February 2002



O.C. Tanner Symposium to be in April
02/28/02 The College of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences at Utah State University presents the 2002 O. C. Tanner Symposium, to be held April 18, 19, and 20 on the Utah State campus in Logan. The symposium is free and open to the public.

Former Beirut hostage, journalist Terry Anderson to speak at USU March 18
02/27/02 In March 1985, Terry Anderson was chief Middle East correspondent for the Associated Press, stationed in Beirut, Lebanon. One morning on his way to work, radical Shiite gunmen stopped his car in the street, ordered Anderson out and took him hostage. Anderson, who spent the next seven years as a prisoner, will speak March 18 at USU.

Goodbye, Greek fire: The closing ceremonies of the Olympic Games Sunday in Salt Lake City included fireworks just before the extinguishing of the torch. Click the photo to see a larger image and another picture from the ceremonies. / Photo by Shante' Tinsley

Nibley to get LDS stake center; construction to start in August
02/25/02 A "much-needed" stake center for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will be built in Nibley. The City Council unanimously approved the building permit at Thursday's meeting. / By Matt Eichner

Katie Couric of the Today Show wears her Earbags. At right is Jennifer Hawkins of the JCOM department. For more about Earbags, which JCOM's public relations students are promoting at the Olympics, click the link below. For a picture of the whole JCOM Earbag crew, click here.

What the New York media are saying about Earbags -- and USU
02/22/02 O'Dwyer's PR Daily says: BIG HITS: One of the fastest-selling souvenirs at the Salt Lake Winter Olympics is a snap-on earmuff, called Earbags. And NBC's Today Show has taken notice, too.

Soccer field would meet recreation need, Mendon council hears
02/18/02 MENDON -- More than a dozen residents attended the City Council meeting Thursday for continued discussion about a proposed soccer field in the Pheasant Hollow Subdivision. The debate lasted well over an hour as council members and residents revisited the issue that's been on their minds for months. / By Andrea Nixon

Smoke leads to computer lab evacuation
02/14/02 Acrid smoke billowing from the computer lab on the third floor of the Animal Science Building gave students and faculty quite a scare Thursday morning. / By Samantha Nicholas

Glacus Merrill, a pioneer in broadcasting and friend of JCOM, dies
02/14/02 Glacus G. Merrill, a longtime Utah broadcaster and a friend of the department of journalism and communication, died Saturday at age 96.

Nation's First Rancher wows the Cattlemen's Association
02/14/02 President George W. Bush wants people in China to eat more U.S.-produced beef. Judging from the standing ovation he received from members of the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, they agree. / By Samantha Nicholas

Providence wrestles with property line problem; engineer says one fix would cost $15,000
02/14/02 PROVIDENCE -- The City Council consulted a civil engineer Tuesday to help resolve a boundary dispute that arose when a resident requested permission to subdivide his property. / By Heidi Thueson

Tesch, Young & von Neiderhausern named top JCOM seniors
02/13/02 The department of journalism and communication has named its outstanding seniors for the 2001-02 academic year.

HELLO, WORLD: The Salt Lake City Olympic emblem is carried into Rice-Eccles Stadium during the Games' opening ceremonies Friday. Click the photo for more pictures. / Photo by Shante' Tinsley

Cheers greet North Logan's rejection of developer's zoning request
02/11/02 NORTH LOGAN -- More than 50 people showed up Thursday to hear the City Council unanimously reject a request to rezone an undeveloped area. / By Jerry VanIeperen

Newton council debates raising fee for impounded dogs
02/11/02 NEWTON -- Dog licensing, the new library board, backflow prevention and emergency medical service were issues addressed by the Town Council at its February meeting. / By Katrina Cartwright

Millville debates whether to continue contribution to ice arena
02/11/02 MILLVILLE -- Discussions on whether Millville should continue funding the new ice arena in North Logan were held at the City Council meeting Feb. 7. / By Meghan Dinger

Nibley to pay sewer connection fee for low-income families
02/08/02 NIBLEY -- Low-income families who couldn't pay for their house to be connected to the new sewer line will now be able to have it paid for by Nibley, City Manager Larry Ahnder told the City Council Thursday. / By Matt Eichner

