October 1999


Key to humor columnist's success is a sense of humor
Robert Kirby of the Salt Lake Tribune gives the example of writing a column claiming that he could beat up the prophet of the Mormon Church, Gordon B. Hinckley, or even the pope if it came down to it. He was called in by higher authorities, but he ended up receiving a letter of congratulations from the prophet's own office
Click here for a transcript of Robert Kirby's talk

Five running for River Heights council seats want to preserve 'unique little place'

Tim Jeppsen, Mary Yancey, Debbie Rees, Brent Greenhalgh and Noel Cooleye have different visions of just what that phrase means.

North Logan spells out limits on housing kids who have had troubles with the law
The changes state that four foster children or one proctor child, or three proctor children if they are siblings, are allowed to reside in a home licensed for proctor or foster care.

Millville gets an A-OK from the city's accounting firm
"There are a lot of cities who are going out of their budget, but that isn't a concern here."

Providence City Council debates salon license for resident's home
Concerns over parking availability and building space hold up the council's vote.

Growth creates potential hazard of low water pressure in Mendon
10/15/99Wayne Andersen, the City Council member who oversees water issues, said if every household in Mendon was running water during a fire emergency, the fire hydrants wouldn't have enough pressure to operate, under the city's current water system.

River Heights is only city without a debt, accountant says
10/14/99"With no debt and a lot of cash, River Heights is in an exceptional position compared with other small towns in the valley. "You are the only city that I do that has no outstanding debt," accountant Steve Misener told the City Council.

Nibley City Council hesitant to issue beer license to service station

10/14/99 "Legally we cannot deny you this beer license," council member Scott Wells told Johnson. "I just want you to be aware of the possible citizen backlash."

Millville City gives responsibility to engineer for resolving issue of subdivision

The council unanimously approved a plan that gives Shepherd the responsibility of visiting the area, assessing what needs to be done, and reporting his recommendations.

Hyde Park City to give $1,000 annually in donations
10/14/99 All of the council members agreed that if the individual requesting a donation can show that it is for a service to the community, that they will more likely agree to giving the donation.

Hyrum considers after-school family literacy program
10/13/99 City Council discusses the cost of expanding its Spanish-English literacy program with computers and software

Lewiston City Council discusses dog limit
10/13/99 Lewiston has an ordinance that limits the number of dogs an individual or family can own to two. Council member Ronda Worden said this ordinance isn't being enforced.

Up for the Eagle Scout challenge
10/11/99 Two Paradise boys are ready to fix the ailing fence surrounding a spring in Green Canyon.

Will Hyde Park residents be allowed access to North Logan's new library?
10/11/99 North Logan City Council debates new library use and a recent land purchase.

Cache County has raised garbage rates, but one city forgot
10/04/99 River Heights will be charging its residents new fees.

One license and one vote ends a short night for Providence City Council
10/04/99 The shortest meeting held in eight years lasted only 50 minutes.

North Logan City Council appoints new judge, discusses land purchase for cemetery
10/04/99 "This is a one time opportunity," said Mayor Jack Draxler.

Will city streets in Hyde Park be renumbered?
10/04/99 Main street businesses may benefit from new numbers.

Utah's hunting program has nearly doubled in a year

10/04/99 Current enrollment is 2,657 hunters, up 1,207 from last year.

Bridgerland Community Ice Arena needs volunteers and donations
10/04/99 The indoor, year-round ice arena is scheduled to break ground in Hyde Park in 2000.


Deer numbers down, says Utah Division of Wildlife Resources biologist
Deer numbers may be up across parts of the state, but they are a far cry from where they should be on the Cache unit, said Utah Division of Wildlife Resources biologist, Dennis Austin. By Paul Kendall.

Finally, North Logan actor is blessed with an 'Angel' role on national TV
Twenty-one years of on-stage experience would seem to be sufficient for a career in acting, but it has taken roughly eight years for Dan Merket to "break into the business" of TV and film production.

People of all ages enjoy losing themselves in the corn maze at the Jensen Historical Farm south of Logan. These two seek the path to the center at midafternoon on Oct. 23. Many paths are misleading, so it takes a good memory to recall where you already have been. The corn maze is open through Oct. 30. Photo by Cameron Bailey.

