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Jill Prichard

Jill Prichard : :

Jill Prichard, photojournalist senior, has spent most of her life behind the camera. Growing up in Georgia was prime for taking pictures of historical sites, sporting events and thousands of colored leaves come fall. Photography started as a hobby and grew to be her passion. She moved out to Logan, Utah, in the spring of 2001 and decided to finish her degree at Utah State. While in the photography program, Jill realized that her love of photography extended into the photojournalist medium. Upon creating the degree for photojournalism, her training came from teacher and professor mentors, photo and journalism classes, as well as training in Adobe Photoshop classes.

While moving from film into the digital world, Jill has been able to receive training to take her into various career opportunities. Her main purpose is to tell stories through her work. She creates photo-essays, teaching people something they didn't know before. Her vision is to enhance the way people view life, through the worlds she captures with her camera.

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