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Today's word on journalism

Tuesday, September 7, 2004

"The First Amendment gives everyone -- including nuts -- free speech,
but free speech has a purpose: that the people may judge for themselves
and bury the nuts with indignation. We fail our founding fathers if we
let blowhards rage on talk radio, in little magazines and in nasty
books without delivering counterattacks.

   -- Barron's, Aug. 9, 2004 (Thanks to alert WORDster John Mollwitz)

Essig 'stoked' as final ASUSU results name him president

By Jessica May

March 19, 2004 | "Wow, what a day!" said Les Essig, the newly announced 2004-2005 ASUSU president, as he took the stage at the closing of the election ceremony in the International Lounge at 5:30 p.m. Friday.

After waiting for the applause to die down, he said he was "stoked" to start working with the rest of the elected candidates and with the students.

"This is an awesome opportunity that we all have," Essig said. "I'm so excited to get down to the student level. We're going to accomplish some great things."

He also said that while each individual couldn't thank their parents, every one of them has had great examples and support along the way that shouldn't go unnoticed.

"There are wonderful people that have pushed us to this level, and we're going to push it to the next," Essig said.

After another riotous round of applause, the ceremony came to a close, the results were final. Winning candidates are in red.

Les Essig 2,997
Write-in 154

Executive VP
Tagg Archibald 2,074
Spencer Lloyd 1,719

Academic VP
Heidi Evans 1,880
Mark Brough 1,857

Student Advocate VP
Alyssa "Al" Lambert 1,938
Matt Ethington 1,865

Activities VP
Kathy Leslie 1,874
Nick Robbins 1,866

Arts & Lectures VP
Brittany Duke 1,840
Maren Farnsworth 1,830

Athletics VP
Jimi Jorgenson 2,453
Chris Sadoski 1,104

Campus Diversity VP
Gabe Carter 2,068
Panu T. Puikkonen 1,672

Extension VP
Brett Thomas 1,834
Rebecca Menlove 1,676

Organizations & Traditions VP
Nic Gordon 1,892
Anna Nelson 1,704

Public Relations VP
Emily Bott 2,537
Justin Lafeen 1,047

Service VP
Sheldon Browning 2,124
Brandon Manikowski 1,338

Graduate Studies VP
AJ Rounds 125
Elijah Bush 72

Agriculture Senator
Chad Warnick 139
Travis White 124

Business Senator
Bryce Smith 308
Joe Barnard 248

Education Senator
Shelly Ryan 536

Engineering Senator
Jason Pickup 382
Halee Hunter 233

HASS Senator
Brandon Halford 629
Doug Beazer 561

Natural Resources Senator
Jake Bonham 57

Science Senator
Darin Humphreys 226
Mike Southam 172


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