October 2003



Violence not always top of the hour, above the fold (but it's the most common story)
10/31/03 From fatal shootings and hit-and-runs to 9/11 flashbacks and the conflict in Iraq, Utah's six statewide commercial news outlets led their late-night newscasts and morning front pages with violence and tragedy more than any other category of news in September. / By the students of USU's Media and Politics graduate seminar

River Heights ponders rules for political candidate meetings
10/31/03 RIVER HEIGHTS -- City Council members view last week's meet-the-candidate night a success but see room for improvement. "I felt like one of the five candidates dominated the time," said Councilwoman Debbie Reese to incumbent candidates Brent Greenhalgh and Mary Ann Yancey, "while the two of you just sat there full of wisdom." / By Tamber Mickelson

Trenton hosts Saturday turkey shoot, Friday trunk-or-treat
10/31/03 TRENTON -- The third annual Trunk-or-Treat on Halloween, sponsored by the firedepartment, will be held Friday at 6:30 p.m. in the park. It could draw up to 100 of Trenton's 450 residents. / By Young Joon Lim

Smithfield council candidates share thoughts with voters
10/31/03 SMITHFIELD -- Residents voiced concern about a new public library, growth vs. green space, and Main Street turning into a strip mall at a Meet the Candidates night. The candidates seemed more willing to talk about themselves. / By Heather Strasburg

Clarkston holds poster contest to get out the vote
10/31/03 CLARKSTON -- Get out and vote! The literacy committee is holding a poster contest to get the word out that election day is the chance for residents of Clarkston to take a stand. / By Irene Hannagan

WHAAA?: Yesterday's golden pasture on the north bench in Providence is Thursday's winter wonderland, courtesy of an October storm. / Photo by Nancy Williams

Parks some of Hyde Park's best places
10/31/03 HYDE PARK - Public parks located throughout the city provide places for residents to enjoy a great day outdoors. / By Jennifer Geisler

Providence OK's first plats of PUD
10/31/03 PROVIDENCE -- A preliminary plat for Hidden Creek Planned Unit Development was approved to move forward with plans by Providence City Council Tuesday night with opposition from one council member. / By Kelly Hafen

USU conservationists call 'Healthy Forests' bill a fraud
10/30/03 In the wake of the California wildfires, logging corporations are making a renewed push to pass the "Healthy Forests Restoration Act" through the Senate -- and a USU group has cried foul.

New library on schedule to open in two years
10/29/03 The merging of the Sci-Tech and Merrill libraries is progressing well, but the new $40 million facility is not expected to be completed for two more years. / By Shanna Nielsen

Critical issues dominate race for River Heights City Council
10/29/03 RIVER HEIGHTS -- Issues of land management, growth and commercial industry have residents particularly interested in the upcoming general election. At the city's meet-the-candidate night a better-than-expected turnout came to express concerns and hear candidates' possible solutions. / By Tamber Mickelson

Hyrum's library has outgrown its space, officials say
10/29/03 HYRUM -- The theme for the city library for the month of October is "Scare up some good books." But for many residents, what's really scary is how badly the library needs a bigger facility. / By Loni Stapley

Clarkston plans to swap with church for firehouse land
10/28/03 CLARKSTON -- Mayor Mervin Thompson is working on a deal for a new firehouse. At the town council meeting Thompson announced a trade with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints for land and funds to build a firehouse. / By Irene Hannagan

WINTER'S COMING: The Tetons show the first dusting of snow in western Wyoming. / Photo by Nancy Williams

Tremonton residents raise $30,000 for skateboard park
10/28/03 TREMONTON -- To skate or not to skate. That is the question that has been asked throughout the city of Tremonton for the past two years. The building of a new skatepark is wanted and worried about by the residents, and is getting close to becoming a realization. / By Rachel Keoppel

Nibley public hearing airs negative feelings about commercialism
10/27/03 NIBLEY -- A public hearing during Thursday's City Council meeting brought more than a dozen concerned residents to City Hall to voice complaints over a possible change in zoning on Main Street. Council candidates agree: Nibley must manage growth. / By Emilie Holmes

