November 1999


The winning USU public relations team gathers around their award in Salt Lake City. Left to right are students Scott Teichert, Leslie Jensen, Ted Wright, Nicole Rasmussen, Cameron White, Carrie Saunders, and instructor Robyn Kratzer. / Photo by Ted Pease

USU students win 'Golden Spike' award in Utah media professionals competition
A USU student public relations agency competes with the big dogs in a professional PR competition -- and wins. The student group, which calls itself NextCom Public Relations, won for a comprehensive media campaign for Logan's economic development office. / By the USU communication department

Hyrum council starts preparing for growth, jobs, economics of 21st century
Hyrum will have a little help moving into the 21st century thanks to a program the city voted to join at last week's City Council meeting.

Winger's poised to snag restaurant beer license in North Logan
Meeting for the first time in the city library, North Logan's City Council voted 3-1 to approve a "letter of consent" for a beer license for Winger's restaurant at 2281 N. Main St.

Hyde Park stresses that its options are open on North Logan library
A decision to share ownership of North Logan's new library is not yet finalized. The City Council discussed options at its Nov. 11 meeting.

Mendon council debates cost and return of supporting Bridgerland Ice Arena
If Mendon decided to join Providence, River Heights, Logan and Hyrum in the ice rink project, it could cost the city $873 a year for 10 years, said ice arena representative Janet Borg. Although that may not seem like much, Mayor Sid Larsen was cautious about jumping on the ice arena band wagon.

'The Missing Fires,' a video about the role of prescribed burning in an ecosystem, has American debut
Darren McAvoy says he expects the video to be shown at the visitor centers at national parks and national forests. He also hopes for showings to high school classes and on television. McAvoy, who entered the master's degree program in communicatio in 1997 with no background in journalism, learned how to write, shoot and digitally edit a film.

Public relations web site co-founded by USU alum is rated No. 1
The PR Network is the leader among Internet portals catering to public relations and communications professionals, according to the latest independent traffic ratings from Alexa Internet, a subsidiary of

Hyrum starts Neighborhood Watch, commits money to ice rink
Even if the new Neighborhood Watch signs do not deter criminals, they will serve as reminders to Hyrum residents to be aware and watch for crimes or suspicious behavior.

Reluctant candidates win seats on Paradise council as write-ins
Both Karen Rinderknecht and Cole Evans have been on the council for 13 years and had not planned on running this year. Each wanted to devote more time to family and allow someone else the opportunity. But that's not what happened.

For at least several months, Hyde Park residents can use the North Logan library
Hyde Park will pay North Logan $15,000 for temporary use, and this money is intended to be used for a library maintenance worker. By July 1, North Logan expects a decision from Hyde Park about whether it would like just a user agreement or part ownership.

Nibley hearing on grant for water line isn't exactly packed
Only one resident showed up for Thursday's public hearing on a Community Development Block Grant.

Sue and be sued -- both possible as River Heights faces de-annexation, zoning
If the City Council goes through with a change in zoning, Don Fisher says he'll sue, and if Jim Lundhal proceeds with a de-annexation, River Heights may sue.

Animal control policy called a potential 'black hole' in Smithfield
Issues concerning the management of stray cats and dogs sparked discussion among the council, after a report of 12 puppies left on a resident's doorstep last month.

Providence candidates meet, greet potential voters before Tuesday's election
The candidates were given time at last week's City Council meeting to introduce themselves and tell residents in attendance of their reasons for seeking council seats.

Paradise gives an election but needs candidates
Karen Rinderknecht and Cole Evans have both served previous terms on the City Council, and with no names on the ballot at this year's election they may be serving another.


The aspens turn gold and the sage faintly lavender near Temple Fork in Logan Canyon. / Photo by USU communication department.

THE LOGAN CANYON: A special series of stories by an advanced USU news-feature writing class

Clamber up the red conglomerate. Jump in the arctic-cold streams or the ponds behind the dams. Pant up the Jardine Juniper Trail. Gently poke the "hairy arm pitted" bugs, and sample the wood's rose, if you know what you're doing. . . but be sure to avoid the death camas. Enjoy the camping and fishing and rock climbing, and see if you can count to 13 moose. And above all, marvel at how a U.S. highway puts it all within minutes of your doorstep. The students of COMM 3110, "Beyond the Inverted Pyramid," share with you the results of their many interviews, research trips and observations.

Problems of Y2K: spelling, Pokemon and Al Gore
If the $1 million question to ABC's Who Wants to Be a Millionaire was "What is the correct spelling for the term we use when referring to 1000 years?," my bet is 99 percent of the contestants would miss it. / A commentary by Dan Chase.

Dark, cold Halloween night perfect for 'trunk-or-treat' in Paradise
The streets of Paradise aren't well-lighted, and the homes are far apart. What to do, what to do?


Aggies look for more of that tough Maui defense against Northern Arizona
(11/30/99) USU (3-1) is coming off a successful Maui Invitational showing, which saw it take sixth-ranked University of Florida to the limit before losing in the final minute. Then USU beat host Chaminade University, as well as PAC-10 opponent University of Southern California. NAU is next, Tuesda
y night. / By Wade Denniston

Demario Brown needs only 40 yards against North Texas to be No. 1
(11/23/99) Coming off a huge game against Nevada, Brown is on the verge of setting the career USU rushing recor

Jorssen, Rolle pace victory in basketball opener against Simon Fraser
(11/18/99) The Utah State University men's basketball team began its season with a 78-57 victory Saturday night at the Spectrum, but Aggie head coach Stew Morrill wasn't too pleased with his team's performan

USU sweeps Nevada in three games to notch a volleyball championship
(11/16/99) The victory, which set an attendance record, not only sets up a rematch with the University of Pacific, but the Aggies also set a record for most conference wins with 11.

