December 2002



Hyrum's literacy programs help Hispanic residents
12/14/02 HYRUM -- Programs such as Reach, Head Start, and ESL (English as a Second Language) are helping young community members with their written and oral skills. / By Ashley Stolworthy

Hyrum council members check out Colorado water plant
12/14/02 HYRUM -- The mayor and three members of the Hyrum City Council toured a water and wastewater treatment plant in Colorado last week to increase their efforts of finding the most beneficial system for the city. / By Ashley Stolworthy

Bad Cache Valley air brings wood-burning restrictions
12/14/02 LOGAN -- Cache County will restrict wood-burning stoves in the new year as part of the state's "Red Light, Green Light" program to reduce air pollution. / By Toby G. Hayes

'Water, water everywhere'... groups ensure there is enough for Nibley?
12/14/02 NIBLEY -- As one of the fastest growing communities in Cache County, Nibley is in constant need of evaluation to see if the demands of the increasing population are being met. / By Stefanie Snow

Downtown Logan focuses on sprucing up by summer
12/13/02 LOGAN -- Downtown business owners will gather Dec. 17 to discuss plans for a Main Street capital-improvement project that has been underway for the past few months. / By Marie Griffin

Richmond council postpones vote on animal control
12/12/02 RICHMOND - Richmond Mayor Kip Panter announced Tuesday night at the City Council meeting that the vote on the animal control ordinance will be postponed until the council's next meeting, Jan. 14 at 7 p.m. / By Jasmine Erickson

Judge sets pre-tial hearing in sex abuse case
12/12/02 LOGAN -- Michael L. Hans, 26, Logan, is scheduled for a Dec. 23 pre-trial hearing at 1:30 p.m. concerning six sex abuse charges against him. / By Marie Griffin

Small crowd turns out to hear Hall on tuition hike
12/12/02 Only about 30 people gathered Wednesday in the Taggart Student Center Sunburst Lounge to hear Utah State University President Kermit Hall address concerns about Tier II tuition increases. / By Matt Stephens

Keep the change? Thieves cart off parking meters
12/11/02 Most people don't like to keep spare change, but someone on Utah State University's campus does. / By Marie Griffin

CACHE VALLEY BACK ROADS: Trees and fields warm themselves under thin fall sunshine along a winding gravel road in Petersboro, Utah. / Photo by Ted Pease

Smithfield residents voice feelings about liquor at Callaway's; council will vote tonight
12/11/02 SMITHFIELD -- Last night's public hearing on the matter of whether to grant an alcohol license to Callaway's Pizza and Pasta was well attended. Of those who spoke, the vast majority urged the City Council to permit Callaway's request. / By Kelsie Clark

Sheep truck rollover creates baa-a-ad scene in canyon
12/10/02 LOGAN -- In a scene straight out of The Fugitive, a band of outlaws escaped during transport around 10 p.m. Monday night when the semi truck that carried them rolled in Logan Canyon. / By Roy Burton

Courtroom translator puts legal jargon into Spanish for defendants
12/10/02 LOGAN -- Hola means hello. Adios means goodbye, but how do you say, "Do you plead guilty or not guilty?" / By Roy Burton

New 8-plex theater opens in Providence
12/10/02 PROVIDENCE -- Harry Potter, James Bond, Frodo the Hobbit and Captain Picard are moving into Providence this week. / By Roy Burton

Kodaj gets 120 days for accident that cost victim his leg
12/10/02 Judge Gordon Low of 1st District Court sentenced Michael Brandon Kodaj to 120 days in the Cache County jail for leaving the scene of an accident, reckless driving and a stop sign violation. / By Jill Heffner

Logan man pleads guilty to sexual battery
12/10/02 Merlin Lorenzo Demars, a 29-year-old Logan man, pleaded guilty Monday to misdemeanor charges of sexual battery and intoxication. Demars is accused of molesting a 4-year-old boy at a party last year. / By Julie Ann Grosshans

A plague of eggings hits Smithfield
12/09/02 SMITHFIELD -- A rash of vandalism--most of it involving eggs--has recently plagued this city's residents. Not only has Officer Todd Parry been investigating the incidents, but on two separate occasions his truck has been a target of the vandals. / By Kelsie Clark

Pricetag on Nibley water shares rises 700 percent
12/06/02 NIBLEY -- The price of water rights went up to $3,500 per share at Thursday's City Council meeting, a 700 percent increase from the current $500, because market value determines the price for water when it is scarce. / By Stefanie Star Snow

Millville tries to balance country living with commercial needs
12/06/02 MILLVILLE -- "Country living at its finest" is the promise on the sign welcoming all who come to Millville, but will this lifestyle last? / By Myrica Hawker

School official hurt while trying to stop fight
12/05/02 HYRUM -- Mountain Crest High School's vice principal was assaulted Tuesday afternoon in his efforts to break up a fight between two female students. / By Stefanie Snow

Lewiston man, 96, sentenced to prison for sex crimes
12/04/02 LOGAN -- A 96-year-old Lewiston man pleaded guilty to two charges of second-degree felony sexual abuse of a child and was sentenced to prison Tuesday in 1st District Court. / By Karina Fain

Hyde Park councilman vows to sue over dog fight law
12/04/02 HYDE PARK -- Councilman Robert Balls says he will file a class action lawsuit if the new animal ordinance is accepted as currently written, claiming two violations of the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution. / By Jill Heffner

COLD DAWN: A chill November morning dawns over Cache Valley. / Photo by Ted Pease

USU student group pushes for more choices in campus food, stores
12/02/02 LOGAN-- Students at Utah State University contend that campus eateries and the bookstore are monopolies and do not promote competition. / By Matt Stephens

