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WINTER Wear: An avocet wades in the Bear River to look for a tasty snack. The bird's black-and-white winter plumage heralds the onset of cold weather. / Photo by Mike Sweeney

Today's word on journalism

Friday, November 11, 2005

On journalists during wartime (for Veterans Day):

"[I]n the news media that covered the war both overseas and domestically, journalists also were willing to cooperate and do their
part. The public did not see journalists (and journalists did not see themselves) as being against the team. Journalists were part of the team. Some, such as roving correspondent Ernie Pyle, repeatedly visited combat zones even though they did not have to do so, and they paid with their lives."

--Michael S. Sweeney, press historian, 2001 (from "Secrets of Victory," about censorship during WWII)


Lewiston gets recognition from state for Halloween activities

By Sarah Ali

October 22, 2005 | LEWISTON -- The town of Lewiston has received recognition by the state library representative for its Halloween activities. Councilwoman Cindy Johnson said, "He was blown away by how much we're going to do."

Julie Bergeson, city recorder said, "for a little library, it was doing a good job."

The library and theater youth council of Lewiston, which is sponsoring the event, has two main activities planned for Oct. 29. A trunk-or-trick held in the parking lot across from the city building will begin at 5 p.m. and last for half an hour. Everyone in the community is invited to bring their children and walk around the lot trick-or-treating.

"It's an alternative to walking around the city -- people just sit in the back end of their car and get to see all the little spooks. It's really fun," Bergeson said.

Then the action will move into the building where there will be a Halloween carnival complete with games including a cake walk on stage, coin toss and darts. The carnival will also have food and the library has received its food handlers permit, "which is a big deal these days," Bergeson said.

The youth council decided to cancel the Monday night movie, Dark Water, for the carnival. "They didn't want to have competition between the movie theater and carnival," Johnson said. She also noted that it would result in a lower monthly income from the theater, and the city would need to take that into account next month.

During the city council meeting on Oct. 18, Johnson extended an invitation to all those who were in attendance to come to the carnival. "It will be lots of fun," Johnson said. Johnson reminded the council members to remember to bring cakes for the games.

Other items of business that were covered during the council meeting included:
-- Approval of monthly expenses as submitted.
-- Approval of ordinance 2005-06, concerning the cities water distribution in regards to new developments, turning agricultural land into residential, industrial and commercial uses.
-- Approval of ordinance 2005-07, amending the current zoning regulations.
-- Mayor report on Junk ordinance, city would assist canal company in installation of drainage pipes on streets intersecting with current drainage systems.
-- Tabled the road repairs participation, to include canal company in cost discussions.
-- Approval of ordinance against dumping at cemetery, a sign will be posted.


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