Keeping food safe not so simple at Olympics
02/08/02 Allyson Davis of Mendon is helping Utah keep food sold at the Ogden Ice Sheet and Snowbasin safe for all to eat. / By Liz Bellessa

Lewiston considering proposal for subdivision near school
02/07/02 LEWISTON -- Preliminary plans for a moderate-income subdivision named Rosebud Park to be built across from the school were considered by the city's planning and zoning commission Tuesday night. / By Melanie Price

Hyde Park panel approves two signs
02/07/02 HYDE PARK -- The Hooker Appliance sign and the post office sign have been approved by the Hyde Park Planning and Zoning Commission. / By Sarah Mulholland

50 businesses endorse environmental agenda for Wasatch-Cache National Forest
02/06/02 Fifty Cache County businesses have endorsed an environmentally focused management plan for the Wasatch-Cache National Forest, in a petition to the Forest Service collected by volunteers for USU's Ecological Coalition of Students. / By Jim Steitz

Lasik eye surgery is a miracle that restores sight to the legally blind
02/05/02 Jaime Caliendo sits cross-legged on her soft navy-blue, tan and cranberry-colored plaid couch. She is focused on the words in her French textbook and she keeps muttering pronunciations under her breath trying to commit them to her long-term memory. She looks and acts like a normal 25-year-old graduate student cramming for finals. It's likely no one would ever guess Caliendo used to be three times legally blind
./ By Emily Aikele

North Logan welcomes senior citizens center
02/04/02 NORTH LOGAN -- Senior citizens of North Logan have a new place to call home. Pioneer Valley Lodge, at 2351 N. 400 East, held a grand opening party Thursday. The day was proclaimed senior citizens' day by North Logan Mayor Val Potter. / By Jerry VanIeperen

River Heights Planning and Zoning Committee selects new chairman
02/01/02 The Planning and Zoning Committee voted Tuesday to elect a new chairman. The committee, which meets the first and third Tuesdays of every month, voted to name Chris Himmel as the new chairman. / By Matt Stephens


We're not talking about cheerleaders here . . . meet the lacrosse gals
02/22/02 The crack of sticks checking carries across the field as the Aggie player sprints up the field cradling the ball away from the defender towards the goal. She passes it behind the cage while another Aggie makes a sharp cut, leaving a defender in the dust, on her way towards the goal. The pass connects from behind the cage and the ball carrier whips it in for a ground shot. It's good! / By Adrianne Bergs

Matt McDonald takes to the high country last week. / Photo by Curtis McInelly

Just give it gas and go: Snowmobiling in Utah's back country
02/22/02 The sun is glistening across the snow covered mountain, there is a slight breeze and the loud hum of an engine breaks the silence as Vern McInelly comes out of the trees and starts across the open meadow. / By Curtis McInelly

A life of fun and games: Meet the always jovial Erin Cowles
02/15/02 A brunette Shirley Temple with freckles that powder her cheeks, Cowles is known by teachers and students alike as one lovable gal. / By Bryan Seeley

Taiwanese student finds a little bit of home in U.S.
02/15/02 Home is where you hang your hat. Logan is a place where many international students call home. Yen-Hsing Lee, 28, comes from the capital of Taiwan. He says it is noisy but convenient. You can get anything you want in a short time. "In big cities, people are very cold," he says. "The people in Logan are very kind and polite and families seem to have a life of plenty. Americans are very rich." And American kids, he said, "are cute, like a doll." / By Jessica Johnson

COVERING THE OLYMPIC GAMES: Salt Lake Tribune columnist Robert Kirby, left, and editorial cartoonist Pat Bagley give a lesson on how to cover the Olympics: Hitchhike. Kirby reports: "I'm hitchhiking to Park City with Bagley. We'll see how long it takes to get there with just our thumbs and good looks." And a day later: "Took us 40 minutes going up, and 30 minutes coming down. I'm hitchhiking everywhere now." Kirby says he'll come to USU after the Olympics as part of JCOM's Media & Society Lecture Series, if he can thumb a ride. / Photo courtesy of Robert Kirby

