November 2000


Trees of the season: Christmas trees are decorated in the Sunburst Lounge at Taggart Student Center. / Photos by Natalie Larson

To aim for the journalist's ideal of objectivity, 'Be the messenger, and then go away,' says ABC's Jim Slade
11/29/00 The longtime space journalist urges students to get many points of view and a wealth of facts . . . and then think for themselves. Click the link above for the full text of Slade's remarks at Utah State University. / By the department of journalism and communication

Historian, administrator and quipster Kermit Hall named USU president
11/09/00 Dr. Kermit L. Hall is personable, was the best candidate, knows student issues and is basically fantastic, according to Ben Riley, the student body president of Utah State University. "I couldn't be more pleased," said Riley. "He's definitely committed to USU and will be a good president." / By Natalie Larson


Snow, beautiful snow, blankets the corner of a stone building built in 1875 near Canyon Road in Logan, at the behest of Brigham Young, for the United Order, an experiment in communal ownership. / Photo by Nancy Williams

Day is night for this garbageman
11/29/00 It's dark. It's cold. It's foggy. It's 4 a.m. in early October as you pull your beanie down tight over your ears and peer into the oncoming headlights, not quite sure of what is about to happen. Then you see the Rottweiler. Razor-sharp teeth framed by powerful jaws, a spiked collar around its muscular neck, the dog seems poised to spring forward at any moment. Its cold, unblinking eyes never waver from yours. / By Derrick Frazier

What are you doing tonight? How about playing Frisbee in the grocery store
11/29/00 "Do you know what I'd rather be doing than sitting here at work?" a co-worker at Lee's Grocery Market asks Dave Manning upon his arrival for the five to midnight shift. "Playing soccer. Going to the football game. Being on a date. Talking to her. I would love to go over and meet that girl." For Dave, going to work is not exactly his idea of fun either, especially after spending all day in classes. / By Sabrina Sandry

A panel of experts on World War II journalism and censorship comprises, from left, USU Assistant Professor Mike Sweeney, historian Williamson Murray, former CBS reporter Dick Hottelet (partially hidden), former United Press and CBS reporter Walter Cronkite, and moderator Dr. Robert Batscha of discussions at the Museum of Television and Radio.

Bright lights, big city and Walter Cronkite make for a good day at Black Rock
11/20/00 First time on live TV, and it's with CBS icon Cronkite in Midtown Manhattan. Will this be a Maalox moment, or will a USU professor and historian of censorship conquer New York, New York? / By Mike Sweeney

Making the bread to get the dough
11/20/00 As Joaquin Romero enters the Old Grist Mill Bread Company a slight breeze exits. The smell of glaze that drips off the doughnuts lingers in the air. In the back two mixers are motionless, waiting for Romero to add the ingredients to make white, honey whole wheat, multi-grain breads and cinnamon rolls. / By Debbie Lamb

Night nurse burns the midnight oil to keep the spark of life in patients
11/09/00 OGDEN -- It is 10 p.m. and Marilynn Miller is just getting to work. The visitors are long gone. The doctors have left, too. It's just the nurses and the patients now, and a long night ahead for them both. / By Rachel Marberger

"How to you tell a mother that her son will never be able to say 'Mommy' or 'Daddy' again?"
11/06/00 Saving lives from the monster . . . and occasionally failing . . . make firefighting "not all that it's cracked up to be, but it is worth it." / By Laren Hawkins

Kids and cream rise to the top, veeerrry early, in Lewiston
11/03/00 LEWISTON -- Kent Buttars has to hurry because Kay is waiting for him in the darkness. Trying to stay asleep, Robyn Buttars wakes only slightly as Kent slips out of their room, as she rolls over enough to see the clock read 4 a.m. After 23 years of marriage, Robyn knows that nothing will stop Kent from going to meet Kay. / By Charmaine Burningham Lawyer


Seven Aggies earn first-team all-Big West honors
Seven Utah State football players were named to the first-team all-Big West Conference team that was selected by the league coaches and released on Tuesday. / By USU media relations

USU water polo club defeated by U of U
On Saturday the Utah State's Water Polo Club played the University of Utah here at USU and, despite a valient effort, lost all three games. / By Dusty Decker

USU basketball team defeats S.California All-star team
The Utah State basketball season is just one week away from officially starting its season. The Aggies wrapped up their preseason schedule as they defeated the Southern California All-Star basketball team. / By Doug Layne

Cache Valley all-stater signs with USU basketball
All-state basketball player Nate Harris, from Sky View High School in Smithfield, Utah, has signed a national letter of intent at Utah State University. / By USU media relations

USU favored to win Big West Conference
Utah State's men's basketball team has been tabbed as the favorite to win the Big West Conference during the 2000-01 season as voted on by media members and the league's nine coaches at the annual Big West Conference Media Day. / By USU athletic media relations



11/23/00 The idea to put a "COMIC" on the air for football shows how low ABC has slipped. It would not be so bad if the person understood football and could make intelligent comments during the game. Mr. Miller has shown that he is: 1. not funny 2. does not have any idea of being able to describe football 3. attempts to come up with some "cute" remark and only shows how stupid he is.

I have come to the conclusion that since he is on, and I do not care to listen to the radio while watching the game, I will no longer watch Monday Night Football. It's a shame too because I used to enjoy this show. Oh, by the way, in discussing this with my co-workers, they too have decided to stop watching. Hopefully, the management will come to their senses and can this turkey.

--A very dissatisfied fan. T. Young, via e-mail


Winter's here, and students' thoughts turn to . . . cycling
Before you start forking out all your money to hit the slopes this season you might want to consider scrounging up 30 big ones to join Utah State University's newest club. / By Dusty Decker


Review: 'Unbreakable' ticks like a jeweled watch until a final shock makes it golden
The well-planned plot of this movie puts it a cut above its competition. It unravels with small surprises throughout, but the final scene is so unexpected, yet so logical in retrospect, that this film deserves a high "A" for its ingenuity. / By Natalie Larson

Review: She likes it, she likes it
As You Like It at the Morgan Theatre is unique and stunning, thanks to the Actors from the London Stage touring troupe. In his famous soliloquy, Jaques said, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players. And one man in his time plays many parts." This line holds true for this production. Each of the actors played three to eight roles through the course of the performance -- sometimes more than one at the same time. / By Natalie Larson

If you think this looks like fun, the Swing Club would agree with you
The president of the USU Swing Club knows ballroom, jive waltz, cha cha, meringue, paso doble, foxtrot, quickstep and tango. As far as swing goes, he says, "I focus so much on Savoy Style that I practically eat, sleep and breathe it. Just ask my friends they will tell you how crazed I am over Swing." / Text and jivin' photos by Dusty Decker


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