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Friday, September 9, 2005

Scene: Calvin and Hobbes are reading the newspaper.

Calvin: "I like following the news! News organizations know I won't sit still for any serious discussion of complex and boring issues. They give me what I want: Antics. Emotional confrontation. Sound bites. Scandal. Sob stories and popularity polls all packaged as a soap opera and horse race! It's very entertaining."

Hobbes: "Then commentators wonder why the public is cynical about politics."

Calvin: "You can tell this is an in-depth story because it's got an article next to a chart."

--Calvin & Hobbes by cartoonist Bill Watterson, 2005


Bridgeboarding comes to Logan, and just in time for summer heat

By Jeremy Wilkins

July 27, 2005 | Looking for a solution to summer boredom and a way to beat the heat? Look no further, the answer is easy: Bridgeboarding!

According to Jesse Crowley, 23, of Logan, and Eric Grim, 25, also of Logan, what they call bridgeboarding is relatively new to Cache Valley but has a following that continues to grow each year.

"It's really similar to wakeskating, where you ride on a board on water going fast enough so you can stay on top of it, then you tie a rope off ahead of you and hold onto it almost like you're going behind a boat. You can basically ride on the water and carve across it and splash and stuff. It's pretty fun," Grim said.

There seems to be only a select group of people who have heard of bridgeboarding according to the two.

LIKE THIS: Eric Grim teaches Emily Taylor how to bridgeboard. / Photo by Jeremy Wilkins

Grim said he first heard of it through a friend of his from Tooele who showed it to him around two years ago and Crowley credits his knowledge of it to Grim and another friend, Dusty Wickham 25, of Salt Lake City, though formerly of Logan.

"It's great to cool off your body temperature when the summer inferno beats down upon your head and back," Crowley said, on the same note with Grim, who likes it "When it's nice and hot out," because "You can get into the water and it cools you off."

Crowley compares bridgeboarding to longboard skateboarding because of the carves, which would be comparable to downhill skating carves and spins which are similar to 180 and 360 power slides on a longboard or skateboard.

"The thing that's most similar to me is riding a snowboard in fresh, deep snow. It feels a lot like that," Grim said.

Down on the Island off of Crockett Avenue, where the canal passes under the road, is where the two and their friends have engineered their sport and summer pasttime. Although there has been speculation of a few other places where it might be possible to bridgeboard, Grim said it has never been tried anywhere else by him or anyone he knows.

For those who are interested, making a bridgeboard is easy, says Grim. All you need to do is get a piece of seven-ply plywood and get it wet to bend it into shape it if you want, cover it in epoxy so the water doesn't make the wood come apart, grip-tape the top and get yourself a rope, handle and a pair of shoes. Then you're good-to-go!

Jesse Crowley bridgeboards the Logan River in the Island neighborhood. / Photo by Jeremy Wilkins



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