Red Cross helps USU students in time of need
02/14/02 Last October students of Utah State University were flooded out of the Kampus Korner apartments. Because the students had no insurance and most of them did not live near their parents' home, they were left with no place to go. That is, until the Cache Valley chapter of the American Red Cross came to lend a helping hand. /By Dan Crane

No arms? No worries, as teacher walks the walk and talks the talk
02/12/02 Elizabeth Hammond's brunette locks cascade down her back in the 19th- century look of a proper lady. Her smile is rich with life and determination. Though she is considered short, her compassionate attitude soars her high above the rest of the world. She is also has her ordinary side. She drives to work, enjoys drawing and always cries when "Goose" dies in her favorite movie, Top Gun. Just a regular all-American girl. With no arms. / By Kari Gray

NATURAL HIGH: The Logan River near Right Hand Fork in Logan Canyon is the picture of serene (and cold) beauty. / Photo by Nancy Williams

Of radical bumper stickers, activism and classic flicks: Meet USU's uncommon liberal academician
02/08/02 Some people put one or two bumper stickers on their vehicle to show what causes they believe in or who they voted for during the last presidential race. Dr. Jay Anderson, professor of folklore and film studies in Utah State University's history department wouldn't know where to begin if he had to pick just two. / By Amy Hayes

Studying abroad makes the world your textbook
In January of 2001, after 13 hours of flying Kelsey Petersen stepped off a plane in London, England only to find a long hallway. "My first thoughts were, I want to go home," Petersen said. / By Katie Miyake

Through college, Brazil, Mexico and back
Mykel traded in the small town life of 1996 for the big-city experience, exchanging a city of 30,000 residents for one with several millions. For the next year and a half she served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in Sao Paulo, Brazil's largest city. She "felt like an ant." So much for counting stoplights, the Brazilian government can't accurately tally this city's population. / By Karie Weeks

Malawian student studying how to bring water to his country, although M'bona the python helps
The tale is told of M'bona. When he died, he was buried in a cave. After his death, he believed he owed people something. He turned into a python and now helps when there is no rain. Priests prepare cornmeal in baskets and go to the cave. When the snake appears, people leave, content that rains will soon give life to farmers' crops. "In the past, I am told, when they (priests) get back to their homes, they are wet from rain," says Luckson Ngalu. / By Matthew Flitton

Prayers, Maughans and careful planning -- must be Wellsville
02/04/02 Wellsville has a population of just under 3,000. It's obvious it's a small town when Lee Maughan describes where he lives. He has an address just like most everybody else in Utah -- neatly and numerically designated on a Cartesian road plan. However, nobody seems to use numbers or addresses. Instead, Maughan and others will say something like, "I live in Harry Maughan's old house." / By Marshall Thompson

USU student rings in the moolah for university development
02/01/02 Imagine this; an athletic female dressed as the famous St. Pauli Girl, wearing a green Scandinavian style dress and a life preserver, rowing down a river prompting the tourist in the boat of what to do when the boat reaches the rapids that lie shortly ahead. Now imagine that same young lady, without the costume this time, as a manager of Utah State University's Phonathon, which is responsible for raising some of the financial support the university relies on. / By Amy Hayes

Einstein, did you fall into a black hole? The ARC misses you
02/01/02 The Academic Resource Center has only had one man in its office for the last four months . . . until he was stolen two weeks ago. A life-size cardboard standup of Albert Einstein owned by the ARC was found missing on the morning of Jan. 17. / By Jason Robey



ONE FOR YOU: U.S. snowboarder Todd Richards givest autographs at the Coca Cola compound. / Photo by Shante' Tinsley

BRASS, ANYONE?: Olympic Square entertainment means bands. / Photo by Shante' Tinsley

Oh, no! Not that
In one of the craziest finishes at this Olympics, the U.S. gold medal favorite from Seattle didn't win . . . and it wasn't his fault. Apolo Anton Ohno got caught up in a four-skater pileup and fell 50 yards from the finish line. / By John Newbold

