June 2003



County landfill site to be selected soon
06/16/03 If all goes as planned, Cache Valley will have a site for its new landfill this fall. / By Marie Griffin

Utah braces for summer fire season; fireworks restrictions will be enforced
06/12/03 Another dry summer is upon us and though most Utah fire marshals have not yet declared restrictions, there is a good chance they will be just as restrictive as last year. / By Tiffany Erickson


MORMON CRICKETS: They are hungry; they have bad attitudes; and they are coming our way. A Mormon cricket, above, was one of many swarming over Interstate 80 recently near Winnemucca, Nev., about 200 miles west of Logan. The insects are about 2 to 3 inches long and can jump almost high enough to reach the step of a Subaru Forester door. The bad news is, not many are headed west. / Photo by John H. Cushman

Speech pathology grad recalls feeling 'stupid' over her own mispronunciations
06/16/03 Some time in the second grade when she was 7, Maggie Anderson, who had trouble with the letter "S," suddenly realized that the other kids weren’t leaving the classroom to get special help like her. She realized she was different. She realized she had a problem. She realized she was "stupid." / By Meghan Dinger

What a long, strange trip for former Deadhead, from discontent to determination
06/16/03 Six years ago Jill Heffner lay in a La-Z-Boy recliner in her living room with a midwife coaxing her to "get on top of the pain." / By Jasmine Michaelson

Life in two cultures a maze for a Hmong named 'crazy rat on opium'
06/16/03 Na Vongsa Vue was only 21 when he was asked to marry. But Vue had other plans. He wanted to marry a woman he loved instead of a stranger. Even so, he could not deny the fact that he was betrothed. He was forced. And things got nasty when he wanted a way out. / By Christopher Loke

Non-traditional student goes from party hippie to DVD producer, German scholar
06/16/03 Sipping on a "Hippie Speed Ball" (an iced, quadruple shot espresso, mocha) at Caffe' Ibis and flipping through the Fall 2003 course catalog, Utah State University student Chris Lott, now age 30, talks about why he decided to start his college career at the age of 26. / By Jill Heffner

Tiffany Erickson, left, and her mother, Joan, enjoy the year-end journalism department banquet.

For a growing number of Utahns, the question of race is complex (and just dying to be asked)
06/16/03 "I'm African-American, Samoan, and white," Tiffany Erickson says when people finally ask the question that's been bugging them. Cache Valley's multiracial population is small but growing. / By Jonas Manuel

Star Coulbrook: Writing makes good medicine in women's lives
06/16/03 "I walked out of school the day I turned 16," said Star. "Back all those years ago you could go tell the principal, 'I'm not learning anything and I'm leaving.'" / By Tiffany Erickson




Somebody's Attic a collective labor of love
06/16/03 Born in the basement of another downtown business donating a yearly sum of $10,000 to charities, the Attic now resides in a clean (if not old) and spacious two-story building all its own on 100 North, just west of Main Street. And last year alone it donated more than $70,000 to local charities. / By Jasmine Michaelson

Chinese student's independent streak includes secret marriage
06/16/03 Computer science doctoral student Jing Hu had a successful life in Shanghai, but he needed challenges. He found them at USU, including the difficulty of a long-distance marriage that he has kept secret from loved ones in China. / By Wenlan Xu




Like his public art, bipolar artist's life deceptively natural-looking
06/16/03 In the middle of a cream-colored brick wall that stretches five stories in Utah State's Eccles Science Learning Center hang three tan panels, each about 5 feet by 5 feet. The panels feature purple-gray, three-dimensional depictions of a manta ray, a leaf and a mollusk shell and appear to be carved sandstone. Who would guess they are really Styrofoam? / By Myrica Hawker

Craftsman carving his name in lore of hunting knives
06/16/03 In the basement of his home, in a room no bigger than your average tub, tile and toilet lavatory, Gary Etherington spends anywhere from 10 to 30 hours sawing, sanding and shaping a single knife. / By Karina Fain

In 'Rolling Stone,' slick packaging, commercial photographer's work grabs the buyer's eye
06/16/03 "Give me a look that tells me I am making a wise purchase," Chris Dunker says. With a change of music, U2, the model gets back on the bike and pretends to ride the exercise equipment, and this time she gets it, the self- knowing look. / By Jill Heffner


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