Hyde Park school takes part in statewide literacy program
10/27/03 HYDE PARK -- Cedar Ridge Middle School is participating in a statewide program to help students excel in reading and writing. Reading for Adolescents aims to instruct teachers through monthly workshops on how to teach reading and writing skills more effectively to struggling students. / By Jennifer Geisler

Hyrum votes to recertify justice court
10/27/03 HYRUM -- The City Council unanimously adopted a resolution requesting the recertification of the Hyrum City Justice Court. / By Loni Stapley

Smithfield OK's protecting kids from flying golf balls
10/27/03 Kerry Watts has three children who play in the back yard and he's worried about their safety. He requested to install a 15-foot net fence on the west side of his house, agreeing to make the net aesthetically pleasing. / By Heather Strasburg

A billboard at the Salt Lake City airport promotes the space research at USU.

USU marketing
itself as a place to

10/24/03 "Think," part of Utah State's new marketing strategy, aims to save more than $650,000 and give the university a distinct image. / By Justin Lafeen

Diversity week concludes with free carnival
10/24/03 StudentsIf you're in the mood for some culture or if you'd just like to mingle with people from many different walks of life, then Utah State is the place to be as its fourth annual diversity week is winding its way toward completion this weekend. / By Shanna Nielsen

Nearly a fifth of USU students 'binge drink'
10/23/03 Students are a high percentage of those who binge drink. About 18 percent of USU students binge drink. This percentage is low compared with other campuses across the country but it is still a problem. / By Elise Timlin

Credit card problem charges Paradise again
10/21/03 PARADISE -- An inactivity fee on a credit card that was causing problems for the town last year has appeared again on the town's latest billing statement. / By Tyler Riggs

North Logan will get a cemetery -- only question is when
10/21/03 NORTH LOGAN -- On Nov. 4 voters will decide whether to add a cemetery tax to finance the development of a cemetery for this small, but rapidly growing community. The cemetery is going to become a reality in North Logan, but how quickly is the question. / By Earl Scott

Four seek Trenton council seats
10/21/03 TRENTON -- There are neither Democrats nor Republicans in the Trenton general election Nov.4. Instead, the candidates are members of Citizens' Party and the Peoples' Party. The town has four candidates vying for two council seats. / By Young Joon Lim

Pay attention to domestic violence: Utah ranks 16th in nation for deaths
10/20/03 October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, which makes it a great time to dispel some myths. / By Myrica Hawker

An architect's rendering of the new building, above. Below, USU President Kermit Hall, left, and financial contributor David Sant watch as ASUSU engineering senator Adam Jones cuts one of the ribbons Thursday to declare the new Engineering Building open. / Photos by Matthias Petry

Engineering building dedication highlights friendly spaces for learning
10/20/03 Sunlight pours in though large windows in a vast majority of the 14 classrooms, which all boast comfy chairs, and whose wheels let the occupiers chose how much distance comes between them and their nearest neighbor. / By Jamie Karras

Millville's youth council adds more to heaping plate
10/17/03 MILLVILLE --Spearheading town celebration day, engaging in service projects and creating holiday activities are a few responsibilities of the city's youth-council. And, as busy as they may seem, plan to add more to their schedules. / By Jack Saunders

Zoning amendment restricts baby sitting in River Heights
10/17/03 RIVER HEIGHTS -- Residents caring for four or more non-related persons for financial compensation in one household can no longer operate under a Home Occupation License, but are required to obtain a conditional use permit. / By Tamber Mickelson

Sauerkraut Festival was sweet for Providence
10/17/03 PROVIDENCE -- Concluding this year's Sauerkraut Festival a great success in Tuesday's meeting, Providence City Council members considered making more barrels of sauerkraut for next year. / By Kelly Hafen

Polygamous town of Hildale 'like a little piece of Afghanistan,' Shurtleff says
10/16/03 Polygamous communities and child abuse. Medical neglect of 12-year-old Parker Jensen. University of Utah policy prohibiting students and faculty from carrying guns on campus. These are just a few of the issues Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff has dealt with since he was elected in November 2000. Shurtleff spoke to USU Republicans Wednesday. / By Myrica Hawker

One of the many shirts on the clothesline proclaims a personal message of survival. / Photo by Hilary Judd

