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WINTER Wear: An avocet wades in the Bear River to look for a tasty snack. The bird's black-and-white winter plumage heralds the onset of cold weather. / Photo by Mike Sweeney

Today's word on journalism

Friday, November 11, 2005

On journalists during wartime (for Veterans Day):

"[I]n the news media that covered the war both overseas and domestically, journalists also were willing to cooperate and do their
part. The public did not see journalists (and journalists did not see themselves) as being against the team. Journalists were part of the team. Some, such as roving correspondent Ernie Pyle, repeatedly visited combat zones even though they did not have to do so, and they paid with their lives."

--Michael S. Sweeney, press historian, 2001 (from "Secrets of Victory," about censorship during WWII)


Best thrills and chills? Our reviewer checks out Cache Valley's corn mazes

By Angel Larsen

October 18, 2005 | As Halloween approaches it's time to find that awesome costume, buy the trick-or-treat candy and attempt the perfect corn maze. Having covered the first two items efficiently, I am now attempting Cache Valley's three corn mazes to find the scariest, the best deal for my dollar, and the most family-oriented mazes.

Little Bear River Bottoms
Little Bear River Bottoms occupies about 20 acres with three mazes: the Beginning Maze for children, the Aztec Puzzle Maze for middle difficulty and the Loop-de-Loop Maze for experts. Being only an amateur, the Aztec Puzzle Maze captured my attention. Flashlight in hand I began my journey into the Ancient Aztec world of corn with my hint: think a temple and avoid 40s. Forty-five minutes later, with my confidence shattered, I exited the maze. Wanting to boost my confidence I attempted the Beginning Maze. Gladly I report I made it out in five minutes but I still managed to get lost once. It is good Corn Maze 101 is not taught at Utah State, or I would fail.

I can admit defeat so I took the corn ride. I soon discovered this is not any ordinary corn ride but I am vowed to silence. Having made it out of the corn ride alive I neared the Haunted Hollow. Screams ventured all night from this corn. Rounding the first corner I found... My pride wounded but having survived I enjoyed the Little Bear River Bottoms' mazes and trails. With the variety available these mazes are the best choice for cost-conscious college corn mazers but too haunted for small children.

If you go
Admission: Adults $6, Children (4-12) $3, Students w/ID $5, Family $20. Corn Ride $1 per person
Hours: Monday - Thursday 5-10 p.m., Friday 5-11 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.-11 p.m.
Phone: 435-770-5226
Location: Wellsville, south of Wellsville Burger King on east side of Hwy 89-91
Concessions: Soda Pop/Cocoa $1.50, Hot Dog $1.50, Candy 75 cents, Ring Pop 50 cents
Extras: restrooms, lots of parking, group activities (movies or personal haunting if requested before visiting), Glow Stick $1, Spooky Eyeglasses $3, Sword $2, Skeleton Hands 50 cents, Flashlights $2 or $4, Fluff Ball $3.

American West Heritage Center
Second, I visited the American West Heritage Center's 7-acre unhaunted corn maze. In the maze I discovered what the maze's cutter meant by when he just drove around without a purpose. I wandered around to find dead end after dead end. Passing a family of two children we laughed about how we kept running into each other. Rounding the last corner I exited within 40 minutes. Sadly, the family beat me. Having the Center right there to warm up after the corn maze was nice. I also enjoyed how the maze trails were wider than Little Bear River Bottom's maze. I did not feel like the corn was going to attack me. With the discount it is the cheapest of the mazes but unhaunted. Families with young children should try this maze because of its size and possibility of warming up inside with cocoa.

If you go:
Admission: Adults $5, Seniors $4, Children (3-11) $3, Students w/ID $4
Hours: Monday - Saturday 5-10 p.m.
Phone: 435-245-6050 WWW:
Location: 4025 S. Highway 89-91,Wellsville (Go south on Highway 89-91 until few miles before Burger King and turn right, watch for sign)
Concessions: Hot Cocoa 50 cents, Doughnut 50 cents
Extras: restrooms, paved parking lot, fire pit, Center building with gift shop and museum

Green Canyon Farms
Last was the Green Canyon Farms' 13-acre maze shaped like a haunted house with bats and a fence. Besides just finding the exit, I was to look for Corneleus, a piece of corn with a glow in the dark face painted on it, for a free t-shirt. I wandered into a family with small children. The father informed me to go to the generator noise. I turned left and right and the noise came closer and closer until I found the concession stand. I thought I had found the end but it was just half way. A little baffled I sat to rest. My husband talked to the concession stand girl and found out that following the farthest trails to our right would hopefully lead to the end.

It worked. I spent 30 minutes on the first half and 15 on the last half. Corneleus stumped me as well. Overall this maze is the best family maze because of its unique shape and size for one maze and on Monday nights every person can get a $1 discount. Beware on weekends for it is haunted.

If you go
Admission: Adults $6, Children (3-11) $4, Students w/ID $5, Family (2 adults and 4 children) $25, Mondays $1 off per person (no student discount on Monday)
Hours: Monday - Thursday 6-11 p.m., Friday 6 p.m. - Midnight, Saturday 2 p.m. - Midnight
Phone: 435-755-6837
Location: North Logan (Go north on Main Street and turn right on 2850 North, at the flashing sign or Eccles Ice Center road.)
Concessions: Pop & Water $1, Hot cocoa & Hot Apple Cider 75 cents, Candy Bars, peanuts, chips 60 cents, Super Ropes, Pixy Stix 50 cents, Gum 30 cents, Suckers, Air Heads 15 cents, Laffy Taffy 10 cents, Bubble Gum 5 cents
Extras: Haunted on the weekends, maps for families with small children, group discounts available, Corneleus search, Wacky Wands $3, Wild Wafers, $1.50, Flashlights $2, T-shirts $5.


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