August 2001



USU student finds bacteria gene that repairs damage from sun, helping science better understand skin cancer
08/28/01 Working on the roof of the BNR building, student Wes Mortensen has made a discovery in his undergraduate research with bacteria that may some day help eradicate skin cancer. / By Holli Gunnell

National organization leading fight against Utah's criminal libel law
08/10/01 INDIANAPOLIS -- The Society of Professional Journalists and other media organizations are fighting to revoke Utah's antiquated criminal libel law.

American cultue lost due to lack of funding
08/03/01 The historical Festival of the American West pageant, "TheWest: America's Odyssey" preforms its final season. The pageant is closing due to cost overruns. / By Kevin King

Widtsoe Hall construction nears completion. / Photo by Kevin King

Completion of Science Learning Center is last piece of Widtsoe puzzle
08/02/01 The final part of the Widtsoe construction project, the Eccles Science Learning Center, is near completion. / By Kevin King






Faith Math: A 'Good Catholic' looks at the Mormons, and learns serenity lies in common denominators
08/31/01 Raised in a long line of Catholics, USU student Leon D'souza didn't know what to expect when he came to Utah from India. He had heard the rumors and stories, of course, because they seem to spread almost as fast as the LDS church. But then something unusual happened: He opened his dormitory door, and opened up a dialog.

Musings of a confused twentysomething
08/28/01 Contentment eludes me as my peers are constantly redefining the meaning of the word. I am unable to think about the important things in life, because to put it plainly, I don't know what they are. / By Leon D'souza





Great apes and human star make 'Planet' worth seeing . . . until the ending
Tim Burton's remake of Planet of the Apes is great. But the ending is a disappointment. / By Shawn Wolfley

Depeche Mode concert a great way to end the summer
For those of you who missed Depeche Mode in Salt Lake City, I am sorry for you. For those who don't even know who Depeche Mode is, I am sorry for you. / By Shawn Wolfley

The sun sets behind an American Indian village at the Festival of the American West. / Photo by Melissa Woods

American odyssey of culture closing
The historical Festival of the American West pageant "The West: America's Odyssey" has performed its final season. / By Kevin King

Beautiful new 'Aida' transports you to ancient Egypt
The music has Egyptian and Indian influences, and Tim Rice's words evoke emotion and also incorporate humor into Elton John's beautiful songs. / By Jami Lundahl

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