July 2001



Lightning storms lit up the Logan skies late Friday and early Saturday. Several storm systems have moved through Cache Valley in the last week, but few have brought any moisture with them. / Photo by Liz Hobson

River rat researches canyon while running rapids
07/17/01Maybe you've driven alongside the Green River as it flows through Desolation and Gray Canyons in Utah. The river and canyons create a majestic scene of the beauty found in nature, especially in the West. The tranquil river helped form towering sandstone cliffs, with the gorge as deep as the Grand Canyon in some places, and there is an abundance of wildlife in the area. / By Mike Grubbs

Plans would keep snowmobiles out of three parts of Logan Canyon
07/12/01 The winter forest plan revision is out for the Wasatch-Cache National Forest and some locals aren't happy. The plan, which is set to have its final decision made in 2002, may include the closing to snow machines in three canyons located in Logan Canyon. / By Jami Lundahl

Sam Ross, a retired F-16 gunman, tells the members of the Boys & Girls Club about his experiences in World War II. Ross was in the "gunnery seat" for more than nine hours during one mission. The club visited Hill Aerospace Museum in Roy on Friday for its weekly field trip. / Photo by Liz Hobson

What makes a successful bankruptcy? USU student's research sheds light on the best ways out of a financial hole
07/06/01 USU student Samuel Brand has found that the most common reason for bankruptcy is going into debt to purchase a home. He also found that the age group most prone to filing bankruptcy ranges for 35 to 40. Bankruptcy is such a complicated subject that it is hard to pinpoint one thing that causes it. / By Tricia Payne


Photos by
Liz Hobson

Good works: Leonard Ottis of Sun City, Ariz., hammers in the last piece of siding around the door of the new Southern Baptist Church in Hyrum on Highway 165. Ottis and Herbert Rogers of Brunswick, Ga., (foreground) are members of S.O.W.E.R.S. (Servants On Wheels Ever Ready). They are among more than 4,000 members who travel across the United States, volunteering their time to build Baptist churches. Above right, Brad Stewart, left, and Herbert Rogers finish the trim on the roof of the new Southern Baptist Church. Expected to hold its first service Oct. 1, the church is more than 6,700 square feet and has been built completely by volunteers.

An unwanted visit from a brown recluse spider spells grief for USU student in France
07/12/01 When she left to study for a month in France, Melanie Nelson, a student at Utah State University, never gave her safety a second thought. In fact she was bothered when she saw that insurance was included in the price of her program. / By Kalleen Kidd

Cars get pampered at the Cruise-In
07/12/01 For 13 years Bruce Black of Logan has entered his 1969 sleek blue Camaro in the annual Cache Valley Cruise-In.The annual event, last week at the county fairgrounds, draws thousands of car lovers. / By Shawn Wolfley

Varoom! Click the photo above for a selection of pictures from the Cache Cruise-In last week. / Posterized photo by Melissa Woods

Music can make you feel literally better, professor says
07/06/01 Music can change your mood in seconds and cause you to feel happy and sad. It can also heal the sick. According to Dr. Elizabeth York, a professor at Utah State University, it can do all of those things and much more. / By Shawn Wolfley

USU flies high with summer program for pilots
07/05/01 Utah State University is offering a summer program that allows anyone from 18 to 40 years old to get his or her pilot's license. The program was designed as a way for high school students to get a head start on a degree in aviation. The program then extended to the public, allowing other people interested in a private flying license to get one in just eight weeks. / By Jami Lundahl


Fender bender, anyone?: The Gumby car (silver station wagon, top photo), sponsored by Colby Tire, placed second in both the first and championship heat in Saturday night's demolition derby at the Logan City Fairgrounds. The driver, known simply as "Gumby" was a crowd favorite for hits such as the one at top. In the photo immediately above, Colby Ellis (35) won both the first and championship heats. Colby Tires' three cars finished in the top three spots in the main event. Ellis was one of the most aggressive drivers in the derby. / Photos by Liz Hobson

One of Utah's best-kept secrets
Logan River Golf Course is one of the best-kept secrets in Utah. It is not the longest course in the state, but it is one of the tightest. There is water on every hole on the course except for five holes. / By Shawn Wolfley


Women's lib and bollywood belles
07/03/01 On September 7, 1968, Americans witnessed a rebellion they had least expected. Young women in the civil rights and anti-war movements, and within the left and liberal movements, organized a protest where they knew the television cameras would be - the Atlantic City Miss America pageant. / By Leon D'souza

LIfe beyond school and a career
07/03/01 Many times I have pondered the thought of what it means for someone to actually graduate from college and have their education make a difference in the world we live in. / By Brandon Boone


Ring registration: Volunteers from the Boys & Girls Club of Cache Valley and radio station KBLQ register participants in the Ring-O-Ring-O-Rosies Saturday afternoon at the Cache Valley Mall. Residents of Cache Valley gathered in the northeast parking lot to attempt a world record for the biggest "Ring around the Rosies." With a goal of 1,500, only 586 people showed up to try to break the record held by residents of England. Participants established the U.S. record. / Photo by Liz Hobson

A new found love for summer
07/26/01I have dreaded summer all my life. When everyone around me is getting spring fever, I start getting summer blues. My ideal day starts out with a hot cup of coffee followed by looking out the window and seeing a huge, winter storm. / By Jami Lundahl

Simple computing on the cheap: Introducing India's new Simputer
07/17/01 It might It looks deceptively like one of those trendy Palmtops that the upwardly mobile flaunt in this age when technology has become the newest fashion accessory. But the Simputer is more powerful than a Palm, and it is not targeted at the affluent few. / By Leon D'souza


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