utah State University journalism students won 13 awards in the annual Mark of Excellence Awards competition at the Society of Professional Journalists regional convention in Cedar City. / By the USU department of journalism and communication

Millville Youth Council sworn in, organizes Easter celebration
04/04/03 MILLVILLE -- Eight names, plus their owners' signatures, were added to the official roster of the Millville City Youth Council Wednesday as City Recorder Rose Mary A. Jones swore in and welcomed the new members. / By Hilary Judd

Paradise plans what to do if disaster strikes
04/04/03 PARADISE -- In the event of a disaster, Fire Chief Troy Fredrickson wants to be prepared. / By Landon Olson

Wellsville vows to debug with mosquito abatement district
04/04/03 WELLSVILLE -- If all goes as planned, mosquitoes in the valley won't be bugging residents as badly next year. / By Jacob Moon

FOR THE TROOPS: Sarah Burningham, a freshman aerospace engineer major at Utah State University, washes a car Saturday morning in the Lee's parking lot in Smithfield. Around 40 volunteers, at three locations, volunteered their time and raised over $900 to help in sending care packages to the troops fighting in the Middle East. There were stations at Wal-mart and Crystal Inn as well. / Photo by Amy Fuller

TROOP SUPPORT: Two men show support for the troops fighting in the Middle East Saturday morning on the corner of 14th and Main. / Photo by Amy Fuller

Stick to facts and be aware of morale, Cronkite urges war journalists
04/03/03 "I considered it my job to tell the people what it looked like. Cable coverage today seems to be indulging in entertainment instead of information," former CBS anchorman Walter Cronkite said in a satellite seminar. / By Skeeter Ellison

Cache Community Connections calls for compassion, acceptance during time of war
04/03/03 Cache Valley's Muslims won't be hassled by bigots -- not if Cache Community Connections has anything to say about it. / By Jasmine Michaelson

Mendon plans to relocate historic buildings to town square
04/01/03 MENDON -- The town square is soon to be the new home of historic cabins that were originally built by early settlers of Mendon back in the 1870s. / By Jamie Karras


A couple of kids: Kai Ellison gets up close Saturday with a baby goat at Baby Animals Day at the American West Heritage Center. Scores of parents took their small children to visit the crop of newborns that greeted spring. / Photo by Skeeter Ellison

Baby animals draw thousands of visitors to Heritage Center
04/23/03 WELLSVILLE -- Kids carrying kids -- the baby goat, that is. This seemed to be the theme for Baby Animal Day, an event sponsored by the American West Heritage Center. The center was packed last weekend with people who wanted to pet the baby animals and see an old-fashioned farm up close. / By Jacob Moon

He earned more as a janitor, but teacher finds other rewards in fourth grade
04/23/03 Mr. Earl instructs the class to work through the rest of the division problems from the math lesson as he takes a seat at his desk in the front corner of his classroom. / By Brett Willyerd

Brayden Anderson displays his wrestling medals at his Hyde Park home. / Photo by Tiffany Erickson

Brayden Anderson wrestles his way to recognition
04/21/03 HYDE PARK -- He is a shy and timid 10-year-old who attends Greenville Elementary, but when Brayden Anderson gets on a wrestling mat, all that timidity disappears. / By Tiffany Erickson

USU's Museum of Anthropology comes up from the cellar, into the light
04/21/03 Special to the Hard News Café The USU Museum of Anthropology has gone from a few dusty cases of artifacts in the basement hallway of the Old Main Building to a well-rounded and inviting museum receiving thousands of visitors each year.

NASA co-op and USU grad student Brandon Boone stepped up when NASA said "We need you." / Photo by Amy Fuller

NASA calls public relations master's student, and he answers
04/11/03 NASA has a pet name for Utah State University: "Utah Space University." / By Jasmine Michaelson

Living with dyslexia creates whole new recipe for understanding the world
04/04/03 Baking a Betty Crocker cake-in-a-box may seem like a simple task. Yvette Mitchell clearly remembers four years ago, when she spent an afternoon with her grandson, Zack, who was13 at the time. The two decided to bake a cake, something that grandma knew would not be easy. / By Debra Crowther

'A Little Something' gets a little bigger
04/03/03 LOGAN – She is a mom, a chef, a florist and now an entrepreneur, but Laura Wolford’s vision for a retail store in Logan has boomed beyond even her expectations./ By Toby G. Hayes



A day in the life of a stay-at-home dad
04/07/03 March 4, 2003: At 7 a.m. Jon Youngblood listens quietly in the hallway next to his son, Jack's, bedroom. Jack talks to himself every morning, when he just wakes up, in baby babble.
"This is what I look forward to every morning," Jon says. / By Jill Heffner


Getting hip to HIPAA
04/08/03 New medical privacy rules set up specific procedures for requesting access to patient records, amendments to medical records, and confidential communications from a physician's office or health plan. They will affect everyone, from the news media to family members of patients. / By Les Roka

'What's the score?' Media 'sportspeak' coverage trivializes reality of Iraq war
04/10/03 Ever since 9/11, the customary description of sports events in the language of war has seemed particularly repulsive. Nevertheless, sportscaster still have teams "blitzing" and "throwing bombs," and games still end in "sudden death." / By Robert Lipsyte, reprinted with permission

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Dyslexia misunderstood
04/11/03 I was very disappointed in the article on dyslexia. I have dyslexia myself and was diagnosed at the end of third grade in the '70s. The outcome for people with dyslexia is quite good. All forms can be overcome and treated at any age.

Several of the methods for treating dyslexia in the article have been proved ineffective since the '70s.

Millions of people with dyslexia go to college after treatment and never have a problem again. The problem is that we let people who are not dyslexia experts, such as many teachers, tell parents what they should do. These people are ill-equipped to make the diagnosis and even more ill-equipped to provide treatment. Disorders of Learning in Childhoodis the definitive book on dyslexia. It is wriiten by Dr. Archie Silva and Dr. Rosa Hagin. They discovered the disorder and they know how to treat it. The author of your article might want to read it.

--Shira King



Pencil drawing: student's silent order of black and white amid noisy world
04/25/03 The light was on, the KSL 1160 host was reading updated traffic reports, Bush was on TV talking about his war and the group Bon Jovi was crying out its anger on the CD player. In all this chaos, Kirstyn Draper, a self-proclaimed "pencil drawing maniac," started her work. "I need all those sounds to push me forward." / By Wenlan Xu

What is art? An ordinary gum wrapper captures the light (but not a critic's imagination)
04/23/03 Art student Chandra Smith pondered the assignment. So what was so commonplace that it would be thrown to the trash heap under ordinary circumstances, but still possessed an absorbing quality when blown up larger than life? Smith didn't know until she had her "eureka" moment. / By Leon D'Souza

30-hour work sessions (!!) and gallons of Dr Pepper pay off as student wins spot in one of USU's toughest programs
04/23/03 It's not unusual for Shelby Castleton to arrive at the Interior Design Studio at 8 a.m. on Monday. And leave at 2 p.m. on Tuesday. / By Callie Taggart

Mini opus: Children from North Park Elementary School in North Logan perform Three Billy Goats Gruff on Wednesday at Ellen Eccles Theater. The schoolchildren created the backdrop, sang, and acted their operatic rendition of the fable. / Photo by Jill Heffner

Cache Valley crooner named Utah's 'American Idol'
04/15/03 Vern Mortensen--Cache Valley's most recent celebrity--owns the title of Utah's Very Own American Idol, following a first-place finish in the talent-seeking contest's final round April 11. / By Hilary Judd





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