July 2000


FIRE ON THE MOUNTAIN: Bird blamed for blaze 10 times the size of last summer's
07/29/00 Sixty- to 80-foot flames leaping from the west face of mountains north of Logan Canyon lighted the night sky Friday after a bird flew into a power line Friday afternoon, according to the U.S. Forest Service. / By Heather Fredrickson

Time to relax: A sunset in nothern New Mexico is simple but sublime in this photograph taken off the back porch by USU journalism professor Nancy Williams. Hey, Nancy, we have nice sunsets in Utah, too.

Logan Golf and Country Club clamping down on canal floaters
07/25/00 Logan Golf and Country Club has discouraged the use of the canal that runs through their property. A sign has been posted near the canal that restricts access for anyone wanting to float down the canal through the golf course. / By Maggon Osmond

School of Graduate Studies names dean at USU
07/25/00 Thomas Kent has been named dean of the School of Graduate Studies at Utah State University. His appointment is effective Jan. 1, 2001. / By USU Media Relations & Marketing

USU to host Small Satellite Conference
07/18/00 The 14th Annual Conference on Small Satellites will be held at Utah State University on Aug. 21-24. The conference draws participants from around the world wanting to explore the continually changing and updating world of space technology. / By Maggon Osmond

Black Death bacteria confirmed in southern Utah, but risk is called low
07/18/00 The plague bacteria recently found in rural Utah is in fact, the same "Black Death" that devastated England and much of continental Europe in the 1300s. / By Maggon Osmond

Fines put USU students on hold for graduation
07/13/00 Students are learning that a packet hold could be placed on a student's records if certain issues are left unsettled. A packet hold can prevent a student from registering for classes, receiving their diploma and having transcripts sent to various places. / By Kimberly Barraclough

Free Fourth is good, but Utah Symphony and fireworks make it better
07/05/00 SUGARHOUSE PARK -- What a bargain. As the sun slowly hid itself behind the mountains, the radio station announced the night's long-awaited fireworks show and blasted the audience with more of patriotic music as the sky lit up with an incredible display of colors. / By Heather Campbell


Boats enter the water at the Snake River at the start of the HITE therapy trip. / Photo by Jonas Manuel

Cool, clear Wyoming water a form of therapy for victims of rape and domestic violence
07/25/00 SNAKE RIVER, Wyo. -- Women who have suffered extreme trauma benefit not only from counseling but also relaxing in the great outdoors. "This is exactly what I needed," said one woman floating down the Snake River. / By Jonas Manuel

Hide the plastic coolers! Mountain Men strive for authenticity
07/25/00 ESTERBROOK, Wyo. -- Men in buckskins and breechclouts, moccasins and fur hats dominated traders row when this small Wyoming town sprouted 650 canvas structures last week. The town had a wine saloon at one end. The rest of the street had various shops and places to eat and drink. The other end of the street had a store featuring items from Scotland. / By Bryce Atkins

Cannon, fireworks, traffic make a noisy July 24
07/25/00 OGDEN -- The New American Symphony Orchestra, which combined with cannon explosions and fiery blasts in the sky, welcomed Pioneers Day at Weber State. The orchestra was set up on the duck pond with loudspeakers for most to hear. / By Bryce Atkins

Festival of the American West returns to Wellsville
07/25/00 The Festival of the American West, opening Friday, features a Native American village, mountain men rendezvous, military encampment, pioneer settlement, heritage craft demonstrators, cowboy shoot-out, medicine show, entertainment, and lots of food. / By Maggon Osmond

Jeannie Thomas of the USU English department makes bubbles with Barbie in her office. / Photo by Hiroshi Kita

Students' memories of Barbie lead to folklore studies of this top (and top-heavy) doll
07/20/00 Jeannie Thomas doesn't say anything as she shows off her latest acquisition: Working Woman Barbie. The little plastic doll does all the talking. "Saving money is smart! Today is payday! I have e-mail! I can't wait to go dancing with Ken!" squeaks Barbie, as Thomas gleefully presses the button that makes her speak. / By Sally H.N. Wright

Furs, bricks, pioneers shaped Wellsville
07/20/00 Wellsville, originally called Maughn's Fort, made some of the country's best brick. Find out more about this little town tucked in a corner of the valley, as Utah prepares to celebrates its pioneers. / By Kim Barraclough

USU classes a big hit with Sun City folks
07/18/00 Imagine going to courses for a week during the summer, with no pressure of grades or tests, just because you like to learn. That is what hundreds of "Sun City" folks -- mostly retirees leaving the brutish heat of Arizona's summer -- do during their summer in Cache Valley. / By Ryan White

Most people like to avoid conflicts, but Terry Messmer, a wildlife professor at Utah State University, looks for them
07/11/00 He doesn't look for an argument or a fight, but rather for conflicts between humans and animals, or animals and animals. / By Eric Buchanan

It's hot and dry now, but the bobsled run will be plenty white and cold in 2002. / Photo by Heather Cambell

