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NEW: Parade of Homes

Jill Prichard

Parade of Homes: Luxury in a Summer Setting

Photographer :: Jill Prichard

Over President's Day weekend, I toured the Parade of Homes in St. George, Utah. It was the reverse scene of what I witnessed while photographing the flood victims' homes a month before. There was extravagance beyond belief. Beddings that could pay a month's rent for me. Home theatres that would put mom-and-pop cinemas to shame. There were endless pools, hot tubs and outdoor barbecues that made me thirst for summer. There were laundry rooms that were larger than my two-room apartment. Kitchens that had hidden walk-in pantries that could house food enough for three families. One house had a curved wall that was ceiling-to-floor glass that could be pushed back in between the walls, opening up the entire side of the house to the fresh outdoor air (and a screen that could be pulled out in case there were bugs). I walked around and saw rooms of furniture whose cost could equal my college education. It was stunning, it was overwhelming; it was a parade of the exquisite.