August 2000


USU begins $10 parking registration for stadium, streets
08/22/00 Beginning fall semester, 2000, all people who park a vehicle on university property will be required to register their vehicle at the USU Parking Office and pay a $10 annual fee. / By USU media relations & marketing

Logan facility tries to help sex offenders break the vicious cycle
08/04/00 About 16 sex offenders are held in a facility near 1800 North and 200 East, which may be surprising considering the small-town atmosphere that Logan portrays. / By Rachel Marberger

Students helping produce space-based weapons detector
08/04/00 The aim of the project at the Space Dynamics Lab at USU is to put satellites in space that sense missiles and weapons of mass destruction. / By Rachel Marberger

Cache County School District places new emphasis on 'character' education
08/03/00 Cache County and Logan School District are using character education courses to teach students how to be better citizens. / By Kim Barraclough

Off U.S. 89, near First Dam, police car lights signal the danger above. Still, many people crowded the streets in east Logan to watch the mountains burn. / Photo by Jonas Manuel

High Point fire a strange social event, with lawn chairs and street gatherings
08/02/00 Like snow in the winter, ashes collided into the windshields of cars dashing to witness the blazing High Point fire on the mountain in Logan Canyon. / By Jonas Manuel

When it's green and not black: Logan Canyon is seen from the Crimson Trail in this file photo. The north side of the canyon, in background at right, was smoke-filled Friday night as a wildfire consumed much of the vegetation on Mount Logan. / Photo by Kim Michaels

USU rec center approval possible this week
08/02/00 A new student recreation center for Utah State University may be on the agenda at the next meeting of the state Board of Regents, Thursday and Friday. The student recreation center that has been proposed will total$12 million. / By Rachel Marberger

Logan to host its fifth annual 'Night Out' against crime
08/01/00 What started in 1995 has become a tradition in Logan as the city will be celebrating its fifth annual national Night Out tonight. / By Heather Campbell

Unusual heat blamed on La Nina
08/01/00 The theory is that strong La Ninas follow strong El Ninos although that is an oversimplification. The La Nina pattern usually brings heat and drought to the Midwest part of the United States. The last strong La Nina was in 1988 when there were great crop losses and deaths due to the heat. / By Maggon Osmond


What's in a name? At a Utah park, you might be staring (blush!) at the Schoolmarm's Bloomers
08/30/00 Sunset Point doesn't let you see the sunset. And Chimney Rock is not one destinational, but three. How did rock formations and other points of interest in Utah parks get their names? / By Reuben Wadsworth

Learning CPR could save a life (and possibly it will be your own)
08/04/00 When people talk about CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) they typically think of that life-saving practice that has saved so many lives. Hopefully, most of us will never have to give or receive CPR treatment. However, there are many benefits of just having the knowledge and training. / By Russell Dixon

From black bears to what is now Bear Lake
08/03/00 In the peaks of the rugged Rocky Mountains is Bear Lake, known for its crystal-clear turquoise waters and rich historical heritage of cowboys, Native Americans, mountain men and pioneers. / By Kim Barraclough

Candles are just wax, color and scent, but combining them in just the right way is key for Scentinel
08/02/00 It may sound unusual, but the candle business is very competitive. Scentinel Candle Company of Nibley, an astonishingly successful small business, is not about to give any secrets away. / By Brett Lundahl


Nobody can catch this Tiger, and that's just fine
How good is Tiger Woods? As a golf fanatic, I am beginning to ask myself if it is really possible for someone to dominate a professional sport the way Tiger Woods is doing right now. I do not believe Jordan or Gretsky ever accomplished what Tiger is doing on the PGA Tour. / By Brett Lundahl

Dennis Miller should spice up Monday Night Football
Dennis Miller, the former Saturday Night Live cast member, was recently hired by ABC to spice up the mundane, personality plagued Monday Night Football program. / By Brett Lundahl

WAY OVER PAR: A lob wedge and a sand wedge will do at the Barn
Don't worry, it's not the sun tan lotion, sunglasses, or beach towels you don't need. Rather, your lob or sand wedge. / By Wade Denniston

Football team picked to finish near bottom in the Big West
Despite being predicted to finish near the bottom, Dennehy is using it as a positive for his young squad. / By Wade Denniston


Tobacco and its nicotine are the gateway drug
No one deserves to die from smoking, especially children, and that is the age where most smokers get their introduction to the gateway drug. / By Bryce Atkins

Aim high, dream big with 2 million words
Only in English can your nose run and your feet smell. When a house burns up it burns down. You first chop a tree down, and then you chop it up. No wonder we have trouble learning English. It's so flexible that it is sometimes confusing. But its flexibility gives it strength, beauty and value. / By Maggon Osmond

Canyon curfew; Forest Service making it hard on campers to enjoy Cache summer events
The gates at Guinavah-Malibu Campground close at 10 p.m., and no one gets in, not even campers who want to return to their campsites. That means it's impossible to take in a late play or pageant, unless you're willing to park after dark across the highway from your camper, dragging unhappy kids back to their beds. / By Penny Byrne


Biking the Gemini Bridges trail on a hot, clear day
Yikes, it's hot in Moab in the summer. But if you're smart, you can generate a breeze and take in some Red Rock scenery on a 23-mile bike ride just after sunup. Just be sure to take plenty of water. / By Mike Sweeney

14 papers, 4 local TV shows, 4 national broadcasts publicize USU food study
Typically restaurants have been blamed for food poising, but this study, which was funded by the Food and Drug Administration, shows that there are many people at home who are at risk of food poisoning if food preparation skill aren't sharpened. / By Jonas Manuel

Tasty summertime 7-up chicken
When the weather is this hot cooking inside is definitely a burden. My most favorite Dutch oven dinner is one that can be prepared and served from one pot, and that would be a chicken recipe that called "7-up Chicken." / By Bryce Atkins

West is a 'convenient lab' for study of sex, film crew learns at USU
Is sex in the West different from sex in any other part of the world? Probably not, but a film crew recently came to Utah State University hoping to find some events that might say otherwise for a television show entitled Sex in the Real West. / By Rachel Marberger

Space for thinking: A morada in northern New Mexico offers a peaceful, simple place for Nancy Williams to do her writing. / Photo by Nancy Williams


The object of much affection. / Photo by Reid Furniss

Magic and other gifts from God . . . and Kim Carnes
She makes moods, this Kim Carnes, even though it has been a long time since she has made an American record. A child who couldn't have been 3 years old sat on her mother's lap, with her legs and arms punching madly to the beat of the music. Not far from her, a beautiful, dark-haired woman from Brazil sat on the grass, her face shining with the incredulous emotion that erased the fatigue of the 17-hour flight that brought her to this free concert in the park. / A concert review, and more, by Reid Furniss

Musicians snag PEARL awards for faith-centered arts
Jenny Oaks Baker and Hilary Weeks each took home three PEARL awards last week at the McKay Events Center at UVSC in Orem. / By Russell Dixon

Utah Festival Opera finishes season on a good note
This year the Utah Festival Opera Company is presenting three incredible Opera's and many of its cast members are returning from last year's season. With little more than a week left, you had better grab your tickets fast as the Utah festival will soon be wrapping up its 2000 season. / By Heather Campbell


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