Proposed dog law revision dogs Richmond residents
12/02/02 RICHMOND--Residents voiced their opinions at a hearing Tuesday night regarding the new animal control ordinance, which will be revised and voted on at the Dec. 10 council meeting. / By Jasmine Erickson

'Utah State Today' takes to the web
12/02/02 LOGAN-- Utah State University now connects the world to daily events at the university with the successful launch of a new website, Utah State Today. / By Matt Stephens

John Mussler: Finding a helping hand for farmers
12/02/02 John Mussler often hears farmers say "If I had a device on my tractor that did (blank) I could continue to (blank)," or "If my barn had a (blank) that would enable me to (blank), then I wouldn't have to hire someone to milk my cows." / By Sharalyn Hartwell

A stop sign on every corner? Maybe not, in Newton
12/02/02 NEWTON -- When the Town Council meets Dec. 5, it will decide whether new traffic signs should go up around town. / By Marie Griffin


North Logan mulls reclaiming its original Greenville name
12/14/02 NORTH LOGAN -- They survived hail storms, tornadoes, and most important of all, life. For most of them, life in North Logan was better than the hardships endured on the wagon trains and westward migration. They tamed the West and settled this town at the mouth of Green Canyon. / By Toby G. Hayes

Justin is going home for the holidays thanks to Utah Hope Project
12/14/02 HOWELL -- Justin Esplin received a holiday wish he'll never forget. He got to go home. A year and a half ago, the now 11-year-old was struck by a car on I-84 while helping his mother change a flat tire. Through the efforts of the Utah Highway Patrol, Justin returned home last month to be with his family for the holidays. / By Toby G. Hayes

Susan Madsen balances writing career with motherhood
12/12/02 She writes, she researches, she works--and she does it solely because she loves it. Along with being newly elected to the Cache County School Board, Susan Madsen has written eight books on pioneer history and is the mother of four children. / By Tiffany Erickson

Richmond's library needs more elbow room
12/12/02 The topic of our discussion yesterday was the building we are now standing in, an 88-year-old library, the first and only one the town of Richmond has ever known, a stately yellow brick building that is listed in the National Historical Registry and a building that this little town is just plain growing out of. / By Jasmine Erickson

JJ- Heather Christensen's 'incredible privilege' and challenge of a lifetime
12/12/02 Heather remembers watching her baby as she was rushed to the ICU. It wasn't until three days later that she recalls holding her first little girl in her arms, tears in her eyes. She couldn't help but cry. The baby was beautiful: five little fingers, five little toes and a cute little nose. Looking over at her husband, Todd, she noticed his big, bright smile. Tears of happiness and gratitude flowed for this new incredible spirit that had been given to them. / By Lindsey Blau

Country swing grows into Cache Valley's hot dance fad
12/11/02 It's about 9 o'clock on a Thursday night and all the streets are quickly becoming empty. The stores will soon close in the next couple of hours. Students are looking to be out and about. Winter nightlife in Logan is considered by some to be a dull drag. Soon most of the restaurants will be closed and the only hope of something to do will be the Taco Bell, Burger King, or Betos drive-through. / By Paul Jenkins

Richard Ralls digs a little deeper into archeology
12/10/02 Richard Ralls had no idea he was going to end up in Utah, of all places. The opportunity to work in the field study program at Utah State University encouraged him to leave the coast of California and come explore the mountains of Utah. / By Lindsey Blau

The roommate everyone loves, the hair stylist everyone wants
12/06/02 I still remember the day we met. It was my first day in Logan and I came huffing up the stairs of my new apartment on a Saturday morning with a load of junk in my arms. And there she was: standing at the top of the stairs in front of the vanity mirror in her white tank top and black slicky workout pants. Tanned and beautiful with short, stylish dark brown hair and smart makeup, she had both hands above her head. One fiddled with a stray lock of hair. The other held a bottle of spray-stuff. / By Andrea Nixon

Breathing life into Alte Deutsche script is Elizabeth Lord's passion
12/04/02 Her laboratory consisted of two countries and some old buildings and documents. Her task was to understand a script that is now dead in the German language. Her goal was to unlock the past -- Germany's and her own family's history. / By Jessica Kelly

Lunch with John Erickson -- making art of his own life
12/02/02 The air smells of teriyaki sauce, greasy tempura and miso soup. We all sit cross-legged in booths with no shoes. California and unagi rolls, composed of crab and eel respectively, serve as the centerpiece of the table and fresh sashimi -- a raw tuna -- will make its way to us soon. / By Melanie Steele




On the road with Michael: Life lessons from an invisible man
12/12/02 There he stood. An old man hunched on the side of the road, on a cold, overcast and threatening October day, holding a wrinkled piece of white typing paper with three contrasting, simple letters in black: S.L.C. / By Matt Stephens

Roping ties this Wellsville family together
12/10/02 WELLSVILLE -- Skyler Lowe backs into the roping box of the Logan arena and watches his team-roping partner nod his head. The steer leaves the chute, and the header ropes the steer and turns him across the arena. Skyler is right behind him and ropes the steer's hind feet, then wraps the end of his rope around his saddle horn to receive a time. / By Karina Fain


Powder Mountain: Cache citizens put public officials on notice
12/02/02 Cache Valley has great natural areas, fertile farmlands, and a high quality of life. All are standard booster-slogans that adorn local tourism and economic development brochures. However, these values are at terrible odds with the rhetoric and actions of our elected officials. How else can one explain the near-success of Cache County officials in consigning thousands of acres of pristine mountain terrain to golf courses, condos, restaurants and other proposed devastations to the landscape of Powder Mountain? / By Jim Steitz and Dan Miller



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