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Today's word on journalism

Tuesday, September 7, 2004

"The First Amendment gives everyone -- including nuts -- free speech,
but free speech has a purpose: that the people may judge for themselves
and bury the nuts with indignation. We fail our founding fathers if we
let blowhards rage on talk radio, in little magazines and in nasty
books without delivering counterattacks.

   -- Barron's, Aug. 9, 2004 (Thanks to alert WORDster John Mollwitz)

Dairy farmer raises concerns about plans for Nibley subdivision

By Denise Albiston

March 6, 2004 | NIBLEY– While considering a preliminary request for a subdivision near 3420 S. 250 West, the City Council encountered resistance from a local farmer.

Alan and Gordon Rigby proposed to the council a subdivision consisting of eight, one- to two-acre lots that would be next to a dairy farm owned by Jim Jenson and his family.

Jenson said he would like the council to consider that the back four lots of the subdivision will border the area he corrals his dry herd of dairy cattle.

He said he has concerns about people moving in next to these animals. He said he can keep the animals inside the fence, but there are other things that go along with a farm he can't.

"I have a right to farm my land and milk my cows, but I can't keep the flies and smell there," Jenson said.

This area has been an agriculture area for hundreds of years, Jenson said, and when other people move in, they start to complain about the aroma that exists with agriculture. He said he would like to see the Rigbys develop only four of the eight lots to provide a buffer between the houses and the farm.

"You have the right to farm, but I don't know how to tell them not to develop the back of their property because of your farm," said Councilman Jim Harrison.

Jenson said he would like the council to consider that his family has been farming in Nibley for more than 100 years. He said each time a subdivision is developed near his property, the complaints increased about his herd.

"I can't see how we can deny them so long as they comply with the city's ordinances and zoning requirements," said Councilman James Waite.

The Rigbys plan to develop the four lots that would border Jenson's land for their own family use. Alan Rigby said that his family realizes that there is a working dairy farm behind them, complete with flies and manure. He said that his family wants to live in Nibley because it is a rural area and he and his family welcome the opportunity to live next to the farm.

"We appreciate where you come from and understand your concerns," said Alan Rigby. "I think we can work things through."

In other business, the council held a public hearing for Neighborhood Nonprofit Housing to announce a $75,000 grant issued by the 2004 Community Development Block Grant in association with the Bear River Association of Governments.

Kim Datwyler, spokeswoman for the non-profit group, said the money is for infrastructure improvements to the second phase of Shadow Brook Subdivision, the city's low income housing development. She said the organization has been awarded the money, but there is typically a three- or four-month delay before it's accessible to the group to start the project.

"I think this development is well done. It is a good addition to our city and a classy project for affordable housing. I really like the development, it enhances the area," Waite said.

Councilman Scott W. Larsen also took the time to update the council on the park's committee members. He said Nibley Mayor Lynn Welker had asked him to finalize membership for the committee and organize a meeting.

He said that Steve Mecham, the city's sports specialist, would now be chairing the committee in place of Scott Datwyler.

A meeting with the new members of the committee will take place at 5:30 p.m. Thursday in the Nibley City Hall at 625 W. 3200 South.

"The mayor instructed me to keep the committee small, but encourage the members to talk to others in the community about the park," Larsen said.


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