May 2003



From 'forgotten farm' to living history lesson, American West Heritage Center's come a long way
05/15/03 WELLSVILLE -- It is growing by leaps and bounds, but it hasn't strayed from its focus. / By Jacob Moon

AWARDS BANQUET: Salt Lake Tribune humor columnist Robert Kirby, pictured right, was the keynote speaker at the annual Journalism and Communications Awards Banquet, telling 85 students, faculty and guests at the David B. Haight Alumni Center on the USU campus that while a career in journalism is a license to do good for society, "don't forget to have fun, too." / Photo by Nancy Williams

USU honors journalism class of 2003, awards scholarships
05/15/03 LOGAN - The Utah State University department of journalism and communication honored 22 of its own Friday at it's annual JCOM Awards Banquet, and awarded scholarships to 15 students for the coming academic year. / By Ted Pease

Logan police department wants grant to purchase new Taser weapons
05/09/03 LOGAN -- Detective Tyson Budge of the Logan City Police Department has experienced the surg e of 50,000 volts of electricity traveling through his body. How and why are two questions that come to mind when you hear he's been shot with a new electroshock weapon called a Taser. / By Traci Fowler

North Logan prepares for future population pressures
05/03/03 NORTH LOGAN -- Growth in a small city can bring hefty changes. With roads, water and a new low-impact design demanding major chunks of the city's agenda, Mayor Val Potter says. "the challenge is to plan well and do it right." / By Rachel Jefferies

In Iraqi information war, how much information is too much?
05/03/03 The war in Iraq revived a longstanding conflict involving the news media's need for access, the public's right to know what they report, and the military's need for secrecy and safety. Related story: Embedded journalists created a new picture of war for USU students. / By Meghan Dinger and Anna Brunson

KING OF THE JUNGLE GYM: Lions Park, where the new city shop will be built, is currently a quiet, secluded area next to a gravel pit. / Photo by Tiffany Erickson

Hyde Park's city maintenance shop will park in Lions Park
05/03/03 HYDE PARK -- Along with all of the changes the City Council has planned for Lions Park, the most immediate is building the city shop and maintenance. It will be built at the extreme south end of the park and though it will be 120 feet long and 60 feet wide, the shop will hardly be visible to residents who live near it and park goers. / By Tiffany Erickson

Utahns brace for this year's Mormon cricket invasion, armed with more than seagulls
05/03/03 The state's Mormon cricket infestation will be twice as bad as it was last year, says a USU entomologist. / By Mark LaRocco


Mendonites busy gathering and preserving city history
05/15/03 Mendon is a quiet little farming community nestled tightly against the base of the majestic Wellsville Mountains. Settled in 1859 by a small group of Mormon colonists, Mendon was the second settlement established when Cache County was created in 1856, according to the city's website. / By Jamie Karras

Cache Valley has resources to help autistic children deal with life's challenges
05/14/03 Autistic spectrum disorder, which is more commonly known as autism is a developmental disorder. Autistic individuals are typically diagnosed with this syndrome between the ages of two and three. Autism changes the perspective in which a child sees the world. / By Alissa Hansen

Fried rice and noodles or pizza and potato chips?
05/14/03 Have you ever had an Asian student as a roommate? If so, did you find that you were the one to commonly complain about the smoke detector going off and your apartment reeking to no end, or were you the one begging for one more bite of that sizzling hot stirfry? / By Denise Winter

THREE'S COMPANY: Jan and Brandon Murdock attempt to gather all three children together for a photo in their Hyde Park home. / Photo by Tiffany Erickson

Good things come in three under 3, for Hyde park family
05/13/03 HYDE PARK -- Child rearing can be a lot harder than it looks. Just ask Brandon and Jan Murdock. For most couples, parenthood brings baby gates, bottles and sleepless nights; multiply that by three and you have the Murdocks. / By Tiffany Erickson

Stokes Nature Center offers resources to children and community
05/12/03 Temperatures in Cache Valley are beginning to warm up and so are the outdoor activities in Logan Canyon. One place in Logan Canyon that provides an array of activities and education for children and the community is the Stokes Nature Center. / By Mike Chidsey

Aggie ice cream: A lactose legacy
05/12/03 In 1922, under the direction of Professor Gustav Wilster, "Lacto Ice Cream" was made and tested at Utah State University. Lacto ice cream was the first and founding flavor of USU's Aggie ice cream legacy, which now has 26 different flavors and is well known throughout the world. / By Mike Chidsey

Those summer sales jobs that seem too good? Here's the scoop
05/03/03 They promise you the world. As students walk down the main hallway in the Taggart Student Center on the campus of Utah State University they are promised amazing amounts of money in just three months time. / By Jeff Burton


Millville family keeps 'king of the hill' snowmobile tradition alive
05/16/03 MILLVILLE -- Snowmobiling as a family started years ago, when the Ropelato crew scheduled a vacation day--a rather rare occasion in the life of a dairy-farming family--and ventured away from herding, feeding and milking chores to traverse local mountain terrain together. / By Hilary Judd

No matter the weather, homework or stress, intramurals are a constant presence
05/14/03 Whether sunshine, rain, sleet or snow, students at Utah State University can always counted on one thing - Intramural sports. Around the USU campus it has been said that Intramural program are the lifeblood of the school. Although education does play an essential role, the level of education would severely lack if it were not for the Intramural program, enthusiast Amanda Hall said. / By Chad S. Morris

Aggie AD Rance Pugmire: Living the life he always wanted
05/12/03 Motorcycles, cattle herding and football are a few words describing the childhood experiences of a man who has attached success in the world of athletics. Rance Pugmire, Utah State University athletic director, grew up in Hagerman, Idaho. He says being an active youth at a very young age led him to where he is today. / By Shelly Swasey


What doth a reporter make? The Jeremiah Stettler story
05/28/03 On a heavy news day, Jeremiah Stettler’s phone rings off the hook. But The Herald Journal’s city hall reporter does not grumble. He enjoys the attention. / By Leon D'Souza

Local band looking to 'play for another day'
05/22/03 BEAR RIVER CITY – On a Saturday morning the sounds of rock music can plainly be heard emanating from the basement of this northern Utah home. It doesn’t bother the neighbors much, since the nearest one lives about a half mile away. There’s not much else to do on a Saturday in Bear River City, half way between Tremonton and Brigham City, so these four friends gather to practice for their band. / By Toby G. Hayes

Stress: What it is, what it does, how you can cope better
05/13/03 Jan Brown would lead people to believe that she is a relatively happy 24-year-old. Underneath the mask of happiness, Jan (not her real name) suffers from many health problems as a result of stress in her life. / By Allison Miller

Students who own dogs should expect ruff roads ahead
05/03/03 Dogs are "man's best friend" but they require a lot of exercise, room to run around and lots of human interaction. According to Lisa Shaw from Four Paws, "Students are really busy and dogs, especially puppies, require too much time and training for them to handle." / By Carly Burns

How to plan your summer wedding while saving your pocketbook
05/03/03 Matrimonial bliss is what you may think you are going to encounter as you plan your summer wedding. However, you'll soon find out that preceding the blissful life, you must first invest a lot of time and money. And before you know it, your Dad's wallet will have a hole burnt through it. / By Lisa Cooper




One man's trash, another man's treasure
05/21/03 Dennis Smith's most recent contribution to the world of art is an accumulation of junk. Literally. / By Leon D'Souza

USU student finds peace through ballet
05/21/03 LOGAN -- For Vivian Schafer, it is more a hobby than a job. After 12 years of dancing and performing ballet, it has become her escape from the world. / By Toby G. Hayes

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