May 2002



CLUTTER AT THE YEAR'S END: What's underneath the rubble, Dr. Sweeney? Professor Mike Sweeney's office looks the worse for wear at year's end.

News analysis: Dying to be thin
05/29/02 Some people see the fen-phen settlement as being an easy way to get rich. Others simply want to be compensated somehow for the money they've spent going in and out of hospitals and for the health problems they've had to deal with because of this so-called 'wonder diet drug.' / By Karen Funk

A HANDFUL OF SCHOLARS : Five JCOM master's students graduated in May. They are, from left, Shane Hone, Marcus Perry, Dale Edwards, Mao Xuzhi and Tiffany Zachry. / Photo by Ted Pease

USU undergrad finds no evidence of invasive organism spreading from Willard Bay
05/04/02 Quinn Cannon, a senior majoring in fisheries biology at Utah State University, spent his fall semester looking for Daphnia lumholtzi in lakes and reservoirs throughout Utah and southern Idaho. After more than 55 hours of sampling and research, Cannon was certain he would find it. He found nothing. But that's good. / By Anna Brunson

Emotions erupt over Powder Mountain development in Paradise
05/02/02 PARADISE -- When someone mentions the Resort and Recreation (RR) zone here not many people know what it is -- but mention Powder Mountain and emotions erupt. / By Ginger Kelley

North Park wants another cop
05/02/02 NORTH LOGAN -- A new police officer for the North Park Police Department could bring more than law enforcement -- he or she could bring a balance to North Logan's 2003 budget. / By Jerry VanIeperen

Providence speaks out: Residents discuss pressing issues
05/02/02 PROVIDENCE -- In an unprecedented meeting Tuesday the City Council, mayor, city employees and residents came together to openly discuss the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the city. / By Heidi Thueson

Stop logging, USU professors tell Bush
05/02/02 Dr. Charles Romesburg, Dr. Barrie Gilbert, and Dr. Michelle Baker of Utah State University are among more than 200 scientists from across the nation who signed a letter to President Bush recently, urging him to end commercial logging of national forests and renew the Forest Service's original vision of forest protection.


Fertile marketing mind propels Hyrum mom to the top
Jenny Bywater was never really sure of what she wanted to be when she grew up. After a variety of jobs and a lot of hard, sometimes frustrating, work, she finally made her dream come true. / By Karen Funk

He's Paradise's Mr. Fix-it: Introducing the indefatigable Lee Atwood
"I don't know how he can put in as many hours as he does with what he makes," Alan Stock, owner of the Cracker Barrel in Paradise, said about his mayor. / By Joe Rowley

Female body baffled men in Elizabethan era, research reveals
Men in the 14th century thought that if women ate hot foods their hormones would take over, according to Stephanie Thompson, a literary studies student at Utah State University. As part of her master's degree, Thompson has been researching the rights of women and how the female body was perceived in the 1500s. / By Erika Doty

Meningitis could devastate community, USU health whiz says
Meningococcus, the bacterium causing meningitis, may not have hit USU, but senior public health education major Cherice Flitton said that if it did, it could devastate the community. / By Julie Ann Grosshans

Resident assistants make good use of enthusiasm, patience
05/15/02 Even though there is tough competition in applying, struggles in balancing time, and keeping the stress under control, becoming an R.A. can become a rewarding experience to those who work for it. / By Sarah Mulholland

Studies in 'magic realism' keep the pot boiling for master's student
05/04/02 Carey Emmons believes that the use of magic realism has allowed Chicana women to create a new voice for themselves in their literature. Magic realism allows the Latin American female authors to "revise history" by giving the women in the novels more power than they or have now, Emmons said. / By Hilary Ingoldsby

'Blunt as a falling safe,' Providence councilman speaks his mind
05/04/02 Victor Saunders certainly finds plenty of opportunity to say it like it is. Between acting as the director of development at Utah State University, a city councilman in Providence, and a dedicated husband and father, he interacts with throngs of people daily. / By Heidi Thueson

Richmond growing slowly, slowly
05/04/02 The population growth of Richmond has stayed relatively small and internal compared with other communities surrounding Logan. / By Heather Williams

River Heights ignored by early settlers, then started life as Dry Town
05/04/02 RIVER HEIGHTS -- Long after the first trappers and traders came to Cache Valley, early inhabitants disregarded a small area of land located above Logan river because of its arid qualities. That small piece of land has now become the beautiful and prosperous town of River Heights. / By Matt Stephens

Cowabunga! Richmond Black and White Days coming in mid-May
05/04/02 RICHMOND -- Black and White Days is nearing and festivities are planned for the enjoyment of all who enjoy a Holstein dairy show. / By Heather Williams

140 years of May Queens in Mendon
05/04/02 MENDON -- It was time. All the girls had been assembled and their names had been written on small slips of paper. Excitement filled the room. The girls conversed among themselves, waiting in anticipation for the event that brought them all together -- the selection of this year's May Queen. / By Andrea Nixon

Crocuses: first flowers of spring. / Photo by Will Bettmann


Opinion: There's nothing better than minor league ball
Minor league baseball allows for great experiences on both sides of the ball. If you haven't already, go see a game or follow the games occasionally. You might spot a star in the making. / By Sam Springer

Wyoming prep basketball star signs with USU
Without question, Tony Brown will be missed. A rebuilding process is necessary, though and the Utah State University men's basketball team jumped off to an early start signing Evanston High School top-scoring standout Jaycee Carroll. / By Julie Ann Grosshans


'Supernatural' animals inhabit our everyday lives, grad student says
05/04/02 While sitting quietly in a room, all of a sudden two cats jump up and run to the closed door, expecting . . . waiting . . . for something. The human doesn't hear anything and becomes frightened. Lynne McNeill, a Utah State University student, studying folklore, calls it the "creepy cat stare" when her cats, "Oddly Familiar," "Co-dependent," and "Everyday," do this. / By Sarah Mulholland

Millville fifth-grade teacher emphasizes connecting knowlege in the big picture
05/04/02 Scott Carles arrives at work each morning at 5:30, eagerly planning and awaiting the 25 sets of hands that he will see that day. / By Meghan Dinger


Nothing beats hunting whitetails in the Lone Star state
05/29/02 If you have never experienced it, you owe it to yourself to find a lease and get in on best whitetail deer hunting you will find anywhere in the US. / By Sam Springer

An insider's explanation: The Masons build buildings . . . and better men
05/04/02 Freemasonry is not a secret society, but we are a society with secrets. These secrets are only in symbolic definition and their meanings. We use the plumb, for instance, to measure ourselves against what we have done and what we wish to accomplish. The best-known symbols are the square and compasses. The square is used to square us against our actions. The compass is used to make straight our direction in life. / By Greg Johanson

Movie ratings: What you see is what you get?
05/02/02 As an avid movie connoisseur I am often appalled at why certain movies receive the ratings they do. In my 25 plus years of life, I have noticed a decline in the movie rating system. / By Dustin Willmore


Latin American art, clothing highlighted in Hyrum
HYRUM -- If you were looking for a bit of culture last weekend, you wouldn't have had to look any farther than right here in Cache Valley. The Elite Hall in Hyrum was packed with art and clothing from Peru to Argentina, as the city hosted a Latin American art exhibit. / By Shanna Nielsen

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