How long would it take YOU to reach the center of the Jensen corn maze?
"It was a lot of fun," said junior and first-time corn mazer Carrie Davis. "I didn't expect it to be as big as it was. It took us a lot longer than I thought it would." One-and-one-half hours to be exact.

Meet George Jetson . . . and the Hulk, and Tarzan at the Pumpkin Walk
Pumpkins, squash and other garden vegetables will be transformed into TV characters for this year's Pumpkin Walk, following a theme of "Blast From T.V. Past."

City of Rocks isolation is its most alluring feature
In south-central Idaho, the City of Rocks and its other-wordly rocky formations is perfect for backpacking or camping.

Best dance hall in Utah is Hyrum's very own Elite Hall
"The Hyrum Dance Pavilion has won for itself the name of being the best Dance Hall in the State of Utah. The merry crowds that gather there every week coming form far and near give evidence to that fact," proclaims a display in the Hyrum Museum.

Millville residents cheer on marathon runners
Millville residents turned out to give the runners a drink and a vote of confidence as they passed through.

'He's coming your way.' . . . 'Head him off.' The excitement of a cattle drive on a crisp October day.
10/11/99 Real cowboy work in southern Idaho starts with a giant breakfast and Celine Dion on the radio. A first-person account of battling the bovines by Jessica Warre

Society needs to understand roots of violence
"To stop the violence, we have to understand the roots of violence in the culture," said Barry Kort, a 54-year-old electrical engineer from Bedford, Mass. "If we understand the roots, we can avoid culturing it."

New Ben Harper CD looks achingly inward
10/04/99 Burn to Shine contains a desperate plea for companionship and some other painful experiences. Harper comes to Salt Lake City on Oct. 11.


Boise State game Saturday could define Aggies' season
(10/29/99) It's do or die time for the Utah State University football team Saturday at Romney Stadium. Why? / By Wade Denniston

Three tough games finally end in Aggie volleyball victory over ISU
(10/27/99) The Utah State University women's volleyball team got back to its winning ways Monday night vs. Idaho State University in the Spectrum. / By Wade Denniston

Idaho one of the most imporant games on football schedule
(10/20/99) To put it simply, the game is for first place in the Big West Conference and the Aggies will be looking to avenge last year's 26-14 homecoming loss to the Vandals.

Utah State to face Kansas State Saturday

(10/14/99) USU will make its first trip to Manhattan, Kan., since Sept. 11, 1971, when the Aggies beat the Wildcats, 10-7.

Volleyball team downs University of Wyoming
(10/13/99) The Aggies beat the Cowgirls in three games 15-5, 15-5, 15-9 in just over an hour before 712 fans at Green River High School.

Aggies survive North Texas attack, win in three straight games
(10/08/99) The Aggies dug themselves a hole in the first game as they allowed the Mean Green to jump out to a 6-3 lead. USU battled back with a 10-point run to take the lead for good at 13-6.

Aggies confidence soars going to the net against University of North Texas
(10/06/99) "We owe it to them to beat them as bad as we can," says USU women's volleyball head coach Tom Peterson.


Judd is no dud, but 'Double Jeopardy' is half the fun of 'Fugitive'
Her man done her wrong. Now she's out for some revenge -- with no legal consequences, thanks to the Fifth Amendment to the Constitution. If you're an Ashley Judd fan, don't miss Double Jeopardy. / By Paul Kendall

Try some purple bluegrass and cool improv to get a dose of 'Bliss'
Cache Valley band Bliss Mystic is going on hiatus for a couple of years while two of its members go on their LDS missions. Oh, what we'll be missing. / By Julie Sulunga

Best video bets: Don't miss the dysfunctional Plantagenet family this Christmas
The Lion in Winter introduced Anthony Hopkins and Timothy Dalton to the world in 1968. And the amazing thing is, they can't hold a Christmas candle to Peter O'Toole as King Henry Plantagenet and his estranged wife, Eleanor of Aquitaine, in an Oscar-winning performance by Katharine Hepburn.


If it's about scholarships, why do they wear swimsuits?
(10/15/99) As a child, I watched the Miss America Pageant and rooted for Miss Utah. Now that I am older and wiser (?), I look at the Pageant as a 20-year-old college student, a girl feeling, at times, inadequate of the things I feel I am expected to do and be. / By Jessica Warren

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