Survivors of violence provide somber setting, learning opportunity
10/15/03 The Clothesline Project, a national network of "breaking the silence" by bearing witness to violence against women is a sometimes graphic, sometimes sad, yet always real array of shirts -- pinned on a clothesline. The original designs on the clothing feature messages and illustrations crafted by women survivors of violence, as well as by their friends or families. / By Hilary Judd

Holiday lights at Mendon park will continue
10/13/03 MENDON -- The Christmas lighting celebration at Pioneer Park in Mendon will go forward this year, says the City Council. / By Joel Featherstone

River Heights book sale raises money for library
10/13/03 Friends of Cache County Library expects to get more than $1,000 from the sale. / By Tamber Mickelson

Flu shot clinic Wednesday at Lewiston library
10/13/03 LEWISTON -- The coughing, sniffling, sneezing, so you can rest injection may save you some grief this year. Winter time is upon us and it's time to start thinking of your defense against the elements. / By Seth Quillen

Politicians lag behind scientists on saving the planet, author says
10/10/03 "All living systems are on the decline, and the rate of decline is increasing," says Paul Hawken. "Unless we're looking at the problem head on, we're not going to find the solutions, and the solutions are so cool." / By Justin Lafeen

One third of Millville homes have weak water pressure
10/10/03 MILLVILLE -- Millville residents lack pressure. Water pressure that is. With more than 430 residential water connections in the city, nearly one-third of Millville's residents are deprived of adequate water pressure. / By Jack Saunders

Smithfield council denies zoning change for duplex
10/10/03 SMITHFIELD -- After two weeks of deliberation the City Council decided against rezoning the property at 329 N. 100 West to accommodate a duplex. / By Heather Strasburg

Hyde Park's middle school marks Red Ribbon Week
10/10/03 HYDE PARK -- Cedar Ridge Middle School kicked off Red Ribbon Week with a number of activities planned for students to help raise awareness about drug abuse. / By Jennifer Geisler

Clarkston council considers firehouse tonight
10/09/03 CLARKSTON -- Cache County is waiting for Clarkston to make a move on a much-needed firehouse. The town council meeting Thursday night may be a starting point. / By Irene Hannagan

North Logan: 'We have used water as if we never would run out'
10/09/03 NORTH LOGAN -- Step up to a sink, turn on the tap, and most people take it for granted that their glass will fill with pristine blue gold. North Logan is taking steps to assure that city residents will continue to have enough of the precious commodity. / By Earl Scott

HEAD OVER HEELS: Annie Judd, 11, flips on the trampoline in her back yard in Hoytsville, Utah. / Photo by Hilary Judd

Hyrum voters winnow council candidates from 11 to 6
10/09/03 HYRUM -- "Nervous." That is the response incumbent City Councilman Bruce James gave to H. Michael Stauffer when asked how he was doing shortly before hearing the results for the primary elections Tuesday night. / By Loni Stapley

Liecthy leads field in Providence council primary
10/08/03 PROVIDENCE -- Leading the primary election for Providence City Council seats with 264 votes, Ronald Liechty's name will be on the ballot with five other applicants in the general election Nov. 4. / By Kelly Hafen

Nibley approves three new housing developments
10/07/03 NIBLEY -- Three requests for new subdivisions within city limits were approved Thursday by the council -- two were unanimous decisions; one had one opposing vote. / By Emilie Holmes

USU researchers get $3 million for program to attract women in academics
10/07/03 Although some research and female recruitment will be done campus-wide, the program, "ADVANCE: The Supportive Workplace Initiative," is targeted specifically at the sciences and engineering, where only 10 percent of the faculty are women. / By Shanna Nielsen

Trenton considers forming a youth council
10/06/03 TRENTON -- Town Clerk Kelly Campbell brought the agenda of setting a youth council to the Town Council meeting Thursday night. She said she was inspired by her sister's work on the North Logan Youth Council. / By Young Joon Lim

Design change to 2500 North makes for rocky road in North Logan
10/06/03 NORTH LOGAN -- A proposed design change by developer Kay Gilgen, connecting 2500 North to 1600 East, made for a spirited public hearing Thursday night. / By Earl Scott

Clarkston residents push for new fire station
10/06/03 CLARKSTON -- A new fire station is planned within the next few years but a survey of the town is needed first. / By Irene Hannagan

