January 2002



Providence City Council discusses street layout
01/31/02 PROVIDENCE -- The city council discussed street layout options for a local subdivision in a joint meeting with the planning commission on Tuesday. / By Heidi Thueson

USU professor is named online adviser for 'US News'
Kelli Cargile Cook never knows what to expect when she checks her email. She was recently selected as an E-learning adviser for USNews.com, / By Samantha Nicholas

WHY SCHOOL GOT CANCELED: The biggest snowstorm in a century dropped 2 feet on the valley floor Sunday afternoon through Monday morning. When JCOM Professor Nancy Williams opened her door Monday, here's what she saw. Click the image to see other snow photos. / Photo by Nancy Williams

Political science professor wins award for top article in journal
Dr. Patria de Lancer Julnes, assistant professor in the USU department of political science, has been selected as the winner of the William and Frederick Mosher Award, recognizing the best article written by an academician appearing in Public Administration Review in a year's volumes. / By Maria Moncur

Book on Smithfield finally makes some its own: After 22 years, it's here
SMITHFIELD -- About 22 years ago the first prepaid deposit was made for the Smithfield history book. The man making the payment had no idea how far in advance he was paying. On Feb. 8 he will finally be able to pick up his copy. / By Seth Quillen

Newton Zoning and Planning Commission discusses disputed building permit
NEWTON -- The members of the Newton Zoning and Planning Commission discussed building permits and reviewed the town's general plan during their monthly meeting Wednesday night. /By Katrina Cartwright

Hyde Park residents to pay extra dollar a month for 911 service
HYDE PARK -- The 911 Communication Center needs more money because of the increase in calls. / By Sarah Mulholland

King vigil marks progress America has made, along with USU's need for diversity
More than a hundred students and faculty from Utah State University gathered to celebrate the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Tuesday night when the Black Student Union hosted a candlelight vigil in the USU Sunburst Lounge in his name. / By Shante' Tinsley

Hyrum City Council designates safer loading zones for students
Nearly three dozen residents attended Hyrum City Council meeting Thursday night. Several people, including Principal Hanks of Lincoln Elementary School, came to voice concern about traffic hazards and children's safety at the school. / By Shanna Nielson

Millville delays action on 911 fee increase
MILLVILLE -- After a presentation by Lt. Randy Auman of the Logan police at the City Council meeting Thursday, council members decided to continue discussion and table the issue of a proposed 911 fee increase. / By Meghan Dinger

MONEY, PLEASE: Students get information during Financial Aid Frenzy from Ho Williams, left behind table, and Steve Sharp. The event, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. in the Sunburst Lounge, introduced students to scholarship, loan and debt consolidation options. / Photo by Curtis McInelly

Nibley leads valley in growth rate
Nibley is the fastest-growing city in Cache Valley, according to City Councilman Scott Wells. / By Julie Sulunga

Experts forecasting increased need for PR professionals
The market is becoming more competitive, which requires companies to be top-of-the-line and innovative in their strategies to overpower the competition. Donald Russell, a manager over International Relations for the LDS church, said the public relations industry is steady and slowy growing because organizations are recognizing the need and importance for public relations. / By Anne Bowerbank

New driver's license law allows private examiners to administer road tests
Obtaining a Utah Driver's License just got more convenient. Licensed driving instructors, certified by the Drivers License Division, can now administer skills tests, considerably shortening the waiting period. / By Leon D'souza


RUNNING MAN: Ted Pease, JCOM department head, hoists the Olympic torch after his leg of the torch relay Friday in Boise. With him is Krista Rowles, head of media relations for the torch relay and a USU public relations student.

A cynic discovers it's very, very cool to run with the Olympic torch
01/30/02 The lead story on Page One of Saturday's Idaho Statesman starts this way: "This will be hard to forget." They got that right. / By Ted Pease

USU's outdoors fanatic hikes, bikes, and gave his wife a kayak
01/30/02 At first glance, one could imagine Dave Christensen, with his shoulder-length rusty blond hair and his 3-inch goatee, listening to Grateful Dead and cruising around the country side in a Volkswagen van. Though Dave does have a forest green VW van, he does not spend much time there. / By Dan Crane