Gold medals and gondolas tour gives a peek at Olympic site
07/06/00 While a 6:45 a.m. departure time does not appeal to most, a guided tour, a gondola ride, and the chance to watch some olympic jumpers, sparked the interests of quite a few as the latest of the Travel Utah tours, "Gold Medals and Gondolas," sent this group out to the almost-famous, Olympic town, Park City. / By Heather Campbell

Vintage cars come in vintage colors at the Cruise-In. / Photo by Heather Campbell

Cache Valley Cruise-In brings in the old as well as the new
07/06/00 With more variety than ever this year's event featured hot rods of all types and sizes with everything from an old police car, to a very fancy hearse. / By Heather Campbell

Assyrians, Simpsons, a fistful of rings ... Professor Damen a bundle of interests, energy
07/06/00 Society deserves The Simpsons? According to Mark Damen, 1998 Utah Carnegie Professor of the Year, it most certainly does. "The Simpsons is such a great deconstruction of modern society," he said. "No one comes off well in the Simpsons. I relax because I know my own views will be attacked, along with everyone else's." / By Leah L. Culler

Indian paintbrush, in a University of Texas burnt orange, line the trail and the edge of High Creek near the Idaho border. Click the photo or the link below for more. / Photo by Mike Sweeney

Wildflowers of High Creek: A photo essay
07/03/00 Wildflowers are carpeting the high trails in Cache County in their annual celebration of the end of snow cover and the start of long summer days. Check out the Indian paintbrush and yellow monkeyflower. / By Mike Sweeney


The Utah College of Massage Therarpy gives runners some instant relief after the finish of the Deseret News Marathon on Monday. / Photo by Ryan White

Celebrating a long walk to Utah with a long run in the hot sun
The Deseret News Marathon on July 24, Utah's Pioneers Day, drew participants from as far away as Illinois and Texas. At the end of the more than 26 miles were family and friends to give support, and massage therapists to give relief. / By Ryan White

WAY OVER PAR: Keep the driver in the bag at Logan River
Logan River Golf Course is one of the best-kept golf secrets in Utah. The prices are reasonable and the course is always in great condition. And the used golf balls in the pro shop are a mere $6 a dozen . . . which you will understand more clearly after playing a few holes. The water hazards at Logan River are full of the errant shots of overconfident yahoos. / By Brett Lundahl

Big dates in Aggie football for summer practice and the fall season
USU has annouced key dates for Aggie football through summer.

Aggie basketball team to participate in Alaska Tournament
The Aggies will play in Alaska in November and face Air Force and Cornell in non-conference games, according to the 2000-2001 schedule released this week. UPDATED TUESDAY WITH THE COMPLETE LIST OF HOME AND AWAY GAMES.

Extra inning affair for Cache Valley rivals
PROVIDENCE--After pounding the Smithfield Blue Sox by 19 runs at Richard V. Hansen Park (on June 27), the Wolverines knew they'd be in for a tougher battle once the two teams squared off again.


Summer is the season for road construction
Summer has brewed and stewed until its activities have reached a boiling point. The sizzle of the barbeque, the laughter and splash of pools, the rat-tat-tat of a jack hammer and the curse of road construction crews, ah the sounds of summer. A symphony of construction has erupted recently on the streets of Logan. / By Rachel Marberger


World-class Dutch oven contest to revive old times, old tastes
The aroma of chicken, potatoes and cobblers cooking over an open campfire will draw people from many states to one of the major events in Cache Valley. The World Championship Dutch Oven Cookoff will be at Jensen Historical Farm on Aug. 5. / By Kimberly Barraclough

Wildflowers at 9,000 feet: At the crest of the White Pine Trail, wildflowers such as these mules-ears are going wild, carpeting the ground. The mountain in the background, called Magog, rises above White Pine Lake, a jewel that is a 90-minute walk from the parking lot at Tony Grove. Can't get enough wildflowers or mountain air? Click the photo for more pictures. / Photo by Mike Sweeney

LDS church applauds ruling on gay Scout leaders, but other Utah clergy differ
"The point of The Boys Scouts of America is to be able to make their own choices," said Dave Rudie a district scout leader in Cache Valley and member of the LDS church. "To force anything upon them is wrong." That's a common LDS reaction to the recent Supreme Court ruling that lets the Scouts ban gay leaders. / By Kimberly Barraclough


CD review: In One Ear's jazz and pop-Celtic-funk will keep you pleasantly surprised
Once in a while there emerges a musical group that for some reason strikes a chord inside me. Everyone to his own, but fortunately, this popular new group, In One Ear, offers a little bit of everything. The group's new album, Are You Talkin', explores styles ranging from jazz to pop-Celtic-funk. / By Russell Dixon

Wow, Voice Male is a big kid, now, with twin concerts and a new CD
If ever you have a chance to go to a concert, be prepared to laugh and enjoy the music that Voice Male sings. In their Friday night, three-hour concert they sang the theme song from the Love Boat and the song from diapers commercial, I'm a Big Kid Now. / By Ryan White

Clover heads for other green fields after final concert
Clover, one of Utah's more popular local bands, had its final concert ever the evening of July 15 at the Castle Park amphitheater in Provo. Members of the band, which has three CDs and a following on alternative radio, are moving on. / By Bryce Atkins


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