Newcomer Shawn Daniels scores 20 in leading USU past Global Sports
(11/08/99) Who can fill the big shoes of Donnie Johnson and Pharoah Davis? How about the California junior whom Street & Smith's college basketball magazine picked as the top newcomer in the Big West Conference this seas

USU basketball team short, young and untested
(11/08/99) The Aggies handled a Global Sports team in exhibition last week, but big questions remain. How good can they be when nine players have no Division 1-A playing time, and the other four have a year? An analysis by writer Wade Denniston, with quotes from head coach Stew Morr

Aggies' Emmett White leads the nation in punt returns
(11/05/99) The sophomore from Ogden averages 18.1 yards per return. How long has it been since an Aggie was No. 1 in the United States in a football statistical catego

Hard for the arrogant, hairy Braves to play when they're holding their throats
(11/01/99) Writer Dan Chase is a National League fan, but it's hard to root for the Atlanta Braves when they choke time after time in the World Series. A commentar

Brown's 239 yards are the only treat for Aggies in loss to Boise State
(11/01/99) Halloween came a day early for the USU football team, which got tricks instead of treats against BSU and lost 33-27.


Hunting brings home the 'real' organic meat, and eating it puts you closer to nature
(11/30/99) There is a lot of talk these days about being one with the earth and the animals, a human urge to be close with nature. I can't think of anything that brings humans closer to nature than hunting. Hunting puts you in nature as a predator, something humans have been for a long long time. You are part of life and death, not just an observer. Which brings us back to why man started hunting-food. Hunting is a recreational activity that has tangible benefits. / By Paul Kendall

AIDS from chimps? Not likely, if you look at the evidence
(11/30/99) In recognition of World AIDS Day, this commentary examines the facts and myths about the origins of a terrible disease. / By Reid Furniss

In the seas of ignorance, monster waves swamp rational thought
(11/30/99) On the oceans of human consciousness, there are "white seas" of belief that pile up and sweep everything before them. In belief, the mind and heart hold obsessively to a particular idea, long after there is evidence to the contrary. Among the most powerful and destructive are "waves of belief" about disease. Health is an emotional, often frightening subject for most people -- the nexus of life and death for all of us. Unlike "white seas" found in nature, however, the monster thought-waves can be pushed high by misinformation. / An essay framing World AIDS Day by Reid Furniss

Hawaii deserves to rule its own destiny as a sovereign nation
(11/30/99) Hawaiian Sovereignty is best described by Hawaiian activist Poka Laenui. He says it is deep and wide like the Pacific Ocean. It is deep in the many generations and time it has been brewing. It is wide in the many people it covers living all the over the world. It is something that has been part of my life for the last six years. / By Julie Sulunga

A truck speeds through a red light at 1400 North and Main streets in Logan. / Photo by Dan Chase.

Whatever your hurry as you speed through a red light, is it worth killing someone?
(11/18/99) The other day I was returning home after taking my wife to work, and a car, chuck full of high school kids, was following me. After the driver figured out I was keeping the speed limit and obeying the law, he thought I'd maybe speed up if he tailgated me. Wrong. / By Dan Chase

'Herstory' in Logan weaves many threads, many voices
(11/11/99) A group of women meeting inspires a freedom and openness that exists only when men are not present. Not that there is anything wrong with men, only that something special happens when only women are present. Especially when potlucks are involved. / By Lizzy Scully


What is the message of 'Messenger?' Root for the flames at the end
Even Milla Jovovich's European good looks fail to make The Messenger worth seeing. Viewers of this film will hardly walk away with a history lesson. / By Paul Kendall

'Much Ado About Nothing' will jitterbug in USU's 1940s version
Utah State Theatre combines Shakespeare, the 1940s and Christmas in this adaptation of one of the Bard's merriest romantic comedies. Performances begin Dec. 2.

Great vocals and a believable Audrey II highlight 'Little Shop'
Colorful, morbid and hilarious. These three words sum up Utah State Theatre's performance of Little Shop of Horrors. / By Heather Fredrickson


Stuck on campus this Turkey Day? Angie's will feed you for free
Angie's has been providing a free (that's right, free) traditional Thanksgiving dinner for six years. Owner Saboor Sahely, a USU graduate, made Logan his home, and says that he does this in appreciation to those who helped him become what he is today. / By Jessica Warren

Club Axis in Salt Lake City reopens after tornado with impressive new touches
The Aug. 11 tornado tore off the roof and destroyed some of the equipment. Now, as the club reopens, patrons will see the new 30-foot disco ball that had to be installed through the ceiling because it was too large to fit through any of the doors. / By Julie Sulunga

Trout are calling experts and novices to Willow Springs in southern Cache
11/15/99 Until the early '90s these fertile waters were producing trout for restaurants and private ponds. After a series of closures due to contagious fish diseases, Grant White decided it was time to restore the trout farm into a world-class fishing destination. Now it's famous enough to attract fishermen such as PGA golfer Fuzzy Zoell
er. / By Paul Kendall

Grasshoppers, moisture have pheasant hunters eager for start of season
11/04/99 The explosive flush of a rooster and watching a good dog work are just two of the many things that will get hunters out of bed Nov. 6. Before they decide where to go, they should know that Cache Valley is expected to be full of pheasants, thanks to optimal conditions earlier this year. / By Paul Kendall


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