April 1999


Rape In Cache County
4/9/99Contrary to popular belief, the number of reported rape cases in Cache County is up, according to Rebeka Alpisa, Director of Victim Services for Cache County.

Ninth Annual Take Back the Night Program held at USU
4/7/99The ninth annual Take Back the Night program, supporting Sexual Assault Awareness Month, was held last night is the TSC.

Take Back the Night has become a yearly tradition at USU after a national Take Back the Night campaign which is a women's march.

USU lecturer speaks of link between cancer and environment
4/20/99 There is a link between the chemicals we put in the environment and health problems, particularly cancer among women, according to cancer survivor Sandra Steingraber. Steingraber spoke at the Arts and Lectures convocation Thursday afternoon about her reasons why there is a dramatic increase in cancer.

Environmental issues brought to the table in 'High Country News'
4/14/99 The last speaker for USU Communications department's Media and Society Lecture Series discussed the trends of thought he sees in the culture of the West on Thursday. Ed Marston spoke of his own experiences in the Western United States and the role he plays within it as publisher of "High Country News", an environmental issues newspaper based in Paonia, Colo.


USU students help support Utah wilderness
4/9/99 Fifteen USU students didn't have biking, hiking, backpacking or boating in mind when they headed for sunny Southern Utah last weekend. Instead, they spent their Saturday mapping, photographing, measuring, surveying and analyzing. The students, members of USU's ECOS (Ecological Coalition of Students), spent the weekend in the San Rafael Swell as volunteers, collecting data to help support pro-wilderness legislation.

ACLU president speaks at USU
4/2/99American Civil Liberties Union president Nadine Strossen wants to prevent government from acting as the "Big Brother" of cyberspace.

She compared current legislation that censors online free speech to George Orwell¹s fictional thought police during her lecture in USU¹s Taggart Student Center Ballroom on Thursday.

Safety a concern as Nibley prepares to open new elementary school
4/1/99 NIBLEY -- All joking was put aside on April Fool's Day as the City Council discussed safety issues surrounding the opening of the new Nibley city elementary school.

The school, located at 2600 S. 660 West, is set to open its doors this fall. The major concerns the council voiced to Deputy Craig Maughan, Nibley's area representative from the Cache County Sheriff's Office, involved traffic and crosswalks.

Cemetery for North Logan debated
4/1/99 NORTH LOGAN -- Although it was April Fool's Day, there were no tricks or pranks at the City Council meeting when members discussed building a cemetery.

Land on 2300 North and 1600 East is being considered for a cemetery but little has been done because of the desire council members have for another city to go in with them.

River Heights enacting neighborhood watch program
4/1/99 RIVER HEIGHTS -- In a time when many Americans no longer trust their neighbors, River Heights residents have begun using their neighbors as a resource to keep their neighborhoods safe.

Less than a month ago, River Height's neighborhood watch program was still just an idea in its formative stage. Now, under the supervision of City Council Member Wanda Rhodes, it's in full swing.


There really is brain food
"We need to learn to embrace health or to fight a war against disease," said David Mickel at a seminar about whole, natural foods in the Eccles Conference Center.Mickel and his wife Cindy are representatives for Brain Garden, a company started by Don Tolman to encourage better use of the brain and good eating habits. / By Tara Bench

Finding a path to artistic freedom
4/9/99 Placing works of art on campus creates a visual reminder for students, faculty and the public of the spirit of USU.

Mountain men and women rendezvous in Cache
4/1/99 For 25 years, the members of the Old Ephraim Mountain Man Club have gotten together to relive the era of beaver traps, teepees and individualism.

Best of the sweets go toward fighting breast cancer
4/30/99 Five winning recipes will help increase public awareness of breast cancer in northern Utah.


Aggie golfers perform under par
4/7/99The Utah State golf team placed a disappointing 19th in the 19-team Spalding/Anteater Invitational on March 29-30 at the Coto de Caza North Golf Club in Irvine, Calif.

Get outta my lane!
4/2/99The 75th annual Utah State Bowling Association Tournament began on March 6 at Olympus Hills Lanes in Salt Lake City and will run every weekend until April 11.

What used to be a tournament for men only is now open to women, something which displeases some Utah bowlers.

Aggies defensive back Carty could go high in draft
4/17/99Traditionally, the NFL draft has not been a haven for Utah State football players.

Local athletes hit the draft
4/22/99Johndale Carty was selected by the Atlanta Falcons, making him the first Aggie taken in the draft in nearly a decade.

Singer/athlete/popular guy London McBride has just 'Gotta be me
4/22/99As we stood in the frigid Logan rain watching the end of an Aggie football practice, London McBride jokingly harasses his ex-teammates. He grabs a trainer and puts her in a playful headlock while heckling his buddies.

After a month off, USU golfers look to get back on course
4/23/99The Aggies, who are looking to rebound from a 19th-place finish at the Spalding Anteater Invitational in Coto de Caza, Calif., March 29-30, should be able to turn it around this weekend at the Riverside Country Club.

Soccer is life, in one form or another, for Katrina Morrison
4/23/99As a child, Katrina Morrison played soccer well and dreamed of someday making it big in the sport. She may yet make it big, but perhaps not as a player. And that's apparently OK.


Baseball is tradition, not global marketing
(4/20/99) Imagine that you go to a baseball game at historic Wrigley Field. Your favorite team is the Chicago Cubs and the starting line-ups are being announced..."Playing right field, No. 21, Sammy Sosa!" Something's different, though. There's a patch on the right sleeve of Sosa's uniform. No, it's not big glasses with beady little eyes behind them honoring long-time Cubs broadcaster Harry Carey who died before the 1998 season opener. Rather, it's a picture of a newspaper, advertising the Chicago Tribune which owns the Cubs. "This can't be right," you say, "it's just a dream." / By Wade Denniston

Getting a fair assessment of your health
There's nothing quite as satisfying as having just purchased a pair of five-dollar-95 percent-off-trendy-platform shoes, eating a Parmesan pretzel, and chatting about mammograms simultaneously.Saturday morning I went to the Cache Valley Mall completely focused on getting new running shoes. But, for me, going to the mall with a goal is almost as realistic as making an agenda "Things to Do When I Get to Heaven." So, I was side-tracked and spent two hours running from booth to booth at the annual Cache Valley Health Fair. (I was also side-tracked by JC Penny's red CLEARANCE signs, pulling me into their force fields.)

New baseball season promises more of the same
(4/2/99) Fresh roasted peanuts, hot dogs with all the fixin's, ice cold beer, sunflower seeds galore, the Green Monster in Fenway Park, the ivy-covered outfield wall in Wrigley Field, Tiger Stadium . . .


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