February 2003



Smithfield council talks late charges, fee hikes
02/28/03 SMITHFIELD -- In an effort to bring about positive changes for the fee schedule of 2003, the Smithfield City Council met Wednesday night to consider a few items to improve. / By Traci Fowler

Minister/professor tells USU racial attitudes need to change
02/28/03 The Rev. France Davis, a 30-year Salt Lake City resident and journalism and ethnic studies professor at the University of Utah, told students Wednesday in the Taggart Student Center Ballroom that the future of race relations, for better or for worse, lies in their hands. / By Jasmine Michaelson

Mendon addresses new subdivision's traffic and water impacts
02/28/03 MENDON -- Another subdivision is on its way to the northeast side of Mendon, but not without a few concerns from nearby residents. / By Jamie Karras

Hyde Park seeks federal permit for storm water discharge
02/27/03 HYDE PARK -- The City Council has undertaken a big project regarding storm-water management and they must have it completed with in only two weeks. The storm-water management program is part of an application for a permit which the federal government requires all cities of a certain size to obtain. / By Tiffany Erickson

Hyde Park dreams big about Lions Park
02/27/03 HYDE PARK -- It may only have a few swings and some picnic tables now, but the city has made big plans for Lions Park which would enlarge and improve it and would collectively be near a $1 million project. / By Tiffany Erickson

SPIRIT OF UNITY: Greg Johnson, an Evangelical pastor from Ogden and Robert Millet, the dean of religion at BYU, spoke to an audience Tuesday night in the TSC auditorium. The message they shared was to help the audience think broader about their religion and the way they treat others of different faiths. They talked about building relationships with those of different faiths and about having a spirit of unity and openess. / Photo by Amy Fuller/Utah Statesman

Cuts in faculty, students likely if budget cuts go much deeper, USU officials say
02/27/03 Legislative cuts to higher education already have taken their toll on Utah State University, but more budget cuts may be on the way as soon as July. / By Toby G. Hayes

Paradise rounds up doggies at license and shot clinic
02/24/03 PARADISE -- Other than a few barks, nips and snaps the annual dog clinic went smoothly. The licensing and shot clinic was held Saturday at the town shed; about 80 dogs were registered prior to and during the four-hour event. / By Landon Olson

REROUTING: Traffic copes with the closure of the long dugway at 600 East and Canyon Road. Stop signs and arrows were erected in the last few days. / Photo by Jill Heffner

Paradise considers applying for block grant to build fire station
02/21/03 PARADISE -- A new fire station could be on its way in the future. At the Town Council meeting Wednesday, council members discussed costs, funding and gave the go-ahead to look into the possibility of constructing a new fire station. / By Landon Olson

Hyrum continues quest for Tree City status
02/21/03 LOGAN -- The general care of trees on private property will be left up to the people of Hyrum. The Hyrum City Council voted unanimously Thursday night to approve an ordinance proposed by the local tree board to help Hyrum move forward in its quest to become a Tree City USA. / By Kelly Dunn

Helicopters still the major issue over North Logan
02/21/03 North Logan--The grapple continued between residents and hospital administrators at Thursday night's City Council meeting, about the Planning Commission's recommendation to add a heliport to the hospital zone. / By Rachel Jefferies

Storm-water plan won't break Wellsville's budget
02/20/03 WELLSVILLE -- Even under the strict requirements of the state, new storm water guidelines will not be a great deficit to the city, said Zan Murray, chairman of Wellsville's storm water management committee./ By Jacob Moon

WAR RALLY: Emmon Rogers, 10, rides her bike in the march on Saturday afternoon after the rally against war. / Photo by Amy Fuller

Logan peace rally urges alternatives to pre-emptive strike in Iraq
02/17/03 About 50 people showed up to a war protest Saturday on the front lawn of St. John's Episcopal Church in Logan. A pre-emptive attack against Iraq is "not the American way," organizer Mae Coover said. / By Jasmine Michaelson

Health Days planning in full swing in Smithfield
02/14/03 SMITHFIELD -- With Health Days just three months away, Smithfield is gearing up with a few activities of learning and fun for everyone. / By Traci Fowler

