June 2002



Tougher NCAA rules force USU athletes to hit the books hard
In 1983 the NCAA passed Proposition 48. This mandated student-athletes to reach certain academic eligibility requirements in order to compete for Division I colleges. / By Julie Ann Grosshans


DARK SKY: Logan and the canyons at night. / Photo by Ted Pease

Valley volunteer program helps improve literacy
Founded in Cache Valley in 1987 by VISTA (Volunteers In Service to America) volunteer Cindy Yurth, Bridgerland Literacy started with only a handful of volunteers working out of a cardboard box in the Richmond, Utah library. / By Samantha Nicholas

They don't throw punches like their namesake, but they sure send freshman stress packing: Meet USU's very own A-Team
The gold chains can't be found. Mr. T and the crew have disappeared. The A-team may just be a fond childhood memory to generation-Xers, but to Utah State University students, the A-Team saved them from freshman stress. / By Erika Doty

Rocky road ahead for USU elementary teacher
Jennifer Shaw's alarm sounds at 5 a.m. She creeps out of her bed tip-toeing out to the front room, as to not awake her roommate, and sits in front of a brightly painted purple, blue and yellow painted dresser where she puts on her make-up and curls her blonde shoulder length hair. she's not headed to Utah State University for an early morning class although she is a college senior. She's on her way to elementary school. / By Hilary Ingoldsby


Tiger Woods preps local golfer for company tourney?
06/06/02 "Golf is in the air, everywhere I look around," sang some illustrious singer. And I couldn't agree more. Ah, Spring! The weather clears, the birds come back and golf is in full swing. / By Matt Eichner


Just a normal teenager with an invisible disability: A struggling high schooler's story
06/27/02 Emily, 18, looks like any other high school senior ready to move on to college. Except that she has to prop her elbow on her dresser to prevent her arm from shaking while she does her makeup. / By Anna Brunson

From Communism to Mormonism to motherhood, it's been a heck of a ride for Magda Wojinska Stone
06/21/02 It's a long way from Lodz, Poland to Logan, Utah. But when Magda Eva Wojinska made the trip, she came even farther than the physical distance. / By Anna Brunson





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