August 2003



Aggies drown Utes in a sea of red in annual Blood Battle
08/29/03 Blood is thicker than…rivalry? Apparently so, as Utah State and University of Utah students challenged each other to join forces and resources—in harmony with this week's highly contentious football competition between the two schools—for the second annual "Blood Battle" donation drive. / By Hilary Judd

Hundreds line up on Quad to see . . . orangish dot in night sky
08/28/03 Utah State students had the closest encounter with Martians on Tuesday night that they'll ever have . . . at least the closest encounter with the planet that gave name to these fictitious creatures. / By Myrica Hawker



Missionary in Philippines sweats (literally) for his church
08/29/03 It was his first time there. He walked off the airplane, and underneath his collared white dress shirt and navy blue suit jacket he could feel the sweat start to drip down his back. It was 90 degrees with 100 percent humidity. "What am I doing here?" he thought. / By Debra Crowther

Ice, asthma and nasty drivers don't slow marathoner
08/28/03 Twenty-degree icy mornings, cars that almost hit him, swollen and pained knees and asthma don't slow him down. / By Callie Taggart

Just a flight down to Ogden for dinner
08/27/03 Nate Ellison knows how to impress a date.Instead of driving his date to dinner in Ogden, he flew her there.It was a sunny, snow-shimmering day in January when he and his friend Clint Demaris flew their dates to Ogden in an old single-engine, four-seater Cessna 172, with red, orange and yellow stripes on the sides. They landed at the Ogden airport and rented a car to go out to dinner at Applebee's. Then they drove back to the airport and flew back over the whipped cream mountain tops and Sardine Canyon to Logan, all the time watching a passion-fruit-orange melange sunset. / By Callie Taggart

German native learns quirks of life in Utah, language for speech pathology
08/27/03 She seems like a typical 23-year-old girl. She is a full-time college student at Utah State University, majoring in communicative disorders. She's getting ready for graduation; only one more semester. She works a part-time job at the Utah State Bookstore, and she often catches herself staring at the clock that seems to have a dying battery, as time drags by while she's at work./ By Debra Crowther



A FEW POINTER: Aggie basketball player Mike Ahmad makes a point to a team of Special Olympians Tuesday outside the Taggart Student Center. Men and women from USU's basketball teams took on the USU Special Olympics team in heat formidable enough to make Big Blue, left, sit this one out. Ahmad wowed the team with his dunks and set picks to create open shots. / Photo by Earl Scott

Aggie basketball players make winners of Special Olympians
08/27/03 The Utah State Special Olympic basketball team combined with players from the men's and women's USU basketball teams to play for a supportive crowd Tuesday afternoon on the Taggart Student Center Plaza. / By Earl Scott





Austrian's first impression of Utah
08/29/03 Well, so I am finally here, in Logan, Utah, after weeks and months of running from one office to another desperately trying to get about 200 different permissions, visas, etc. What do I think of Logan so far? I guess my first thought probably was: "Holy crap, this place is pretty big and quite beautiful, too." / By Matthias Petry


From left to right: Kent Hadfield, Marina Hall, Kevin Doyle, Cassandra Orr and Mark Damen stand ready for the first recording of Synecdoche. / Photo courtesy of Fran Titchener

New radio program 'Synecdoche' highlights local authors
08/28/03 Synecdoche (sen ek de-ke) is a figure of speech in which a part is used to represent a greater whole -- for example, ‘all hands on deck' in reference to sailors or 'fifty sail' for fifty sailboats. In addition, it's the name of a new radio entertainment program which broadcast for the first time Tuesday on Utah Public Radio (UPR). / By Justin Lafeen

Batik artist, first intrigued at a Grateful Dead concert, now creates for families
08/27/03 Hot wax pops over the lip of the double boiler heated on the coils of the burner and then cools in a bumpy pattern on the stovetop. An ironing board with a blue and white checked cover stands in the middle of the kitchen. / By Jill Heffner

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