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Saturday, September 10, 2005

Scene: Calvin and Hobbes are reading the newspaper.

Calvin: "I like following the news! News organizations know I won't sit still for any serious discussion of complex and boring issues. They give me what I want: Antics. Emotional confrontation. Sound bites. Scandal. Sob stories and popularity polls all packaged as a soap opera and horse race! It's very entertaining."

Hobbes: "Then commentators wonder why the public is cynical about politics."

Calvin: "You can tell this is an in-depth story because it's got an article next to a chart."

--Calvin & Hobbes by cartoonist Bill Watterson, 2005


Hurricane Katrina cancels USU football team's home opener

Utah State's season-opening football game against Nicholls State has been canceled because of Hurricane Katrina's impact on Nicholls State's preparation and its players' ability to get back to its campus this week.

Nicholls State is in Thibodaux, La., about 66 miles southwest of New Orleans.

The game, which was slated for 1:05 p.m. Saturday in USU's Romney Stadium, will not be rescheduled.

Utah State has a bye week Sept. 17 when the Colonels are playing Cheyney. Nicholls State's bye week is Oct. 22 when the Aggies are hosting Boise State. The schools decided not to hold a game Dec. 3. The Aggies will instead open their season at Utah on Sept. 10.

Individuals who have purchased single-game tickets for the contest will have the opportunity to trade their tickets for any other home game on the Utah State schedule this season with the exception of the Boise State game. Tickets must be exchanged by Sept. 23.

Other home games for USU this year include Sept. 24 vs. UNLV, Oct. 8 vs. San Jose State, Nov. 5 vs. Louisiana Tech, and Nov. 19 vs. Nevada.

This is the first time since 1970 that an Utah State football game has been canceled. On Oct. 2 of that year, the Wichita State football team was flying to Logan for a game, when one of the planes crashed in Colorado.

The last time an Aggie football game was moved more than two days from its schedule was due to 9/11 in 2001. The Aggies were scheduled to play at Fresno State that week, but the game was moved to Dec. 1.

"First and foremost our prayers are with the families and victims of the hurricane," said USU director of athletics Randy Spetman. "We need to do all we can to support them.

"We are disappointed to not be playing this Saturday," he said. "There is a lot of excitement in the community and we would have liked to have had a great game. We will focus on Utah and then open the home season against UNLV on Sept. 24."

Aggie head coach Brent Guy said his team will adjust to the situation.

"Obviously our team is disappointed to not be able to play," he said. "If a situation like this occurred with us, I know we would have the same problems. This is similar to 9/11 and we had to adjust to those changes back in 2001.

"You always want to see where your team is and we will have to wait an extra week for that," Guy said. "You make your most progress between your first and second game and we will have an open week after the Utah game. We are just going to be playing one game in 21 days basically."

Guy said the team will continue to practice throughout the week and will start concentrating on Utah beginning on Wednesday.

Here is a look at Utah State's September schedule. For more information go to .

Sept. 10 at Utah
Sept. 17 Bye
Sept. 24 UNLV



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