Guns liberate women from fear, 2nd Amendment activist says
10/06/03 She has received death threats. Her windows have been shot out. Her cats have been tortured. Her car has been egged so many times she keeps a cleaning solution on hand. / By Myrica Hawker

Blacksmith Fork Dam sits high on Hyrum's list of projects
10/06/03 The dam's classification has been changed from low hazard to high hazard because of the existence of a campground below the dam -- in other words, if the dam breaks in the future, the campsite will be covered in water in a short time. / By Loni Stapley

'It's heads!' and Johnson becomes new Millville mayor
10/06/03 MILLVILLE -- Luck was on Councilman Micheal Johnson's side Thursday when the flip of a coin determined he would be the city's next mayor. / By Jack Saunders

Home business license granted by Hyde Park
10/02/03 HYDE PARK -- Nichole Robinson was issued a conditional license for a day care business in her home Wednesday by the Planning and Zoning Committee, as long as she promised to fence in the area of her yard that the children attending the day care will play in. / By Jennifer Geisler

Providence notices huge jump in sewage billed by Logan
10/02/03 PROVIDENCE -- Ten and a half million gallons of unaccounted sewage from April 2003 to July of 2003, has left Providence's city manager, Vern Keeslar, baffled. / By Kelly Hafen

Flu peak season around the corner
10/02/03 Knock it out before it knocks you out. Coughing, fever, stuffy nose and aches, all symptoms of the flu, can be easily avoided with one simple shot. / By Jamie Karras

Eleven seek to fill Hyrum's three council seats
10/01/03 HYRUM -- The Lion's Organization hosted a Meet the Candidates forumrecently at the Civic Center to get citizens ready for the upcoming City Council elections. Eleven candidates are vying for the three open spots on the council. / By Loni Stapley


60 years of memories preserved in Tremonton's fire department museum
10/31/03 TREMONTON -- The Tremonton Fire Station Museum may be small to many people, but to residents of the city, it's the old badges, the shiny red truck and newspaper clippings that really count. / By Rachel R. Keoppel

Small-town haven just may be heaven in Amalga
10/31/03 AMALGA -- The names may be different, the houses may change and the concerns may vary. But life and lives remain the same if you live in Amalga. / By Amber Bailey

Professor Mark Damen regales the Halloween-spirited crowd at "Historical Fright Night" with the story of Medea, "a homicidal maniac." / Photo by Hilary Judd

Cat babies, Greek maniacs populate professors' Halloween world
10/30/03 "Monster births are important," Dr. Norm Jones said, over audience laughter. "You doubt me? Go to the grocery store and pick up the National Enquirer." / By Myrica Hawker and Hilary Judd

North Logan firefighters get new truck, pass their old one on to Paradise
10/29/03 Fire stations across the country have a motto: "If you call we will come." North Logan's volunteer fire department is no different. / By Earl Scott

Lewiston's beloved theater: 2 bucks a seat, 50 cents for popcorn
10/29/03 Lewiston may not be a thriving metropolis like New York, L.A., Salt Lake or even Logan but it does have a city-owned theater in its advantage. One of only a handful of remaining state-owned theaters in the country. The Lewiston Community Theatre has a very interesting history based on a necessity and love of film. / By Seth Quillen

Ms. Karen's stories keep Smithfield kids coming to the library
10/29/03 Down the squeaking stairs and through the creaking door, past the empty coat hooks and around the final bend, a small bright room with kid's books on shelves stacked end to end. Ms Karen, behind a big white desk, scans the code and stamps the date on each and every book and smiling, always smiling, says, "Bring it back, and don't be late." / By Heather Strasburg

Old limestone quarry in Providence holds many a tale
10/29/03 It's a canyon with a story to tell, a story dating back to the beginning of the 20th Century, a story which is hard to found if you don't know where to look, and a story which seems to be fading as the people who created it fade. / By Kelly Hafen

A-moo-ican Gothic:  Cow statues re-create Grant Wood's famous painting at the Pumpkin Walk in Elk Ridge Park, North Logan. Click the photo to see some punkins. / Photos by John Cushman

Look, Lewiston, up in the sky! It's an astronomy class
10/27/03 Adventures in Astronomy, a fun and informative six-week course on astronomy basics will be held this fall in nearby Preston, Idaho, at the Larsen-Saint Library. / By Seth Quillen

