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Today's word on journalism

Friday, January 20, 2006

Variations on "truthiness":

"Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please."

-- Mark Twain, author, newspaperman and humorist (1835-1910)

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Angie's famous hangover breakfast saves the day

By Lauren Murakami

December 20, 2005 | "What would you guys like to drink?"

Contrary to what we had answered the night before, "We would like a huge pitcher of water... Oh, and coffee."

It's Angie's hangover breakfast. Every Sunday without fail, students go to Angie's for the most delicious proven cure for hangovers. Roughly from the hours of 10 a.m. through 2 p.m. partiers roll directly out of bed for breakfast. Sometimes people wait for up to 45 minutes to get some of the greasy deliciousness. Honestly, what other business in Utah makes you wait on a Sunday? One that caters to the liberals of Utah, the drinkers.

While anxiously waiting for a table, you see everyone you partied with the night before or have in the past. The night before everyone is lip-glossed up, hair-sprayed over, and all done-up and ready for the exciting Logan night life. But then that next morning at Angie's, it is socially acceptable to look like you were ran over by Santa's reindeer. Some people wear the same clothes they had worn the night before. Only for some reason, the low-cut sexy blouse just doesn't have the same effect. Most come in their pajamas or sweats, topped of with a hat and a hoodie.

The night before, everyone was so social, "How are you?" "What have you been up to?" People make the rounds and talk to everyone increasing their popularity, and their chances to get some. But then at Angie's it is OK to just acknowledge someone's presence by nodding at them. The nod is a sign displaying the forged common bond between the partiers, saying, "you were there last night." Once sitting at your table, questions like, "What did you do last night?" and "So, where did you end up?" are discussed with your friends that you began the night with.

Reminiscing occasionally takes more effort then it should and can only be fully pieced together by the group. "Do you remember where I set down my jacket?" "Do you remember when we were dancing to Frank Sinatra in the living room?"

The night before, Beto's was the only option open to satisfy the beer munchies. But if you can wait until the morning, Angie's has an excellent selection of food. Almost too good, because everything sounds so good. We are constantly tempted into ordering whatever the people next to us are eating. "What is that.... Pancakes with whipped cream... genius." But usually eggs, cheese, bacon, (or any sort of meat) overrule.

"Do you think I can order four sides with the early bird special?" "How many people did I drunk dial last night?" Angie's is really the only time when all the stupid things we did the night before is actually funny. When retelling the story to someone else days later, it is usually followed with "I guess you had to be there," and reassuring them it really was "so funny." So we laugh, analyze conversations we had with people, and slowly recall fuzzy memories.

After satisfying our depleted bodies with water and feel-better food, we pay and walk out ready to start our day of lounging around. Productivity doesn't come for a couple more hours so closing the blinds and sleeping is the next step in curing the hangover, because what we were doing before is technically called "passed out."

Then we go back to our responsibilities, school, work, life. But for the night, extended to delicious hangover breakfast, we live up the days of our lives when we can have these good times, college.


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