March 1999

Woman arrested for Smithfield burglary
3/29/99 A 42-year-old woman was arrested March 29 on burglary charges for moving into a vacant house on Main Street in Smithfield, according to Cache County Sheriff's Office reports.

Native American Student Council banquet honors culture, understanding
3/10/99 The Native American Student Council met Tuesday at a history banquet featuring storytellers, lessons on unforgettable people in history and traditional food. The purpose of this and other activities put on by the council is to bring Native Americans together and to teach other people about their culture.

Preparing for 2002 at USU
3/10/99Ever since 1999 hit, people can't stop talking about the year 2000. The Y2K dilemma is a concern that is involved in everything from banks to elevators. Utah State University is no exception. Computer Services has begun testing individual systems within the university to see if they are Y2K compatible.

How sourdough starter got its start

3/10/99 One can imagine a never-fail, crowd-pleasing recipe thousands of years old would be sought after by a throng of cooks trying to get their hands on it. Interestingly enough this recipe is probably a part of your repertoire, and has never been thought of as a relic. / By Tara Bench

Recycling: Talking trash in Cache
3/24/99 I recently went to New York City for Spring Break, and noticed the unique system of recycling there.
On a street corner, I threw my half-empty pop bottle in the wire trash cans I saw on most corners of the city. Only a few seconds later, a man with his own bag of trash took it out of the can, dumped the remaining flat Diet Pepsi, and put it in his own sack. Why? That bottle is probably worth money at the nearest recycling center. Here in Cache Valley, we are not so "fortunate" to have our own free curbside pick up. However, there are a variety of ways to help with the recycling cause, and many reasons why we should.

Homes sought for flood of local pets
3/24/99 It could be said that it's raining cats and dogs in Cache Valley. More accurately, floods of litters of kittens and puppies found abandoned in open fields, by the side of the highway or in the mountains. The Cache Valley Humane Society is hoping to be able to provide a shelter for these animals in the near future. Land to support them has been purchased, but the money to care for the animals is still lacking.

Professor examines the roots of math in the US
3/24/99 American mathematics has a multifaceted history that struggled to begin after the Revolutionary War. It aimed toward foreign-influenced programs and societies and eventually, at educational endeavors funded by the government. Karen H. Parshall spoke in the Eccles conference center on Thursday about the emergence of the American mathematical research community.

A season for Cinderella
(3/27/99) With convincing wins over Wisconsin (43-32) and Tennessee (81-51), the 12th-seeded Bears waltzed into the Sweet 16 for the first time in school history, and a date with tournament favorite Duke.
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