Getting hitched? Hire a consultant and save yourself stress
10/24/03 Love is in the air and wedding bells are ringing throughout Cache Valley. Young men are down on bended knee ready to "pop the question" and their sweet young girlfriends are squealing their answers through tears of excitement and anticipation. / By Staci Clark

Restaurant chain will honor American soldiers on Veterans Day
In honor of Veterans Day, Golden Corral restaurants nationwide will be celebrating Military Appreciation Night from 5 to 9 p.m. Nov. 10. / By Angie Dille

Family welcomes 'new set of life experiences' with Down syndrome baby
10/24/03 Stephanie is wheeled into the room, bringing the warmth and anticipation of seeing the life inside her come into the world. The baby is born, and a nurse quickly weighs him, just like she has weighed every other newborn. But Ty isn’t like every other newborn./ By Jenn Carroll

USU student's 'ride to college' through military has twists, turns, bumps
10/24/03 Heavy breathing echoes in his head. The small windowless cement block room is empty, except for the six privates accompanying him on this mission. The gas masks create an alien-faced audience in the cubicle. Non-lethal noxious gas makes the air thick, promising stomach cramps, vomiting, convulsions, and any number of physical reactions, except death.
/ By Ellie Riggs

Ana Hodgson performs one of her dances during Wednesday's pageant in the Taggart Student Center. / Photo by Myrica Hawker

Nicaraguan dancer wins Miss Diversity Pageant
10/23/03 A dream of many little girls came true for 21-year-old Ana Hodgson, who was representing Nicaragua, when she won the Miss Diversity Pageant on Wednesday night in the TSC Ballroom. / By Myrica Hawker

October's night class: Ghost Hunting 101
10/21/03 Ghost hunters consider the following places in Logan to be haunted: the Grapevine Restraunt, the Logan Cemetery (obviously), The Caine Lyric Theatre, St. Anne's Retreat, and a certain area in Green Canyon. / By Kelly Turner

'Best Buddies' bridges campus disability divide
10/20/03 He has all the moves down. The wrist flicks, the hat tipping, the attitude, even the elusive moonwalk are all easily maneuvered for him. His friends gather around to watch as he dances. He is not Michael Jackson. His name is Branon Frederickson and he has Down syndrome. / By Brant Christiansen

Victims of abuse find their voice, stun USU crowd with their music
10/20/03 The healing power of music is helping victims of domestic violence overcome their trauma. / By Earl Scott

BLUE FOR YOU: Bear Lake shines a brilliant blue on a fall afternoon. / Photo by Nancy Williams

Paradise eatery serves up smiles
10/13/03 PARADISE - It's not printed on the menu, but the Cracker Barrel restaurant in Paradise serves up a plateful of smiles with a side order of conversation. / By Tyler Riggs

Tremonton's library limps along in cramped quarters
10/10/03 TREMONTON -- There is no room for literacy programs, there is no room for reading time, there is no room for books, there is no room to study, and many citizens don't want room for any of these at the Tremonton City Library. / By Rachel R. Keoppel

Contestants and friends pose at the Mr. USU contest. / Photo by Hilary Judd

Mr. USU earns royal respect (even while wearing pink shell pasties)
10/09/03 "This shirt makes things happen," Mr. USU contestant Ricky Hacking's red T-shirt with white letters promised. Or…prophesied? Possibly the latter, as judging sheet totals and audience favor harmonically combined Tuesday night in the TSC Ballroom--and Hacking was crowned Mr. USU 2003. / By Hilary Judd

Zero-G bathrooms part of exhibit's look at everyday life on future space voyages
10/08/03 Have you ever wondered what Captain Kirk's bathroom looked like or how Luke Skywalker managed to brush his teeth? "Starship 2040" might give you an idea. / By Matthias Petry

Jerky 'heaven' resides in Lewiston
10/07/03 LEWISTON -- The boys who are paid to jerk you around have been here for about a year now. The jerky boys decided to open Smokey Ridge Hickory Smoked Beef Jerky after getting a lot of practice at home. / By Seth Quillen

COLORS OF FALL: The mountains above Park City hve turned red and gold in one of the brightest autumns in recent memory. / Photo by Hilary Judd