USU gets first place in conference with ugly win over Riverside
Mis-dribbles, Butterfinger-dropped passes, flat jump shots, fouls, air balls . . . Call Utah State's 59-42 win over UC Riverside sloppy or defensive, but either way it was ugly. / By Bryan Beall

Aggies beat Fullerton, stay tied for first place in Big West Conference
Before Thursday, when opponents were held under 60 points, the Utah State basketball team was 12-0 this season. Make it 13-0. / By Landon Olson

Mixin' it up: The Swiss (red) and Slovakian (white) hockey teams scrimmage at the Eccles Ice Center this week before heading for Salt Lake City. To see more images, click the photo. / Photo by Jason Robey

OLYMPIC HEAT: Brent Carpenter carries the torch into the Spectrum. Below, USU President Kermit Hall makes a point. /Photos by Marshall Thompson

Click the top photo to see a larger version

Click here for more torch photos

Logan says 'Jambo' to Kenyan skiers
Members of the Kenyan Olympic cross-country ski team were officially adopted as citizens of Logan during the Olympic torch ceremony at the USU Spectrum Wednesday, and a Logan City Council meeting later that same evening. / By Marshall Thompson

No applause, no 'oohs,' just the human circus at Logan Olympics
The skaters were all Russians, but they knew how to wave in English. The crowd was mostly Utahns, and while we were willing to applaud in Russian, we weren't allowed to. There was a strict "no applause" policy in place. / By John Taylor

HMMM. . . . when and how to toss? A spectator holds two roses that she will throw on to the ice to applaud the French Ice Dance team at the Eccles Ice Center on Feb. 4. / Photo by Marshall Thomspon

Spectators toss -- or try to toss -- roses to the French
Roses slid across the ice after the performances of French Olympic figure skaters at the George S. Eccles Ice Center in North Logan. / By Marshall Thompson

Logan to adopt Kenyan ski team as its own
During Wednesday afternoon's Torch Ceremony in Logan, the first Kenyan Cross Country Ski Team to enter the Olympics will appear at USU's Spectrum to become honorary citizens of the city.

Laetitia Hubert, two-time gold medalist in the French National Championships, performs her Olympic routine Monday at the Eccles Ice Center. For details on the exhibition, click the link below. / Photo by Jason Sauter

French Olympic skaters' exhibition -- c'est magnifique!
Ice dancers Marina Anissina and Gwendal Peizerat posed motionless on the ice. As soon as their music -- introduced by Martin Luther King, Jr.'s famous line, "I have a dream" -- sounded throughout the rink, the pair sprang to life. / By Andrea Nixon

Logan High football star Ryan Bohm says he'll play at USU
MENDON -- Born and raised in Cache Valley, football fanatic Ryan Bohm grew up watching the Aggies. Now he's going to play for them. / By Andrea Nixon

Aggies shoot down Gauchos to stay alive in title chase
Behind Tony Brown's career night and Desmond Penigar's 18 points and nine rebounds the Utah State Aggies remained in contention for the Big West Conference title by defeating UC Santa Barbara 72-64 Thursday night in the Spectrum. / By Jeff Burton



Nibley home business making all-natural soap from goat's milk
02/26/02 Becky Yeager has found a way to work from home while raising raise her two daughters. Yeager came up with an idea: she wanted an all-natural soap that would be mild on her skin, and she wanted to make it right in her own kitchen. / By Matt Eichner

Taking the Law School Admission Test leads to tears, frustration and, for some, triumph
02/15/02 Kata Vehar, a senior dual majoring in political science and economics, stares at the sample test book with her glazed brown eyes. She's hunched over her wooden desk that is lit by a lamp hanging from the shelf above. Scrap paper and books cover her desktop, while other practice books lay on the floor beside her lightly stained wooden chair. Ever since Vehar was in the eighth grade, she has planned on taking the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and the week was finally here. / By Adrianne Bergs

