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Friday, September 9, 2005

Scene: Calvin and Hobbes are reading the newspaper.

Calvin: "I like following the news! News organizations know I won't sit still for any serious discussion of complex and boring issues. They give me what I want: Antics. Emotional confrontation. Sound bites. Scandal. Sob stories and popularity polls all packaged as a soap opera and horse race! It's very entertaining."

Hobbes: "Then commentators wonder why the public is cynical about politics."

Calvin: "You can tell this is an in-depth story because it's got an article next to a chart."

--Calvin & Hobbes by cartoonist Bill Watterson, 2005


From the dairy farm to the grand opera in 15 minutes

Othalie Graham of Turandot, left, greets a UFOC patron. / Photo by Shauna Leavitt

By Shauna Leavitt

July 29, 2005 | On warm summer nights after the evening milk, a dairy farmer and his family jump in the van and arrive at the grand opera in minutes.

Every July, the classic opera and Broadway-style productions come to the heart of Cache Valley.

"You feel like you have what the wealthy have," said Suzanne Falslev from Falslev's Dairy in Benson. "You can even ride your bike to see something you really like."

On the stage of the restored Capital Theatre (now the Ellen Eccles Theatre) in Logan's historical downtown, nationally acclaimed artists perform in Utah Festival Opera's (UFO) summer season.

This year, the UFO produced Turandot, Annie Get Your Gun, Kismet and The Crucible. The 2005 season runs through Aug. 6.

Past productions have included works such as Aida, South Pacific Rigoletto and Secret Garden.

The patrons enjoy all the conveniences of attending productions in a small town: easy access, free parking, affordable prices and friendly surroundings.

After the show the patrons are invited to enjoy dessert at the Café de Artists -– a sidewalk café and pavilion where the stars gather to mingle with the guests.

The pleasing experience of the UFO productions is not a well kept secret. Patrons come from all over the western states to attend.

Brian West of Idaho Falls said, "The attitude is different here. People stay seated during the production. There are very little disturbances. You can concentrate and enjoy the show."

The attitude of the patrons can be partly attributed to the ushers who greet them. Their sole purpose is to ensure the patrons are safe, comfortable.

The ushers are standing guard at every post to assist when needed. They are quite striking in their black uniforms accented with white shirts and wine vests. The usher corps are all volunteers.

To find out more about the UFO 2006 season go to or call 435-750-0300 ext. 106


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