Tremonton Police Department serving and protecting 5,600
10/03/03 TREMONTON -- If you are looking to cause trouble in this town, beware of the police department because they are constantly on patrol. / By Rachel R. Keoppel


Woo! After an opening glitch, Aggies put together a 49-0 blowout
10/26/03 David Fiefia fumbled on Utah State's first offensive play, turning the ball over to Arkansas State, and it looked like another here-we-go-again game. USU (2-6,2-1) righted the ship, putting together four quarters of dominating football in a 49-0 rout. / By Earl Scott

USU basketball team looks to newcomers to step forward, contribute
10/24/03 The Utah State men's basketball team begins preparation for the upcoming season without a returning all-conference player for the first time in four years. / By Earl Scott

Assistant coach Bradley Dance, with back to camera, explains the drills for the women trying to earn a walk-on spot on the Aggie team. / Photo by Matthias Petry

12 Aggie women reach for a star in basketball walk-on tryouts
10/22/03 Take your best shot! A tense, yet motivated atmosphere filled the hallway in front of Gym 213 in the HPER building Tuesday. Twelve students could hardly wait to show their talent at the walk-on tryouts for USU's new women's basketball team. / By Matthias Petry

Drought dampens 2003 hunting season opener
10/20/03 It may be a disappointing season for bird hunters this year. For the fifth consecutive year this region of the country has experienced a drought that has left wild animals hungry and without shelter. / By Matt Cardis

You throw like a girl? Talking baseball from the cheap seats (on the couch)
10/17/03 Baseball may be the reason Crackerjack, the wave and hot dogs with mustard and relish were invented. Baseball happens to be the only professional sport I watch, mostly because I understand the concept of one field, four bases, nine players, nine innings, three strikes, three outs--face it, the math is easy. / By Danielle London

Cowboys cash in on Aggie errors, spoil homecoming, 48-21
10/12/03 Turnovers and field position were the keys to the Wyoming Cowboys' 48-21 victory Saturday over Utah State in front the 12th largest crowd in USU history. / By Earl Scott

While refs watch the game, conference is watching the refs
10/12/03 What most college football fans don't think about come game day is that they are watching three teams, not two, that have spent hours preparing for the contest. / By Earl Scott

Joining conference a key first step in expansion of USU athletic department
10/08/03 Waiting for the proper time, tucked away in the recesses of the athletic offices at Utah State has been a vision of growth and improved facilities for the entire department. Now that USU is in the Sun Belt, the $16.55 million vision is a step closer to reality. / By Earl Scott


Having babies could be fun if it weren't for the pregnancy part
10/31/03 Sometime after the bliss of a "positive" pregnancy test, it happens. You wake up and you feel -- different. You can't quite pinpoint it, but then it becomes apparent as you rush to thrust your head into the commode (or sink, or house plant -- whatever's closest). / By Jody Long

Getting through the drought: Logan's water rate increase inspires conservation
10/27/03 Pay a little more now or else we'll all end up paying a lot more later. That is the slogan Utah should be adhering by as we trickle into our fifth consecutive year of this treacherous drought. / By Crystalyn Flitton

Sleep essential for a healthy life, high performance
10/24/03 With a college night life, loads of homework and bills to pay, Utah State University students like many people around the country are having a hard time getting the sleep they need. / By Emily Rigby

Yoga instructor Greta Ward gets into the "tabletop" position during her exercises. She said she thinks such poses support clarity, concentration and peace of mind. / Photo by Shanna Nielsen

Popular yoga classes have students striking a pose for mental, physical health
From athletes and celebrities to breast cancer patients and children, it seems everyone is twisting themselves into a pretzel in the name of yoga. With millions of people (and some dogs) practicing, this popular workout is managing to stretch and bend its way into health clubs across the country. / By Shanna Nielsen

Photo by Brian Hall

It's time to capture Logan Canyon's autumn leaves on film
More than any time of year this is when Mother Nature shows her true colors. Lovebirds taking engagement pictures flock to the canyon like hippies to Woodstock. Hikers and photographers come out in droves. / By Brian Hall

Quilts stitch together life's pieces, with love
10/17/03 SMITHFIELD -- An intricately hand-quilted yet mismatched quilt with an unsightly back hangs on the wall in her bedroom like a memorial to harder times. / By Heather Strasburg