The modern treasure hunt: satellites lead you to . . . Yogi Bear and a Rubik's cube
02/06/02 James McMullin hunts treasure. Instead of a whip and a leather jacket, he uses a Global Positioning (GPS) unit to go "geocaching." On a day before the snows hit, he left his home to find a cache, as the treasure is known, in Smithfield Canyon, in the hills above Cache Valley. / By Matthew Flitton

BACKYARD OLYMPICS: Jed Norda sleds down his stairs at the Cambridge Court apartment buildings Monday west of Old Main Hill. Gotta have a lot of snow to do that! / Photo by Curtis McInelly

USU students sell plasma to support lifestyle
02/01/02 Kable Smith does not believe in get-rich-quick schemes, but he has found a quick way to make extra cash with very little effort. Every Tuesday and Friday he sells the plasma that his body produces with little effort, and gets paid $20 for sitting at a clinic and watching a movie. / By Curtis McInelly


Are we still in Utah? Gimme a beer and we'll discuss it
02/18/02 Now that I have walked around downtown Salt Lake and passed a number of people sipping beers, I am sure the Olympics are really in town. The downtown area really is cool. The place is packed for most of the day with tourists, scalpers, security, brochure-pushers, protesters (was that person dressed in a cow suit protesting the rodeo or advertising Chick Fil-A?), and a whole host of others not normally seen in Utah. / By Will Bettmann

Why I think so many journalists are stupid
02/18/02 A couple of days ago, one of my co-workers was walking through the Main Media Center when she looked up to see hundreds of journalists and cameramen thundering toward her. The Canadian figure skaters had just entered the building and everyone wanted a piece of the action. That same day, another of my co-workers had a casual conversation with Alexei Yagudin, a Russian figure-skater, all alone. / By Will Bettmann

A peon at the Olympics
02/01/02 I am a peon, a worker-bee, a grunt. But I am based at the main media center upon which more than 10,000 journalists, broadcasters, and other media people will soon descend, so hopefully I will have a good seat to the biggest show that Utah has seen in a long time. / By Will Bettmann

LETTER: Sorry, Enya isn't French
02/01/02 I'm sorry. I know everyone makes mistakes. But this is a page run by journalists, n'est-ce pas?
Hence I was dismayed to see the following in a lede on your Web page:
"From the floor-level shelf, the Gallic melodies of Enyas Watermark drift through the room." To begin with, Enyas, as a possessive, should be Enya's. Worse, though, is the confusion of two national adjectives. Gallic means French (think garlic) and Gaelic means Irish or, selectively, Scottish.
Beth M. Woodard, Wall Street Journal editorial department

-- You are right, of course. Consider us chastised. We fixed the goof after we received this letter. -- the Eds.


Fine piece of Cake at Olympic concert
02/25/02 While thousands of screaming teen-age girls were fighting for a better view of N'Sync at the Olympic Medals Plaza on Saturday, the alt-rock band Cake rocked the house at the Mountain Dew Ice Village. / By Jason Robey

Britney's OK, but 'Crossroads' is 40 miles of bad pavement
It's been said before, and I'll say it again: just because you are a success in pop music does not mean you should make movies. It's a fact that's been proved by Mariah Carey, Vanilla Ice and the Spice Girls, yet Britney Spears didn't learn a lesson from any of their colossal failures. / By Jason Robey

'I Am Sam' soundtrack gives new spin to Beatles classics . . . mostly in a good way
The I Am Sam soundtrack is one of the most interesting recent CD releases. Looking at the song list, one might wonder why it's not labeled, "a Beatles tribute album." The makers of the film, for reasons unclear, intended to fill the movie and its soundtrack with original Beatles songs, but found out that Beatles recordings were far too expensive for the movie. Their solution? Find modern artists to record their renditions of some of the best Beatles songs. The results? For the most part, not too bad. / By Jason Robey

'Improv-uh-bles' leaves USU laughing; encore Saturday
If you like the television comedy show Whose Line Is It Anyway, then you will love the student production of the Improv-uh-bles. A group of seven humorous Utah State University students entertains an audience with quick wit and sassy stand-up comedy. / By Shante' Tinsley

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