Meet the Pied Piper of elementary kids
01/18/02 Walking into an elementary school with Chris Hislop is like walking into a hair salon with Brad Pitt. Children come by the hordes with hugs, stories and about a thousand greetings. Kids are hanging off his leg and huddled in doorways as he walks by, and amazingly enough he knows most of them by name. This 6 feet tall, brown haired brawny photography major has become the Pied Piper of elementary kids. / By Tiffany Erickson

Figure-eights: Ski tracks show the way up the mountain at the base of the Wellsvilles. / Photo by Ted Pease

USU students help Red Cross with fund raising efforts
01/18/02 Seven Utah State University seniors worked all fall semester on a project to provide the Logan Red Cross with a disaster relief vehicle only to fall short of funds and community support in the end. / By Hilary Ingoldsby

Cold but beautiful: Snow frames the Carkin farm beneath the Wellsville Mountains and menaces a lone hiker. Click the photos to see much larger images. / Photos by Ted Pease

USU's Brandon Boone flying high with NASA
01/18/02 Brandon E. Boone, a graduate student in corporate communications at Utah State University in Logan, Utah, is working in the U.S. space program as part of a NASA cooperative education program. / By the NASA Marshall Space Flight Center

Brains get in the way when men and women talk
01/17/02 Recently I encountered a humorous dialogue which perfectly illustrates the poorly understood nuances and intricacies of communication between men and women. / By MaeLynn K. Harris

Dozens of Cache Valley residents involved in Olympic Torch Relay
01/17/02 In an event that captures the essence of peace and unity, the Olympic Torch Relay finds itself burning in the hearts of many people in Cache Valley. At least 16 residents from around the valley have been selected to carry the torch for part of the journey, and dozens are involved in it by other means. / By Angela Peterson

USU chef's journey goes from Heinz factory to Merchant Marine, Death Valley and . . . Logan
01/10/02 Strange things happen when people meet on a banana boat on the way to the United States. That's what happened to Maria and Dan Puskarovich, the mother and father of Slavko "Jim" Puskarovich, who prepares meals at USU. / By Jessica Johnson

WAITING TO BE WOWED: Fans of the visual arts wait in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. Click here or click the photo to see a larger version. / Photo by Leon D'souza

Back from Hodgkin's lymphoma, she has her dance steps, her hair and her attitude
01/08/02 Getting out of the shower and wrapping her towel around her she stood in front of the mirror. Brushing her hair long blond hair along her neck, she notices something. It's on the side of her neck, a small bump. She asks her friend, whose house she is at, what it is. / By Kari Gray

Breast cancer: know the risks, watch for symptoms
01/08/02 There is nothing a woman can do to ensure that she will not get breast cancer. However, scientists have discovered some risk factors. And as more studies are conducted about what causes cancer, the theories sometimes get odd. / By Nicole R. Grubbs

USU considers honor code; other schools' versions quite diverse
01/08/02 To anyone who is familiar with the BYU honor code, it is either infamous or a great idea. Many students attend Utah State University because they want a college environment with strong moral values, but do not want the hassle of being told exactly what they can and cannot do. So then why is USU thinking of adopting its own version of an honor code? / By Nollie Haws


Bad knees and all: JCOM department head Ted Pease warms up for his duty to carry the Olympic Torch Friday in Idaho. Pease was part of the relay that took the torch from Spokane, Wash., to Boise. The torch traveled 302.9 miles Friday, which is in addition to the previous 9,479.5 miles of its journey toward Salt Lake City.

At the heart of the Olympic experience
With an estimated television audience over 3.5 billion people in over 160 countries the 2002 Olympic Winter Games is less than two weeks away. Although I may not get to see the events on television. I am going to be right in the middle of all the media frenzy working for the International Sports Broadcasting Television as a Broadcast Assistant in Salt Lake City. I'm working at the Main Media Center, formerly known as the Salt Palace./ By John Newbold

Ice, ice Aggies: The USU hockey club, in white, mixes it up against Weber State University Wednesday in North Logan. USU won, 4-2, in its opener at the Eccles Ice Center -- the first true home game in club history. Click the photos for larger images. / Photos by Jason Sauter

Nerves, crowds greet first true home hockey game
According to team captain Paul Amidon, players were all excited to finally play a home game in front of an actual home crowd. "The arena was filled to capacity, and it was great to know they're all from Logan," said Amidon. / By Jason Robey

Olympic athletes to give public preview at Eccles arena
With the completion of the George S. Eccles Ice Center, USU students may preview Olympic athletes as they make their way to Logan for pre-Games practice sessions. / By Maria Moncur