'Every Second Counts' a message on the art of living
10/13/03 As Lance Armstrong explains it, a cancer patient's entire life is consumed by the routines of getting well. When that ends, it leaves the patient directionless, wondering "what do I do now?" / By Heather Routh

GOOD EVENING, MOON: The full moon rises Wednesday over the Bear River Mountains on the east side of Cache Valley. / Photo by Ted Pease

Floats, dances put zip in early Homecomings
10/10/03 A glowing "A" illuminated the hillside while viewers from the valley below marveled. Homecoming of 1947 was no ordinary event. / By Jamie Karras


Courtesy: not really all that common anymore
10/31/03 It seems that only under the most miraculous of conditions we witness random acts of kindness and courtesy. And, when we do get a chance to see these courteous acts, we tend to forget them. Rather, it is the ill-mannered acts that have the greatest effect upon us. / By Ashley Hathaway

Longboarders: Getting around campus with wheels and a 'tude
10/30/03 Students are always trying to come up with ingenious new ways to get around campus because it is so hard to walk, and walking is so boring. No style in walking, right? So you get conservatives on bikes, geeks on those collapsible Razor scooters and a whole bunch of people on longboards. / By Brigham Rupp

The cold (wet) truth about early months of marriage, from Mrs. Soggy Bottom
10/29/03 I have learned many a hard lesson in the past 22 months. One of the hardest, and yet most predictable and embarrassing, was that husbands don't put toilet seats down. / By Myrica Hawker

Speedsters survive, face fines with renewed racing fever
10/29/03 You're frustrated, annoyed and wondering why it happened to you. If only you'd been a few minutes earlier, or maybe just a few moments later. / By Hilary Judd

Utah congressmen made the wrong call
10/28/03 Telemarketing phone calls at the most inconvenient times. They seem to always get you just as you are finally enjoying that one spare moment of relaxation. Why is it that Utah's Republican congressmen, Rep. Rob Bishop and Rep. Chris Cannon, can't quite understand that? / By Holly Scott

It's only a beer in a bar, but I've earned it!
10/27/03 Close the White Owl, the only decent bar, for several days? I wanted to shout: "Get a rope!" -- not for the owner, the waitress, the doorman, or even the bartender, but for the stupid, punk-ass kid who ruined it for everyone (over the age of 21) else! / By Heather Routh

Standardized tests not fair measure of students' intelligence
10/27/03 As you sit in your desk your stomach begins to churn and your palms begin sweating. The proctor hands out the materials and the clock starts ticking. / By Holly Scott

Both sides now: USU students put the issue of campus guns in the crossfire
10/17/03 Utah Attorney General is challenging the University of Utah's ban on carrying guns on campus. This raises a question: should USU ban guns? Heather Routh says no; Danial Dew says yes. Judge for yourself who has the stronger argument. / By Heather Routh and Danial Dew

Where are the media reports about war in the Congo?
10/08/03 Too often the media tells us what we want to hear, rather than what we ought to hear. The war in the Congo is of significance to anyone who considers themselves a humanitarian, and the media have thus far shirked their responsibility. / By Kirsten Nielsen

A European view of how America became the land of the not-so-free anymore
10/07/03 9/11 is history. However, it seems to be hard for America and especially its president, the Richard Lionheart of his own modern terrorist crusade, to come to terms with that. / By Matthias Petry

Oct. 6: Journalists ought to respect the flag

Dear Editor,

While attending the Millville City Council meeting Oct. 2, I was proud to see a Boy Scout troop fully dressed in Scout uniforms conduct a flag ceremony and Pledge of Allegience to start the meeting. I was impressed with the respectful manner in the way the boys performed the ceremony. I commend the leaders of the city of Millville for their pride and patriotism in recognizing those who have given so much for this country and our way of life. As I looked around the room, I saw everyone with their hands on their hearts and noticed two people with their hats still on and had to wonder if they understood the meaning the flag holds and why as a city Millville's leaders felt it appropriate to honor the symbol to start their meetings. Those two people both happened to be newspaper journalists -- one from the Herald Journal and the other I assume came from USU's Hard News Cafe. Of all people, I would assume a journalist, having reported on recent events around the world where so many of our fellow Americans have died, would have understood this more than most. The more I thought about their disrespect, the more I felt compelled to write to the editor. I would hope in the future that as journalists and citizens, we can have enough respect to remove our hats and show reverence to the flag that so many have died for to give us our freedoms such as the freedom of speech.

