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Friday, September 9, 2005

Scene: Calvin and Hobbes are reading the newspaper.

Calvin: "I like following the news! News organizations know I won't sit still for any serious discussion of complex and boring issues. They give me what I want: Antics. Emotional confrontation. Sound bites. Scandal. Sob stories and popularity polls all packaged as a soap opera and horse race! It's very entertaining."

Hobbes: "Then commentators wonder why the public is cynical about politics."

Calvin: "You can tell this is an in-depth story because it's got an article next to a chart."

--Calvin & Hobbes by cartoonist Bill Watterson, 2005


Northern Utah Baseball League a tradition spanning generations, miles

By Kristin Bishop

Augsut 3, 2005 | Hot dogs and crackerjacks, the roar of excited fans singing "Take me out to the ball game," and the smell of freshly cut grass.

All of these traditions shout that summer has arrived and America's favorite pastime is about to begin. The Northern Utah Baseball League is in mid-season but it's not too late to enjoy a summer baseball game and cheer on the local teams.

Photo by Kristin Bishop

In 1955 Ernie Harwell stated, "Baseball? It's just a game -- as simple as a ball and a bat. Yet, as complex as the American spirit it symbolizes. It's a sport, business -- and sometimes even a religion."

The Northern Utah baseball league values this quote, making participation in the league an annual tradition.

The eldest member of the Northern Utah League has been playing for more than 20 years and is now in his mid-50s. His son, 23-year-old Gillian Hollingsworth, is also on the team. Many of the members, although they have moved away, continue to travel back to their hometown of Logan or Brigham City to participate in every game.

"Although I live in Provo, I travel to Brigham City each week of the summer to play baseball with all of my friends and my two brothers," Zenoch Bishop said. "It is something I hope to do for many summers to come."

Residents of Smithfield, Logan, Providence, Brigham City, Hyrum, and Tremonton join every Tuesday and Thursday evening to participate in a little friendly competition at nearby city fields. The baseball games are free and open to the public and provide the perfect atmosphere for an evening date or family outing. Each city field offers refreshment stands with soda, hot dogs, popcorn, treats, and cotton candy, all of the traditional baseball game favorites. The average Northern Utah League team is comprised of 15 to 20 members but are always welcoming new players to join the fun. Each regular season begins in May and runs through the end of September.

Each team is sponsored by businesses and small donations from cache valley residents and families. Various contractors such as JBP and Felt construction are annual donators, as is Maddox Steakhouse and the Bishop for Congress campaign. Donations cover the costs of traveling, umpires, field upkeep, and new equipment.


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