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WINTER Wear: An avocet wades in the Bear River to look for a tasty snack. The bird's black-and-white winter plumage heralds the onset of cold weather. / Photo by Mike Sweeney

Today's word on journalism

Sunday, November 13, 2005

On journalists during wartime (for Veterans Day):

"[I]n the news media that covered the war both overseas and domestically, journalists also were willing to cooperate and do their
part. The public did not see journalists (and journalists did not see themselves) as being against the team. Journalists were part of the team. Some, such as roving correspondent Ernie Pyle, repeatedly visited combat zones even though they did not have to do so, and they paid with their lives."

--Michael S. Sweeney, press historian, 2001 (from "Secrets of Victory," about censorship during WWII)

Aggies put an end to four-game losing streak, beat Montana State, 5-2

Photo by Bertrand Leroy

By Jerome le Carrou

October 28, 2005 | The Utah State Aggies hockey team beat the Montana State Hellcats Thursday night at the Eccles Ice Center and improved to 5-1-7.

"That's a win," Aggies coach Jerry Crossley said. " We could have played better, but we have been losing for a little while. It's good to get back to win the game."

The Eccles was less crowded than usual to see the Hellcats take the lead with 9:50 to play in the first period. On a Hellcats power play, the Aggies' defense couldn't control the puck after a first shot on goalie Greg Finatti, and Hellcat Dan Ross put the puck in the back of the net.

The Aggies got on the board four minutes later. Josh Groves, who was named offensive player of the game, touched the puck enough to put it into the net, after a first shot by Aggie Brett Fryslie.

Groves said the award was "pretty cool. I am just glad I scored."

The second period was held on a fast pace, but the Aggies struggled to convert their opportunities into goals.

"We are struggling," Crossley said. "We have to be more aggressive about going into the net."

Fryslie said, "We have been giving up a lot of goals lately, and we are not a team who is going to score 15, 16 in a game. We are not built for that."

The Aggies put a lot of pressure on the Hellcats during most of the second period. After missing some easy shots, the Aggies finally converted one. Aggie Fryslie scored his second goal of the season with 4:27 to play.

Fryslie said after that, the Hellcats had no solutions. Fryslie said the Hellcats had either to "pick it up or shut up."

The third period began the same way as the second. The Aggies controlled the puck, and didn't let a lot of room for the Hellcats to come back.

Roy opened the third period with a goal. He scored with 18:28 to play after an assist by William Winsa.

Crossley said, "I have been really pleased with Mikel [Roy]. Give me 10 guys like him and we are going to have a good team."

The Aggies' defense did a great job, but on the other hand the offense still struggled in the third period.
Crossley said the defense has been carrying the team to "a certain point."

The Aggies scored their third goal with 7:31 to play. After a pressure by Aggie Jordan Francom on the center of the ice, defensive player Scotty John took a shot from the left side and scored.

The Aggies gave up a goal with 3:44 to play as Hellcat Ross scored the team's second of the night. With the hope to tie, the Hellcats removed their goalie and add another player on the ice with one minute to play. This tactic didn't work as Aggie Winsa scored in the empty goal after a pass from Robert Hashimoto with 29 second to play.

The Aggies had 26 shots on goals during the game.

The Aggies didn't spend a lot of minutes in the penalty box against the Hellcats.

Aggie Fryslie said the referee did a really good job. Fryslie said no fights broke out and he said the referee just let them play the game. He said the referee was probably the best they have had for the season.

Crossley said, "It was an entirely different atmosphere on the team and on the bench tonight. We won. We had a lot of discussions. We have got to be smarter."

The Aggies will face Metro State Saturday night at the ice center. Puck will drop at 8 p.m.


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