--Jim Hart

Oct. 27: Oneida Stake Academy to take an important little trip

To the editor,

I just read a story about the Oneida Stake Academy in your archives. It was a nice article, very informative. But did you know the money was raised and the building is literally days away from moving from the site is has occupied for over 100 years to travel the streets of Preston to its new home in Benson Park in Preston?

Over the last two months, Lindsay Rigging & Moving, of Washington, has filled basement of the building with cribbing and steel beams, and over the last few days, the crew actually lifted that grand old building into the air.

After a few more beams and some dollies are installed, that building will be moved. It is expected that this fascinating engineering feat will take place around the first weekend in November.

Certainly your students of history, education and engineering and architecture would appreciate being notified of such a major event related to their field of study?

Necia Seamons


No one nearly napping as faculty read Poe and other horror tales
10/29/03 The crescent moon barely lighted my path across a nearly deserted campus. Leaves from the skeleton-like branches above my head cracked beneath my feet as I hustled to the next building, avoiding contact with the faceless people I passed. / By Jamie Karras

'O, Poe is me,' quoth the English faculty
10/26/03 The English department's annual "Poe in the Dark" Tuesday night is sure to be the most spine-tingling literary events of the season. / By Jamie Karras

'Five People' offers readers a chance to see meaning in life
10/21/03 As with his previous book, Tuesdays with Morrie, Mitch Albom captures the reader's heart and teaches the greatest lessons in life through one man's journey. That man, Eddie, has just died. / By Ginger Kelley

Once upon a time when Roberto Rodriguez used to make good movies
10/21/03 Once Upon a Time in Mexico (as its predecessors El Mariachi and Desperado) is all about is the Mexican version of Sex, Drugs and Rock 'n' Roll, spiced up with lots of Mexican patriotism and even more blood and violence. / By Matthias Petry

Ben Folds blends more great lyrics and piano in 'Sunny 16'
10/20/03 Ben Folds' decision to silently release these EP's on a private label and make them available only through concerts and online was his way of avoiding the hype of the music industry, because, as he stated on his website, "then I'd have to pose naked at the piano, and really, I'm not a piece of meat, you know." / By Kirsten Nielsen

'Under the Tuscan Sun' is fall feel-good tonic
10/20/03 Under the Tuscan Sun is a rejuvenating movie about overcoming trials, with an independent story line that seems to grab you and pull you in. If you like romantic "chick-flicks" that make you feel better about yourself and about finding the person who will love you forever, this one is for you. / By Amanda K. Vizina

Fry Street Quartet enhances USU's music department
10/20/03 Chicago's Fry Street "was about 20 yards long and it was not on our street map, so we claimed it for our own, laying our artistic stake in the very neighborhood that gangsters claimed years ago," says second violinist Rebecca McFaul. / By Jennifer Mortimer

Fraternity to present charity concert to help family pay medical bills
10/14/03 The Gamma Epsilon chapter of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity will present the first Ag Stock Charity Concert at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 25 in the Nelson Field House on the USU campus. The proceeds will be donated to the Thompson Family Donation Fund. / By Justin Lafeen

'Out of Time' barely floats at 'C' level
10/13/03 Two reviewers agree -- this Denzel Washington movie is doubly average. / Reviews by Myrica Hawker and Hilary Judd

'School of Rock's' best lines are in the previews
10/13/03 Rocking out as a substitute teacher in a high-class elementary boarding school sounds just a little too unbelievable, yet a little too predictable. / By Crystalyn Flitton

Sell your textbooks, skip lunch -- just don't miss a chance to hear this jazz trio
10/13/03 So we all filtered into the auditorium Tuesday night for what we hoped would be an evening filled with good jazz music. What we got can only be described as not-the-norm. / By Danial Dew

Opinion: Too much TV time for kids, and here's what you can do about it
10/08/03 Parents: Do you want an obese, diabetic, materialistic, violent child who has poor academic performance? / By Myrica Hawker

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