Ray's rebound saves Aggies from a scare vs. Long Beach
Rebounds can make or break a game, and luckily for the Utah State University Aggies a rebound helped them beat the Long Beach 49ers, 70, 66, Saturday in the Dee Glen Smith Spectrum. / By Jessica Johnson

Green's buzzer-beater ends USU's 31-game home streak
Thursday night in the Spectrum, University of California, Irvine, guard Jerry Green showed the Utah State University basketball team why he is the reigning Big West Conference Most Valuable Player. / By Landon Olson


The USU job fair gets students thinking about summer when it's 10 below outside. / Photo by Elisabeth Bellessa

Job Fair includes one that doesn't sound like work
01/30/02 Students from Utah State University who had time to come to the Summer Job Fair made their rounds to the tables, and to employers who sparked their interest. One intriguing job is at a family-owned and operated business, the Bar-T-5 in Jackson Hole, Wyo. -- "The greatest place on earth," according to sign at the state line. / By Elisabeth Bellessa

There's gold in a spiny, lime-colored 'pinecone-potato' fruit from Tahiti, marketers find
01/25/02 People pay a hefty price for noni juice -- it sells retail for about $42 a liter. That may be because it's found in Tahiti where private, thatch-roofed bungalows hover above turquoise lagoons, where giant palms shade secluded beaches, where candy-bar sized geckos swat mosquitoes with their tongues and where everyone wears a lei. / By K. Lynn

DEER ME: Deer have come out of the snow-covered mountains onto the floor of Cache Valley, looking for food. Click the picture for a larger image. / Photo by Liz Bellessa

Mellow music, mellow fish, and a massage to melt your cares away
01/24/02 From the floor-level shelf, the Gaelic melodies of Enya's Watermark drift through the room. Unfitted lavender cotton sheets line the hip-high massage table in the center of the room. You undress and crawl between the sheets to rest on your stomach. As you succumb to the atmosphere, the bands of stress beneath your shoulder blades begin to evaporate. / By K. Lynn

Sugar and spice not always so nice
01/18/02 Shani Despain's mom was coming to visit her. In anticipation of her arrival she went to the store and bought the ingredients to make cinnamon rolls and chocolate chip cookies. She also purchased Ritz crackers and fudge swirl ice cream, and Ocean Spray CranApple frozen juice (her mom's favorite). Shani was planning on doing some mother-daughter bonding with one of America's favorite past times, eating food. / By Rachel Irvine

Some climbers dig the ice, ice baby
01/09/02 Tom Cruise wowed us in his movie Mission Impossible 2, rock climbing a sandstone cliff in the merciless summer sun; hanging from his fingertips hundreds of feet from the ground. Imagine doing the same thing in below-freezing temperatures on a wall of ice. / By Rachel Irvine


Staples papers over environmental issues
01/22/02 Staples, the world's largest office supply company, is one the world's largest distributors of copy and printer paper, with severe implications for our environment. With such clout comes an ethical responsibility to tread lightly upon our forests. / By Jim Steitz

Role of fathers keeps changing
01/18/02 A full-time position is available for a man who has the following qualities: must be loving, caring, protective, play every kind of game well and have a lot of patience. Potential candidates must have references with some or no experience required; on-the-job training will be provided. The salary is negotiable, but there is a complete benefit package that includes many holidays starting with Father's Day. / By Nathan Plott

Poll reveals disturbing support for military tribunals
01/07/02 A recent New York Times/CBS News Poll reveals that attitudes in the United States concerning policies toward terrorist are somewhat disturbing. There is a vast amount of support for President Bush, but many do not realize that their rights may be threatened. / By James Britsch


No heavy lifting, just laughs in 'Orange County'
Orange County is basically what one might expect from MTV films, the same people who brought us movies such as Dead Man on Campus. It doesn't require much thought or belief in the story to laugh, much like many of the films that made Colin Hanks' father famous. / By Jason Robey

'Celestine Prophecy' worth a second look in light of Sept. 11 attacks
Quite often we have compelling experiences and feelings with no explanation for them. We have questions about nature and human behavior. This is particularly true in the months since the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11. James Redfield's Celestine Prophecy is worth a second look, as it has some answers. / By Nicole Rusher

Action galore in 'Behind Enemy Lines'
For hard-core fans of action and laughter, Behind Enemy Lines is the top movie for you to see this week. / By Lis Bellessa

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