Richmond approves holiday lighting display
02/14/03 RICHMOND -- The holiday season may be over but Richmond is preparing early for a bright Christmas and a happy new year. The Smithfield-to-Idaho lighting plan was passed unanimously Tuesday at the City Council meeting. / By Seth Quillen

Water issues get top billing at Mendon council
02/14/03 MENDON -- Water issues were high on the agenda City Council on Thursday night. J.U.B. Engineering conducted a surface-water survey of Mendon to prevent flooding from storm water run-off, in particular to help prevent a canal break. / By Jamie Karras

Wellsville, Mendon sort out shared water issues
02/14/03 WELLSVILLE -- Talk of cooperation on water issues between local farmers "flooded" the Wellsville Tabernacle Wednesday night at the Wellsville-Mendon Conservation District meeting. / By Jamie Karras

Providence opts to hire city manager
02/14/03 PROVIDENCE -- The City Council approved two resolutions Tuesday, reaffirming their intent to appoint a city manager and restructure the city administration. / By Marie MacKay

Hyde Park's pet cats can continue their uncollared lives
02/14/03 HYDE PARK -- After weeks of discussion Hyde Park City Council finally voted unanimously to approve a new animal control ordinance similar to that of North Logan and Hyde Park. / By Tiffany Erickson

River Heights council OKs soccer field fix-up
02/13/03 RIVER HEIGHTS -- It is time for some revisions to the soccer field, say two River Heights residents. Jeremy Larsen and Rick Hendrickson told the City Council Tuesday they would like to fix up the baseball diamond in order to make the soccer field safer. / By Mark LaRocco

FBI agent tells computer students 'we need you'
02/13/03 Special Agent Darrin Jones told members of the Utah State University Association for Computing Machinery Tuesday night at a cyber crime speech that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is “actively and aggressively” recruiting people with their backgrounds. / By Jasmine Michaelson

Wellsville teens make plans for youth council
02/10/03 WELLSVILLE – The new council will be set up the same way as the normal city council, with a mayor and council members. There will also be a recorder, treasurer and historian. / By Jacob Moon

FIRE AND ICE: The charred and frosty remains of the Juniper Inn are fenced off from the curious in Hyde Park. The restaurant, destroyed by fire a week ago, may not reopen, its owner says. / Photo by Toby G. Hayes

Memories of 29 years went up in smoke
02/10/03 HYDE PARK, Cache County – Faulty wiring may be to blame for the fire that burned down the Juniper Inn last weekend. For the Hoth family, it was 29 years of memories that went up in smoke. / By Toby G. Hayes

Proposed hike in water costs opens flood of North Logan complaints
02/10/03 NORTH LOGAN -- The agenda was plump with issues, but discussion of price changes to conserve water attracted a disapproving crowd to Thursday night's City Council meeting. / By Rachel Jeffries

Millville considers economic development plans
02/10/03 MILLVILLE -- "Spurring" development proposals, targeted toward Millville's future and proactive attempts to attract commercial expansion in the area, present new options and possible revenue generation for Millville City. / By Hilary Judd

Hyrum wants 'Tree City USA' designation
02/07/03 HYRUM -- The Hyrum City Tree Board presented an ordinance to the City Council Thursday night to help in the progression to make Hyrum into Tree City USA. / By Kelly Dunn

Providence water system wins state recognition
02/07/03 PROVIDENCE -- The Rural Water Association of Utah (RWAU) recently honored Providence for having the most improved water system in the state. / By Marie MacKay

NOT FORGOTTEN: The flag flies at half staff Saturday night outside the Space Dynamics Laboratory in Logan following the Columbia disaster. The SDL works closely with NASA to develop space experiments./ Photo by Toby G. Hayes

Columbia crew looked forward to re-entry
02/03/03 LOGAN -- After 16 days in space, they were just 16 minutes from landing safely on Earth. A month before their launch, some of the astronauts on Columbia said they looked forward to coming home. / By Toby G. Hayes


Hyrum State park offers nearby 'getaway'
02/28/03 HYRUM -- The idea that there's a state park where fishing, boating and camping are less than 15 minutes from Utah State University seems somewhat absurd to students. / By Kelly Dunn

Job hunting? Make your appearance count
02/25/03 It's that time of year again: the time when college seniors everywhere start planning for life after college.

