June 2001


Summerfest kicks off Thursday with more art, more food
06/13/01 Summerfest has something for everyone -- arts of all sorts will be displayed including paintings, watercolors, oils, ceramics, wood and metal work, and much more. / By Shawn Wolfley


In a converted barn west of Smithfield, 371 pairs of eyes watch you in the 'doll room'
06/28/01 The cement-made cobblestone path leads to the miniature, wooden bridge over the foot deep canal that takes water to the back yard, the path then follows to the front door. The vibrant yellow and red tulips are blooming and the wind is always a little stronger here than "in town." The only sound is the gentle breeze. This is where Annette Van Natter, a doll maker, lives. / By Angela Johnson

Wooden it be lovely? Royce Neilson of Wildwood Ltd. displays his handcarved, handpainted designs of outdoor and western life at Logan's annual Summerfest celebration, which concluded Saturday. About 125 craftsmen, more than the 100 last year, participated. / Photo by Jami Lundahl

Rainbow Visions, works in blown glass by L.K. Hawks, also were on display at Summerfest. Hawks says her artwork is still just a hobby in her spare time. / Photo by Jami Lundahl.

Quilting is a lifelong process
06/19/01 Over a century ago women would salvage any scraps they could from old curtains, bedding, clothing, sacks, and sewing projects. They would stitch the odd shapes and mismatched colors into quilts that would cover their beds. Most of these women used makeshift tools, had no formal education and knew little about mathematics or geometry. / By Kalleen Kidd


USU basketball coach announces 2001-02 schedule
USU will play a total of 29 games during the 2001-02 season, including two exhibition games, nine non-conference tilts and 18 league games. / By USU Athletic Media Relations

Aggie football tickets on sale
Season tickets are on sale for Utah State University's up coming home football season. The schedule features an interesting mix of opponents, incluing a national power and several exciting regional opponents. / By USU Athletic Media Relations

Race for independence
06/19/01On June 23rd at 9:30 a.m. a 5K race will be held at Willow Park in Logan. All proceeds from the event will go to OPTIONS for Independence to help purchase wheelchairs. / By Jason Sauter

Utah high school students competing in rodeo championship
HEBER CITY -- Student athletes of the Utah High School Rodeo Association compete for state championships through Saturday at the Utah High School Rodeo Finals at the Wasatch County Fairgrounds.


M.I.T., India are bringing the Media Lab to town
06/28/01 Sunday, the Government of India in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, announced the launch of a one-year exploratory project to create the Media Laboratory Asia in Mumbai. MIT plans to develop ways to bring the benefits of the most sophisticated emerging technologies to the daily problems of India's poorest and least educated people. / By Leon D'souza

Chaos on the runways and in the terminals of India's airports
06/14/01 Even under perfect operating conditions, landing a jet is tricky business. Pushing the safety envelope compounds an inherently difficult phase of flight. We were in for a rough landing. Any slip-up could spell disaster. / By Leon D'souza



Hold on to your sunglasses and your lunch on Lagoon's newest ride
06/28/01 It might be a good idea to bring a pair of nose plugs on the new ride at Utah's one and only amusement park, Lagoon. / By Jami Lundahl

Now that's Italian
Original as Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci. You can find culture, style and sophistication right around the corner. Logan has a new Ristorante Italiano called Le Nonne (The Grandmothers). It is at 132 N. Main across the street from Needham's Jewelry. / By Kevin King

Logan pupils use Internet to learn about world in new ways
The 'Net has obviously caught the attention of youngsters, but what educational value does it offer them? / By Natalie Price


'The Boys Next Door' is funny and touching as it explores the world of mentally handicapped
What is it that makes you happy? For Norman it is a box full of doughnuts and his set of keys. For Barry it is the image of himself as a golf pro. And Lucien? His happiness revolves around imaginary bunnies, books he can't read and his Spiderman tie. These are some of the main charactars of the play The Boys Next Door at the Old Lyric Theater. These grown men are supervised by a man named Jack. / By Melissa Woods

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