September 1999


AEJMC members criticize court ruling allowing censorship of student productions
9/21/99 Communication scholars attack a federal court ruling that lets Kentucky State University censor and confiscate student publications.

Media scholars attack Congress' 'flag-burning' amendment attempts
9/21/99 AEJMC members ask: If flag burning is made illegal, what's next?

Just how close did America come to World War III? Jack Anderson has an idea
9/22/99 Just the facts, ma'am, are what nationally syndicated columnist Jack Anderson says he wants, and what he gave to USU students.

Click here for full text of Jack Anderson speech, Sept. 22, 1999
9/22/99 It's about surviving and thriving in the 20th century and beyond.

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Click here for a longer video clip of Anderson's speech

The North Logan library will open its doors Nov. 2
9/27/99 The staff is busy cataloging books and getting furniture ready for the grand opening of a showcase library.

Council approves plan to guarantee sidewalks in Millville Hill subdivision
"Let's have our bases covered," says council member Rodney Hobbs, as the City Council endorses an escrow proposal.

Millville crossing guard promoting safety near school
9/27/99 Forty-five minutes in the morning, and 45 in the afternoon, is Kathryn Johnson's prescription to reduce risk.

Providence PTA asks for a 6-foot fence
9/27/99 "I have seen balls kicked into the street and the kids chase after them without hesitation to get those balls," says Monica Fronk.

Journalists must know the Utah laws on records and meetings or suffer consequences, experts say
9/21/99 The laws on open meetings by public bodies and on access to public records are often violated, but usually that's because so many public officials in Utah are ignorant of the law, two Deseret News journalists say.

Smithfield city officials debate a 6 percent energy tax
9/27/99 According to the ordinance, a 6 percent franchise fee would be established for individuals and businesses who are involved in the sale of propane, natural gas or electricity.

USU President Emert emphasizes need for service
9/17/99 Utah State University faculty do a good job, but they must do more than teach students in the classroom, the university's president said Tuesday in his annual address.

Wellsville subdivision plans are held up

9/19/99 Questions about the application of state laws on the sale of land have put the brakes on a Wellsville subdivision.

Driveway on Meadowlark Lane in Smithfield debated
9/19/99 A landowner says he wants to be a good neighbor and is willing to obtain the proper access to his property.

Who is using Smithfield water without paying for it?
9/19/99 The City Council is told that some residents are benefiting from the irrigation system without paying the required fees.

Hyrum's library checking out 1,000 books a day
9/17/99 The books literally are taking over the space, as Hyrum's library collection has increased tenfold since its founding.

It's outdated to blame California about what's happened to the Colorado River, professor says
9/19/99 The Colorado River isn't the nation's biggest or longest, but so many people depend on it that it is becoming increasingly crucial, according to a USU assistant professor in the geography and earth resources department.

River Heights is confused about zoning of Lamplighter Street
The River Heights City Council tried to determine Tuesday night whether 1983's Council had contradicted itself on a zoning issue. Until the council met Sept. 14, Lamplighter Street was zoned for single residences and for duplexes. The duplexes were required to have front yard widths of 100 feet.

Newsrooms suffer a lack of diversity
9/18/99 The tendency for employers to hire people like them affects minorities chances of being hired.


Hyrum Museum boasts the Utah volunteer of the year
Valoie Albrecht loves the old stuff (and even the new stuff is old) in the town's historical collection.

The art of switching ears, and other observations of the first cold morning
9/28/99 "How ya doin'?" . . . "Good," the woman responds, her right ear tucked to her shoulder, exposing the left to the elements. "I've got my hot chocolate. It's all good." She switches ears.

October is Crunch Time for a professor's sweet apples in North Logan
(9/27/99) Right in the middle of North Logan are 11 acres of 950 apple trees, in 14 varieties.

Nibley Elementary opens to new sound: "A-B-C . . ."

(9/27/99) "You just have to say when and you will have a line up at your door," Nibley Elementary School Principal Bill Lindauer says of the town's commitment to helping its new school.

Concert review: You should have caught these Phish
(9/17/99) Boise was the site of an eclectic, swaying mix of sound that you just didn't want to end.

'Forcing' some color and fragrance into your winter home
Creating an indoor garden in the winter can be easy. Following some simple steps, and for very little money, you can beat those winter blues with color and fragrance.

Remember when going to a movie didn't bankrupt you?
The theater in Lewiston has something to say about the high cost of going to arts and plays: $1.50.


You want offense this Friday? USU has some to compare with BYU's
(9/29/99) It's showtime in Cache Valley, against a Top 10 offensive Cougar machine. But don't count the Aggies out just yet. They also sport a highly talented offense, one that is ranks high in the NCAA, at No. 17.

Anything less than victory at Boise State will be a disappointment
(9/30/99) The volleyball squad travels to matches in Boise and Moscow. By far, the University of Idaho presents the bigger challenge.

After losing to Weber, Aggies look to improve

(9/23/99) Fifth-ranked Long Beach State presents a challenge to the USU volleyball team. At the least, the Aggies aim to cut down on their errors.

Golf team is starting to get that good feeling
(9/23/99) The Aggies finish 10th out of 24 teams, and they had a shot to be in the top five. Golfer Casey Beck says a big step up could just be a matter of time.

Sky View can't put brakes on Weber ground attack
(9/17/99) SMITHFIELD -- After watching the Weber Warriors pummel the Bobcats 37-7, the big question facing Sky View Coach Perry Christensen was, "What happened to the defensive line?"

A foot away from a much more interesting game
(9/19/99)How close was the game between USU and the University of Utah? Ask the referees . . . or the Aggies' head coach.

The saddest words in Aggie football are ''It might have been'
(9/5/99) Sure, Utah State University took it on the chin in its opening game at Georgia, but the final score of 38-7 doesn't give any justice as to how close the game actually was.

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