Fewer elk this winter at Hardware Ranch
02/14/03 This year because of the poor snow conditions, the elk have been able to stay in their summer and fall elevations and haven’t had to come down out of the snow for feed. As of mid-January there are about 325 elk on the ranch, of which 35 to 40 are branch-antlered bulls. / By Skeeter Ellison

Ready to do that MBA? Check out these Utah universities
02/12/03 If you're looking for a competitive masters degree in business administration, three schools within 150 miles of each other offer it: Utah State University, University of Utah, and Brigham Young University. Here's a comparison of the programs including admission requirements, scholarships, and comments from faculty and students. / By Noi Simagna

HELLO, OLD FRIEND: A USU student Wednesday slogs through winter weather, which has returned to Logan after a long absence. / Photo by Nancy Williams

Bookmobile attracts Mendon readers like a magnet
02/03/03 MENDON -- All was quiet Wednesday afternoon when the Bookmobile rolled into Mendon. One might expect carloads of children to be the first there to pick out an adventure, but even before the Bookmobile graced that snow-framed parking lot someone else was there waiting. / By Jamie Karras


Cricket in Utah? It's not a joke
02/25/03 President's Day is a holiday which allows us to honor past presidents who gave something substantial to the American tradition. Some international students at Utah State University took advantage of the day off and the warm weather to play their favorite sport - cricket. When they did this, they unknowingly sent Americans back to the roots of the nation's pastime, baseball, reminding us of a long-forgotten American tradition.

STICKY: An Aggie tries to get around the stick of his Colorado defender in USU's loss to Colorado Friday night at the George S. Eccles Ice Center. / Photo by Cory Hill

USU baseball club goes from desert weather to deep freeze
02/07/03 Short sleeves, cut-off jeans, sunglasses, 60 degree weather in January -- what more could students at Utah State University ask for? / By Skeeter Ellison


Looking back: The life of Heber L. Olson
02/28/03 RIVER HEIGHTS -- If River Heights ever voted for a Most Valuable Citizen, surely the award would go to Heber L. Olson. / By Mark LaRocco

BRIDES GALORE: Wedding fashions are on display Saturday in the Sunburst Lounge. USU hosted a wedding festival in which merchants displayed merchandise to future brides. Every hour there was a wedding dress fashion show so the different styles of dresses could be shown. / Photo by Amy Fuller


The legacy of Jesica Santillan
02/26/03 In a week already cluttered with news of utter tragedy and despair, Jesica Santillan’s story shakes us back into the essential reality of medicine, which despite its tremendous advances, remains a human endeavor where hope should be tempered with the risks of mistakes and unforeseen complications. / By Les A. Roka


WISHING REALLLLY HARD: Andy (Luke Bybee), Ernie (Frank Shaw) and Lydia (Keri Hostetler) wish on a star for a super-duper intergalactic star-chaser bicycle in Blue Horses, a children's theater production Saturday. The play, written by Kathryn Schultz Miller and staged by the Unicorn Children's Theater, continues at 2 p.m. Feb. 15 and 22 at the Bullen Center, 43 S. Main St, Logan. Tickets cost $2. / Photo by Jill Heffner

HANDOUTS ANYONE?: Coyotes in Yellowstone Park have picked up a bad habit -- begging. This guy stops traffic near Madison Junction every day hoping for a handout. /Photo by Nancy Williams

FALL FIELDS : As temperatures drop and the sun moves south, these hills and fields in Cache Valley on the east side of the Wellsville Range soak up the sun while they can. /Photo by Ted Pease

Reel Time makes the switch to limited-release films, such as 'Frida' and 'Adaptation'
02/07/03 The former Reel Time Theatre at 785 N. Main St. will house films that beckon connoisseurs of the limited-release motion picture. Manager TJ Rudman said the opening of the Providence Stadium 8 theater helped lead to the decision to switch. / By Jill Heffner

'Leave the Dishes in the Sink' good advice to those awakening to wider world, author says
02/26/03 Alison Thorne wanted to make a difference for homemakers so she wrote a book for them called Leave the Dishes in the Sink. / By Skeeter Ellison

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