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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Those were the days:

"The way I had it is all gone now. The bars are
gone, the drinkers, gone. There remain the smartest, healthiest newspeople in the history of the business. And they are so boring that they kill the business right in front of you."

--Jimmy Breslin, newspaper columnist, 1996 (Thanks to alert WORDster Jim Doyle)


USU Film Club Festival stuns organizers with turnout of 3,000

By Tamber Weston

January 21, 2005 | This year Utah State University's Film Club Festival was bigger and better than ever, according to festival organizer Morgan Yost.

"It was a complete success," he said.

Yost and co-organizer Tyler Atkinson planned on an attendance of 1,000 to 1,500. They were pleasantly surprised with the turnout of nearly 3,000.

The second annual Film Club Festival was Wednesday night at Kent Concert Hall. Eight student-produced films were shown.

The first six films -- two dramas, two documentaries and two comedies -- competed in the theme category. This years theme was: Clubs, Groups and Organizations.

"Movies this year were of a higher quality [than last year]," said Yost.

Each film was 10 minutes or less and dealt with some element of the theme.

Seven films were entered in the open category but only two were shown at the festival. Open category films were 20 to 25 minutes each. Because of time, judges selected two films to be shown before the festival.

All films were viewed by a panel of judges before the public showing and more than a dozen awards were given during the event.

After viewing the first six films audience members voted for their favorite via paper ballots. The People's Choice Award went to Josh Wood for his comedy entry Clubs and Spades.

The Best Picture Award in the theme category went to Tyler Atkinson's documentary The Masonic Order which included a guest appearance from USU President Kermit Hall.

In the open category Atkinson's Workplace Violence won awards for Best Screenplay, Best Editing and Best Director.

The final award was a Lifetime of Achievement Award for club organizer Yost, who will be leaving USU for medical school when he graduates in May.

"I love making movies," said Yost. "I hope the club continues after I'm gone."

To join the club students can e-mail Yost at Yost said beyond the $10 membership fee, members are only required to come to meetings and participate.



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