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Black and White and Shades of Gray

Carnegie Professors

Cheer 'Em On!

LDS General Conference

Logan After Dark

Parade of Homes

Jill Prichard


Black, White and Shades of Gray

Photographer :: Jeremy Wilkins

In black-and-white art photography, I find there are no limits, no restrictions, no boundaries. There is nothing that says what the subject, whether human or still-life, must be doing or how the picture must be taken.

In so many other kinds of photography, there are red-flag indications of what is and isn't a successful image, and of course for good reason. However, in art photography the worth of a picture is in the mind of its viewer, who may or may not know anything about photography. What people see in the image can be totally unique to their lives and experiences, and what they believe the image is trying to convey is completely up to them.

With these words having been said, I feel this set of images has a contemplative feeling behind them, left to be figured out and judged by those who view them.

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Looking Down on Things


Life Marker Now Overlook
Self Serenity The Light, Part 3